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The Simple Life Naomi Vincent Raszler Mercury 9-26-11.

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1 The Simple Life Naomi Vincent Raszler Mercury 9-26-11

2 Where? 15 Miles East of Itamarati, Amazonas, Brazil Itamarati  Population: 8,078  What might I need? Starter weapons Dried Goods (food) Temporary campsite supplies Clothing

3 Weather  Spring: High 83.3 F / Low 65.0 F / 2.27 in. rain  Summer: High 78.3 F / Low 59.3 F / 0.43 in. rain  Fall: High 82.3 F / Low 64.4 F / 3.53 in. rain  Winter: High 84.9 F / Low 66.8 F / 5.30 in. rain

4 Indigenous Plants & Animals Plants Cocoa trees Buttress trees Capriona Kapoktu Brazil nut tree Cercropia Fig Trees Animals Maned wolf Bush dog Hoary fox Short eared dog Pampas fox Jaguar Armadillo Coati Tapia Giant river otter Marsh deer Pampas dear Chicle tree Peach palm tree Trumpet tree Annatto tree Curare Suma Puma Margay Oncilla Jaguarundi Giant anteater Sloths Capybara Anaconda Piranhas Pink dolphins Alligators Poison dart frogs Goliath Bird Eating Spider

5 Blowgun Materials Peach palm tree Poisoned tipped arrows Knife Skills Knowledge of blowguns The blowgun will be kept on my person at all times

6 Food Source Fruits Bananas Mangoes Papayas Fish Peixe nobre Pirarucu Tambaqui Medicinal Plants Annatto tree  The oil extract acts as bug repellant Lemon Grass  Tea helps fevers and colds Clavillia  Tea helps treat infections

7 Companionship Sloth Cute and cuddly, not too much of a hassle to take care of All of the food will be readily available Sloths can get sick very easily Fur is a breeding ground for parasites Necessities Hammock Grooming supplies

8 Leisure Time Books Sewing Crafts Hiking Playing with sloth Writing


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