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Preparing Your Child for College Oneonta High School.

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1 Preparing Your Child for College Oneonta High School

2 Transcripts o GPA o Class Ranking o College Entrance Exams College Prep 101

3 GPA Grade Point Average Two Types: Standard and Numeric  Standard GPA – based on 4.0 scale Regular ClassesHonorsAP  A = 4.0= 4.5= 5.0  B = 3.0= 3.5= 4.0  C = 2.0= 2.5= 3.0  D = 1.0= 1.5= 2.0  F = 0.0= 0.0= 0.0 Calculating standard GPA – Includes all grades accumulated in grades 9-12. Add standards and divide by number of classes taken. Aide is not included in averages.  Numeric GPA – based on numerical grade average

4 Class Ranking At the beginning of the first semester of the senior year after all summer grades are entered, the counselor will compute the standard GPA and rank them. Standard GPA will be computed again after the first semester to adjust class rank. Grades for teacher aide and library aide will not be included in the grades that are averaged. Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Historian will be determined after the third quarter. Final rank for transcript purposes will be computed at the end of the second semester of the senior year.

5 College Entrance Exams ACT and SAT Students pursuing a four-year college/university should take the ACT or SAT at lease once during the sophomore year and continue to take the test until reach desired score for college entrance and scholarship purposes. All juniors should take the ACT and/or SAT at least once. The writing component of the ACT and SAT are required for students who apply for admission to many of the four-year college and universities. Advice: Take the writing component at least once to satisfy future requirements. ACT Registration Packets can be picked up in Mrs. Gibbs’ Office. Test dates, registration deadlines, and late fee deadlines are include in packets. Test scores must be sent from ACT and SAT to the college of choice to be considered official. Students registered with NCAA must enter the code “9999” as one of their free test-score recipients in the box provided when registering with SAT or ACT. Oneonta High School Code: ACT 012-040 SAT 012040

6 GPA and ACT/SAT scores are important for college admission decisions, scholarship opportunities, and NCAA eligibility.



9 College Admission’s Process The college process is a series of procedures designed to help the student gain admission to at least one college/university that met the student’s abilities, needs, and interests. During this process, students should go through a period of self-reflection to determine their interests, skills, aspirations and values. Colleges strive to admit students who will not drown in the academic pressure of their campus, who will feel at home, and who will enjoy and participate in the extracurricular activities. You can apply for most colleges online. The OHS College Night is the perfect opportunity for both parents and students to ask questions and gather material needed for the admission’s process. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 11, 2013 5:30-7:00pm in the high school lobby.

10 When applying to colleges and universities, Your Child Has Responsibilities. Before they apply: They have a responsibility to research and understand the policies and procedures of each college and university regarding application fees, financial aid, scholarships, and housing. They should also be sure that you understand the policies of each college and university regarding deposits that they may be required to make before they enroll. As they apply: They must complete all material that is required for application and submit their application on or before the published deadlines. They should be the sole author of your application. They should seek the assistance of their college admission counselor early and throughout the application period. It is their responsibility to arrange, if appropriate, for visits to and/or interviews at colleges of their choice. After they receive your admission decisions: They must notify each college or university that accepts them whether they are accepting or rejecting its offer. They should make these notifications as soon as they have made a final decision as to the college that they wish to attend, but no later than May 1 st. A sample of a “Decline Letter” can be downloaded from the Counselor’s Corner on the OHS website under “Forms”.

11 Junior’s College Countdown August – Review high school courses and activities. Register to take ACT/SAT. September – Browse college websites for information. Attend OHS College Night. October – Research AP or college courses you might take. November – Learn about eligibility requirements for NCAA, federal and private student loans. Dec. & Jan. – Plan next round of ACT/SAT.

12 Cont. Junior’s College Countdown February – Investigate scholarships and other aid programs. March – Take an exam prep course to help you succeed in raising ACT/SAT scores. April – Schedule college visits during your spring break (if needed). May – Register for the June ACT test session. June – For athletes planning to play any sport in a Division I or Division II college, register with NCAA for eligibility.

13 Juniors and Seniors Must Seize ALL Opportunities! 1.Listen carefully to WOHS announcements concerning college and financial aid representatives. 2.Next, schedule an appointment to meet with financial aid representatives. 3.Inform parent(s) about appointment in case parent would like to attend meeting. 4.Attend appointment.

14 Senior Month-to-Month Checklist Aug/SeptOctober _Begin filling out college applications_Be aware of Early Decision/Early _Register for Oct. ACT (if needed) Action deadlines _Finalize college list_Submit Early Decision/Early Action _Remember your responsibilities applications by 10/01 if applying Early Decision/Early Action_ Update resume (Dec. 1 st deadline)_ Take ACT (if needed) _Check college website for information_ Work on college essays _Begin drafts of application essays_ Apply to college(s) of choice _Attend Nat’l College Fair at BJCC_Plan college visits (one allowed junior year & _Visit with college reps at school, one allowed senior year) OHS College Night Sept. 15 th 6-8 PM _Check to see if your college requires CSS Profile _Ask teachers for recommendations _Complete NCAA registration online (Athletes)

15 Senior Month-to-Month Checklist NovemberDecember _Research sources of scholarships_Take ACT if needed throughout year_Finish applications and essays to selective _File CSS Profile (if required) to selective colleges _Check application deadlines _File CSS Profile (if needed) JanuaryFebruary _File FAFSA or CSS Profile_Check/Apply for private/local scholarships _Apply for FAFSA PIN#_File FAFSA or CSS Profile _February deadlines due! _ Begin applying for local scholarships!

