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Congratulations on being the recipient of information that—if you are considering security officer services (or perhaps should be….), can solve your problems.

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1 Congratulations on being the recipient of information that—if you are considering security officer services (or perhaps should be….), can solve your problems in a process so simple and economical that you will wonder why it has not been offered before! TRT: 5 Minutes… This information represents the first steps toward a relationship which will be built upon mutual objectives and a sense of ownership: it is our job to secure your site, and it is our intention to do this according to the best science and philosophy that current and modern security and crime deterrence has to offer.

2 We understand that your interface between ourselves and the actual security activities at your location depend on communications which are clear and understandable: therefore, you see here information pursuant to the establishment of that environment. Needing security officer services and being able to justify them—even in the face of crime and danger--are two different things. When you own a business...there are many things to consider. You must consider your location; the amount of crime in your area; the potential of crime at your location; the cost of security services; and the design of a program that fits your needs—and not the needs of the security company…. This starts with our “SMART-BID” Security Officer Services Program—that promises to provide pricing with an eye toward YOUR BUDGETARY NEEDS: we don’t just submit pricing, we CONFER with you as to the costs you need!

3 It continues with The “AS-NEEDED” Programs of CDS are designed so that EVERYONE CAN HAVE SECURITY SERVICES—ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE! Those who want it; those who cannot normally afford it; those who do not want it all the time; those who cannot say when they will need it; those who do not want to be locked into contracts; those who may only need it for several days a YEAR—there is a plan for YOU! The AS-NEEDED theory provides you with just enough security just when you want it—just in time! NOTE: FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT FULL-TIME SECURITY SERVICES—WE CAN DO THAT, TOO—JUST ASK ABOUT IT, AND WE WILL BE THERE JUST AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! Just speak with one of our representatives, and they can design a scheduled security program—and give you an idea of the savings that full- time security can bring—PLUS: with our “Umbrella” pricing, the more hours you schedule (and locations, or officers), the LESS you pay!

4 NOW HERE IS WHERE THE “AS-NEEDED” TAKES OVER: the information on the “Just-In-Time” programs of CDS – AS-NEEDED—and believe us, it is worth the time to read it! Our CRIME DETERRENCE PROGRAM provides a step-down from the standard security contract that the CDS full-fledged program gives. Crime Deterrence means that you have an officer on-site FROM TIME TO TIME according to a pre-set schedule. This allows a security presence that criminals cannot “time—” not knowing when security will be there—which reduces the hours worked, saves money, and provides crime deterrence on-site; this program also works well with clients who need security on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the month only, for example—WE CAN DO IT! Our ON-TIME SECURITY PROGRAM is a step down from crime deterrence; it works according to NO PRESET SCHEDULE! The On-Time Security Program is a club of businesses who cannot design a schedule for when they need security—AND ONLY NEED IT FROM TIME TO TIME; just let us know a week in advance and WE CAN DO IT!

5 Our ON-DEMAND SECURITY PROGRAM is the next step down; it functions just like the On-Time Security Program, but for a slightly higher fee, we can give you a 24 hour response for your security needs. If you have a special occasion or circumstance present itself suddenly to you, let us know the day before and WE CAN DO IT! Our 911 QUICK-RESPONSE PROGRAM is the next step down in programs—and a step before actually calling the police: we can get to you in as little as 30 minutes! (Really—we have an officer we call “Batman” for that reason!) Our JUST IN TIME SECURITY PROGRAM is specifically designed for those liquor stores, convenience markets, thrift stores, etc.—that only need you from time to time; on special days of the month or during special occasions that cause a lot of people to be in the area—increasing the crime rate: WE CAN DO IT!

6 Our RAPID-RESPONSE Program cases where patrons have to be evicted; threats are received; rampant crime is being committed; neighborhoods, parking lots, and business of each and every type--even circumstances where an on-site security company—not performing well—is not showing up from time to time—again for a slightly higher fee, we will provide officers to you with as little as four hours notice! WE CAN DO IT! OF COURSE—IF YOU WANT SECURITY EVERY DAY, OR ACCORDING TO A SCHEDULE, WE CAN DO THAT TOO—AND AT EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE PRICING—PLUS, AS AN ADDED BONUS, OUR FIRST DAY WILL BE A “TEST-DRIVE:” FREE! IF WE DON’T PERFORM, WE ARE GONE—AND IT NEVER COSTS YOU A PENNY! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MANY OPTIONS FOR SECURITY OFFICER SERVICES—THAT PROMISE PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE AND INTEND TO SAVE YOU MONEY? There you have it! Something for every situation and everyone! Uniformed; armed or unarmed; “M&P:” military design, corporate systems management, police appearance! CDS : at the cutting edge of security philosophy!

7 We spoke of philosophical designs for security services in this packet—pricing is a different matter… In the same way that deterring crime is a science, pricing is science…and science depends on data, which we will get from you when you are ready…....again, our “Smart-Bid” Program pricing will strive to match your budget needs! Are you ready for CDS NOW? We look greatly forward to speaking with you as soon as possible to begin the negotiations to provide you with the crime deterrence/security officer designs and systems requisite for YOU; SO— ---CALL US AT (855) - GUARD12, AND VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT! THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING THIS PACKET: FROM THE MEN AND WOMEN OF CD SYSTEMS, LLC!

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