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Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon and eBay E-Commerce API's Presented by: Pranith P Ramamurthy Spring 2010,CS 6125

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1 Web API:A Case study and comparison of the Amazon and eBay E-Commerce API's Presented by: Pranith P Ramamurthy Spring 2010,CS 6125 Prof. Gail Kaiser

2 Agenda Introduction:WEB API Amazon ecommerce API Ebay ecommerce API Comparison of Amazon and eBay ecommerce API's Conclusion

3 Introduction:Whats is an API? Definition: “language and message format used by an application program to communicate with a control program”. In Simple Terms,It receives your request, and then, based entirely on the information you gave it returns a result. Ex:Google API's, Flickr API's, Delicious API's etc

4 Why do companies actually provide API's ? Create an ecosystem of innovation and tap into a wider audience. Once such a freedom is given the applications can be extended in ways that may have been impossible, uneconomical or unimaginable for the original developers to do themselves. The new reality is that open data is a competitive advantage.

5 Why do we need API's? For example:you need to use maps in your application or a project. Highly impossible task for you to launch satellites into space and provide your own map interface. API's come to your rescue. Google Maps or Yahoo Map's API provide rich set of data they have collected and use them for your specific purposes. Over 1000 Web Service API-added to directory of API tracking site and many more are expected. Big market player’s such as Amazon, eBay, Google and others have already released Web API’s.

6 Amazon Web API's. Amazon Product Advertising API: Opens doors to Amazon's databases-Build Web store to sell Amazon items or your own items. As a Developer you get access to large data that Amazon has like:  Reviews, seller reviews,as well as most of the functionality.  Retrieving product and pricing information  Retrieving customer reviews of a product  Retrieving product images  Performing simple and advanced searches  Retrieving wish lists by name, e-mail, and other identifiers.

7 How Product Advertising API works Your application uses the Product Advertising API to supply details regarding items such as description, images, seller and customer reviews. Customers shop on your web site. Customer is ready to purchase the items in their e- commerce shopping cart. your application sends an form to Product Advertising API and Amazon completes the purchase by getting purchase information. Amazon fulfills the order by shipping the items.

8 E-Bay Web API's eBay is a major contender for Amazon in the e- Commerce space, and its database of on-line sales might well be the largest ever assembled. E-Bay Finding API:  The Finding API provides programmatic access to the next generation search capabilities on the eBay platform.  Lets you search and browse for items listed on eBay, and provides useful metadata to refine searches and enhance the search experience

9 How the E-Bay API works 1) A user enters "laptop" in your cool application. 2) Your app uses makes a search request for " laptop" using one of the eBay Web Services. 3) The eBay database looks for "laptop". 4) The eBay database sends the response back to you using the API. 5) Your app displays the search results to the user.

10 Comparison of Amazon v/s eBay Web API’s Describing Metadata:  In comparison to Amazon, eBay’s tagging of Metadata is limited.  Amazon as a vendor could pull out more info about the Items dimensions and description.  In contrast eBay's only real information is the categorization of the item based on prices and the format used to describe it.

11 Number of Queries made:  Amazon doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of queries made except for no more than 1 per sec per IP.  Ebay has a limit of 5000 queries per day. REST and SOAP Protocol Support:  Both eBay and Amazon e Commerce API’s provide the options of querying the API’s using both REST and SOAP protocols.  Though eBay has limited set REST API’s its SOAP and XML API’s are particularly rich.

12 Registration Process:  Ebay's has more tedious process,If not confusing.  Amazon's is rather friendly and could be completed in breeze. Number of Results returned:  Amazon returns 10 items per page for every request.  Ebay returns 400 items per page.  So eBay's more Item per page is improvement for people looking for more popular items.

13 Documentation:  Both Amazon and eBay API’s have been extensively documented and they have lots of tutorials for covering all the details about the API.  Very important: In making API easy to use and understand. Developer Community interaction:  Amazon has done a good job by supporting their API's well with lot of Developer Forums and organizing Developer Chats.  Ebay on the is trying to have similar developer Forums and Help Desk.

14 Conclusion Amazon is an impressive performer having created a niche set of functionalities for the developers to use and some very useful developer communities. It also doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of queries that can be made unlike the eBay services. eBay-a major player in eCommerce sector and access to its data might well be worth the pain. Ebay has its share of success to with 60k Users.

15 References [1] Professional Web APIs with PHP: eBay, Google, PayPal, Amazon, FedEx, Plus Web Feeds by Paul Reinheimer [2] Professional Web APIs: Google, eBay, Amazon.Com, MapPoint, FedExby Denise M.Gosnell [3] APIs and Mashups For The Rest Of Us By Gareth Rushgrove- [4] Programmable Web website: [5] Amazon Product Advertising API Developer’s guide: [6]eBay Finding API official documentation: l.

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