16 Senior Month-to-Month Checklist MarchApril _Check/Apply for scholarships_Review college offers with parents _Check deadlines for AP Exams_ You must request final transcript to be sent to college, NCAA, Dual Enrollment college in Mrs. Gibbs’ office (student’s responsibility) May _Take AP Exams _Notify colleges you will not attend _Confirm housing _Graduation!!! Official transcripts must be sent from your high school. Furthermore, you must request each transcript needed in Mrs. Gibbs’ Office. Deadlines for submitting transcript requests: Early Decision – Requests due by October 1 st January Deadlines – Requests due by December 1 st February/March Deadlines – Requests due by January 10th

17 Steps In Applying For College 1.Consult the college website and apply online if possible. 2.Obtain application forms from colleges on your list. 3.It is advisable to limit your number of applications. A non-refundable application fee of $25-$75 is usually required for each application. Pay careful attention to deadline dates. 4.Complete applications a.The easiest process for most schools – you must complete the application online and make a request to Mrs. Gibbs for your transcript to be sent. ACT scores must be sent from ACT. b.You can also complete the application along with your application fee and give it to Mrs. Gibbs. Packet must be given to Mrs. Gibbs two weeks before deadline date. Otherwise, you are responsible for submitting the application. 5.A notorized copy of the student’s drivers license must be included in your packet or the student’s original drivers license submitted at the college’s admissions office. 6.College Visit a.Plan a time when high school is not in session but college is (i.e. Veterans’ Day). b.In your inquiry, request a definite date and time. c.Secure a copy of an unofficial transcript from Mrs. Gibbs. Take a copy of the transcript and copy of your resume to give to the admission representative who meets with you. d.You must have the “College Visit Verification Form” filled out at the college and return to Mrs. Teal for excused absences. You can pick up a copy in Mrs. Gibbs’ office or download a copy from the guidance webpage under “Forms”.

18 Scholarships and Financial Aid Many families are understandably concerned about meeting rising college costs especially in our economy. Any candidate for admission to college should apply for scholarships and financial aid. Early in the senior year, students should be sure to check the financial aid and scholarship deadlines and the forms required by each college they are considering. Students should pursue all sources of financial aid. Most scholarships and financial aid are obtained directly from the financial aid office of the college or university a student selects. The admission office will assist students in filing the appropriate applications.

19 Scholarships Three Forms of Scholarships: 1.College Based – These scholarships are offered through the college or university. Scholarship applications can be downloaded from the college or university’s website or request a copy from the admissions office. To be safe, each student seeking scholarships should check with individual colleges and universities for deadlines, scholarship applications, and audition/portfolio dates. Audition posters are displayed in the band room and theatre. 2.Community Based (Local Scholarships) – Applications are available in counselor’s office in late January. Please check deadline dates on counselor’s website if not available on application. 3.Website Based – Many scholarships are posted regularly on the Oneonta High School Counselor’s Corner webpage under “College Scholarships”. Also, researching scholarship opportunities through internet services can be rewarding.

20 Financial Aid Two Types of Financial Aid: 1.Need Based – Comprise the major portion of assistance available for postsecondary education. Eligibility for need based aid is determined by the difference between the cost of attendance and the family contribution. Two Types of Need Based Assistance a.Grant Aid – Does not have to be repaid and does not require a service commitment. b.Self-help – Includes loans (which require repayment) and employment (a part-time job usually within the institution). There are primarily four sources of grant aid and self help – federal, state, institutional, and private. The federal government is the largest single source. The programs include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Student Loans/Federal Direct Student Loans, and Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students/Federal Direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students. These grants and loans are obtained through completing FAFSA after January 1. Mrs. Timmons, TRIO Director from WSCC, assist parents and students during her school visits. Students must be current participants in the Talent Search Program. Applications for TRIO can be obtained through Mrs. Gibbs’ office. 2.Merit Based – Is given to students in recognition of special skills, talent and/or academic ability.

21 Oneonta High School Unlimited Scholarship Information Take control of your future! Visit the Oneonta City School’s Website! – Click on “Oneonta High School” – Click on “Counselors’ Corner” – Scroll down the page. You will see Senior Tips, Financial Aid Information, Testing dates, College and Career Searches, and College Information. – For Scholarship Information: In the blue header at the top of the Counselor’s Corner page, click on “College Scholarships”. This separate page is filled with a world of scholarship opportunities just waiting for you! Scholarship information is loaded daily after receiving information! This is a website you will want to save on your “Favorites”. Please check this website daily.

22 “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh Preparing for college is a process. Begin preparing today.

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