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Workshop 90 - 1990 Periodic Assessments of Conservation.

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1 Workshop 90 - 1990 Periodic Assessments of Conservation


3 Time for a new assessment Entire Amazon GIS Technology Geographic Information Systems

4 Smithsonian National Zoo Amazonia Science Gallery Washington, DC

5 Amazonia at the National Zoological Park

6 Non-advocacy Internet accessible Continuously updating “Comprehensive” data NGOs, USGS, NOAA, NASA

7 ArcIMS


9 Treaty on Amazon Cooperation

10 Examples of data received

11 National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration NOAA

12 View of orbits and paths of selected global weather satellites Representing a group of the 521 currently in orbit

13 GOES satellite image: northeastern Amazon GOES satellites use infrared photography ( fire )

14 US Geological Survey USGS

15 US Geological Survey Global Digital Atlas for Central and South America

16 Political Boundaries Guyana Venezuela Suriname French Guiana USGS Guyana

17 Mining sites USGS

18 Oil and gas fields USGS

19 Air fields USGS

20 Roads USGS

21 Railroads USGS

22 Large perennial rivers, lakes, and floodplains With hydrological network (rivers and tributaries)

23 Geologic age USGS

24 Ecoregions USGS

25 Population density USGS

26 Environmental Systems Research Institute ESRI

27 Age of Quaternary deposits ESRI

28 Agricultural threat to landscape ESRI

29 High range annual surface runoff ESRI

30 High range January precipitation ESRI

31 ESRI – Environmental Systems Research Institute Protected areas vs. agricultural threats

32 ESRI Annual precipitation in the Amazon

33 ESRI Geological tectonic data

34 Conservation International CI



37 World Wide Fund for Nature WWF-US

38 WWF-US – World Wide Fund for Nature - US Ecoregion classification

39 WWF-US Satellite imagery of local protected areas - Bolivia

40 WWF-US WWF priority regions of the Amazon

41 Smithsonian Institution

42 SI – Smithsonian Institution Species distribution data – Coleoptera diversity

43 Amazon GIS Program at the National Zoo Compiling GIS data for Amazon conservation

44 Ryan Valdez (202) 673-4941 (202) 673-0278 fax

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