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EFormula Evolution Advanced Webinar #1 The Internal Promotion Engine (the system and the tools)

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1 eFormula Evolution Advanced Webinar #1 The Internal Promotion Engine (the system and the tools)

2 On this webinar: The secret to dominating on Amazon! Amazon Promotion Theory The Internal Promotion Engine Our two Internal Promotion Engine tools

3 Amazon Promotion Theory Advanced training video to be uploaded with webinar recording, explaining Amazon Promotion Theory in detail For now, let's look at the basics

4 The TWO things that matter Essentially there are only TWO things that matter when it comes to promotion and selling more of your products on Amazon: Sales AND Reviews

5 Why only sales and reviews? First, we have to understand Amazon... (what do they want?) The major factors Amazon has to work with (sales and reviews) Most sales + reviews = most popular product

6 Keep it simple! - 95% of your efforts on TWO things (powerful) - Focus ALL your efforts on getting MORE of both - Fact: If you can get enough of both you WILL have a best selling product (it's that simple)... So work with that powerful fact.

7 So what does this mean for us? #1) Find and use methods to get more Reviews #2) Find and use methods to get more Sales - Simple enough!

8 Our model for promotion We have developed a model for maximizing and increasing sales and reviews at will We break it down into two levels of promotion: - Internal (working with current traffic) - External (working with new traffic)

9 Internal Promotion We work with our existing customers to increase sales and reviews Includes things like: - Product page - Packaging and inserts - Follow-up / Customer Support - Discount / Review program

10 External Promotion We work on acquiring new customers Includes things like: - Paid Traffic - Coupon Sites - YouTube - SEO - TONS of options (be creative!)

11 The Engines We set-up systems for both internal and external promotion, that we call “engines” What we set-up for internal promotion, we call the “Internal Promotion Engine”, or “The IPE” What we set-up for external promotion, we call the “External Promotion Engines”, or “The EPE's”

12 Order of Action #1) Set-up your internal promotion engine #2) Set-up one external promotion engine We always want to start by setting up an internal promotion engine, because it will make any form of external promotion MUCH more effective and valuable


14 The Internal Promotion Engine Advanced training video to be uploaded, that explains every component of The Internal Promotion Engine in detail For now we will look at the core components and the things relating to our two tools

15 The Internal Promotion Engine What is The IPE? - It is PREMIUM customer support - It builds us a BRAND (it builds a loyal raving customer base) - It gets us more sales and reviews for products - It builds us a list of people that will enable us to launch new products to the top of Amazon, every single time.

16 Why is it so powerful? 1) For every sale (customer), we get more reviews and sales than any of our competition 2) This makes us rank higher and get more traffic from Amazon, so we get even more sales (customers) 3) And the more sales (customers) we get, the more we get out of our IPE. - Eventually we reach a point where we dominate everyone else (snowball effect)

17 The IPE Core (OPT-IN) Package insert and / or digital bonus download (FOLLOW-UP) Customer follow-up (email and phone) (LIST) The special discount / review program What we are doing is getting more reviews and sales per order, and building a list

18 Example IPE sequence 1) Customer receives package insert with product 2) The insert sends him to a opt-in page online 3) He enters his email address and other details, to receive a free product / discount 4) We follow-up with the customer to send them a free product / coupon 5) Customer leaves a review / buys product

19 So what we have to do is... 1) Verify that the customer that submits the form actually bought the product – This is where tool #1 (eFormula Leads), comes into play 2) Send them free product / discount coupon 3) Follow-up with them to get a review for example, or get them to do more, like enter our special discount / review program

20 We can also... Besides having our customers opt-in (from url on insert or link in digital bonus) to get a free product / discount code, we can also: Cold call them (and use eFormula Leads to organize the calling of our customers) Send them an email autoresponder through Amazon (using the eFormula Engine tool)

21 For now just understand We will have more detailed training on the exact components of the IPE and how to set it up, but for now just know that: A) We need to have a database with our customer information B) We need to manage and track our customers and interactions C) We need to reach out to them somehow

22 The two IPE tools eFormula Leads - Customer data storage / list building tool (customer data is our most valuable asset!) - Customer management tool (for managing our IPE system and customer) Eformula Engine - Automated customer follow-up tool

23 It can be very simple! This might seem overwhelming, but our IPE can be as simple as: 1) Running the eFormula Leads tool to collect and store our customer database 2) Running the eFormula Engine tool to reach out to our customers and get more reviews and sales - All automated (no manual labor)

24 If we want to do more So our IPE can be very simple and completely automated (and we will have much more information about this and different types of IPE's in the advanced training videos) But it can also be more comprehensive and include manual labor. The great thing is... - Running an IPE is MADE for outsourcing!

25 The IPE Tools - eFormula Leads - eFormula Engine

26 eFormula Leads Automatically stores and keeps track of our Amazon customer database (powerful!!) Enables us to track, organize and manage what we do with our customers, and their actions (who opts in, who receives a free product / discount coupon, who leaves us a review, who is a part of our “special program”, etc...)

27 Users

28 Add user

29 Projects

30 Add project

31 Products

32 Add products

33 Project products

34 eFormula Engine Automated system for sending out emails to our customers, to increase customer satisfaction, get more reviews, etc... Easy to set-up, one-time set-up, major benefits!

35 Dashboard

36 Email templates

37 Broadcast messages

38 Queue

39 IPE Tools Release We are finalizing a few security and access details for these two tools Expected release date is Monday possibly sooner

40 Questions and Answers!

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