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Webscale Computing Mike Culver Amazon Web Services.

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1 Webscale Computing Mike Culver Amazon Web Services

2 Amazon Has Three Parts 1 2 3


4 Ideas Meet Pagers

5 What if Gravity Sets In?

6 How Do You Survive This?

7 Don’t Do the Muck

8 What is Cloud Computing? o Remote computing capacity o On-demand o Infinite scale o XML Web services


10 Fallacies of Distributed Computing 1.The network is reliable. 2.Latency is zero. 3.Bandwidth is infinite. 4.The network is secure. 5.Topology doesn't change. 6.There is one administrator. 7.Transport cost is zero. 8.The network is homogeneous.

11 2001200220032004200520062007 Bandwidth Consumed by Amazon Web Services Bandwidth Consumed by Amazon’s Global Websites 2008

12 Amazon Web Services Are... Building block services that allow developers to innovate and make money Infrastructure As a Service Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Simple Queue Service Amazon SimpleDB Commerce As a Service Amazon Flexible Payments Service Fulfillment Web Service People As a Service Amazon Mechanical Turk Alexa Web Services Alexa Web Information Service Alexa Top Sites Alexa Site Thumbnail Alexa Web Search Platform

13 Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Highly scalable data storage in-the-cloud Programmatic access via web services API Simple to get going, simple to use Highly available and durable Pay-as-you-go: Storage: $0.15 / GB / month Data Transfer: starts at $0.17 / GB Requests: nominal charges

14 Billions of Objects Stored.8 Billion 5 Billion 10 Billion Q3 06Q1 07 Q2 07 14 Billion Q4 07 18 Billion Q1 08 22 Billion Q2 08

15 Amazon S3 Namespace Amazon S3 bucket object bucket object

16 Amazon S3 Namespace Amazon S3 mculver-images Beach.jpg img1.jpg img2.jpg 2005/party/hat.jpg index.html img/pic1.jpg

17 Internet Backup on a Stick Or Stick Backed Up on the Net?

18 Open Source Backup

19 1 TB: Basecamp and Campfire Tools

20 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Resizable compute capacity in the cloud Obtain and boot new server instances in minutes Quickly scale capacity, up or down, as your computing requirements change Full root access to a blank Linux machine Simple Web service management interface Changes the economics of computing

21 You just lost customers You just lost customers Predictions Cost Money Infrastructure Cost $ time Large Capital Expenditure Large Capital Expenditure Predicted Demand Traditional Hardware Actual Demand Automated Virtualization

22 Resilient Infrastructure Requires Physical Isolation Availability Zone AAvailability Zone BAvailability Zone C

23 Three Flavors of Amazon Machine Images Public AMIs: Use pre-configured, template AMIs to get up and running immediately. Choose from Fedora, Movable Type, Ubuntu configurations, and more Private AMIs: Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) containing your applications, libraries, data and associated configuration settings Paid AMIs: Set a price for your AMI and let others purchase and use it (Single payment and/or per hour)

24 Virtual Machine Choices StandardHigh CPU SmallLargeExtra Large MediumExtra Large Bits3264 3264 RAM1.7 GB7.5 GB15 GB1.7 GB7 GB Disk160 GB850 GB1690 GB350 GB1690 GB EC2 Compute Units 148520 I/O Performa nce MediumHigh FirewallYes Per Hour$0.10$0.40$0.80$0.20$0.80

25 $5 or $30,000 For a Prototype? $30,000 worth of in-house servers DISA paid a total of $5

26 Build Your Own Virtual ISP

27 Operating Systems as a Service


29 4 TB Data100 Nodes11 Million PDFs 100 instancesx 24 hoursx $0.10 / Hr = $240


31 From 50 to 3400 Instances in 3 Days

32 Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) A distributed queue in the cloud Used for storing messages traveling between computers Reliable Runs within Amazon's high-availability data centers Messages are stored redundantly across multiple servers and locations Scalable to millions of messages a day Simple: Only 6 methods Platform agnostic Provides access control and message locking









41 Amazon SimpleDB Limited Beta

42 Databases Should Just Work But They’d Better Scale… Easy: no administration Web Service API Flexible (no schemas) Scalable: create new domains as Your data grows Request throughput increases Durable Multiple nodes Replicated data centers

43 Amazon SimpleDB itemdescriptioncolormaterial 123SweaterBlue, Red 456Dress shirtWhite, Blue 789ShoesBlackLeather PUT (item, 123), (description, Sweater), (color, Blue), (color, Red) PUT (item, 456), (description, Dress shirt), (color, White), (color, Blue) PUT (item, 789), (description, Shoes), (color, Black), (material, Leather) Query Domain = MyStore [‘description’ = ‘Sweater’]

44 Learn More About AWS Explore Read our blog at http://aws.typepad.com Email me at

45 Demo

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