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2 Philosophy: I strive to create a positive learning environment Intellectual Risk Taking Portfolio building Product Improvement Confidence: Try / Retry Creative Behavior Critical Thinking Independence Time, Material & Technology Caring: personal connection

3 Creative Thinking Fluency Flexibility Elaboration Originality All children can be taught to think more creatively



6 Life long skill

7 Purposeful Practice Time Guidelines Posted Daily: board, agenda, and website Initiated In class

8 Grades Source of Grades: assessments, writing samples, and labs Test / retest and write/rewrite Rubric / Criterion Reference (reflects the philosophy of helping all students to excel – not just a few) Check Clarity for grades in real time


10 Written Communication Word Study Explode the Moment! Writer’s Purpose Voice Mechanics No “Writing to the Prompt” SOL StyleStyle Style Grammar

11 Rational Numbers Geometry Order of Operations Expressions and Equations Probability Fractions Problem Solving Ratios Area and Volume Measurement SOL

12 The Changing Earth Ocean Environment Cells and Organization of Living Organisms Structure and Phases of Matter Light and Sound SOL

13 Reading Read every day SOL

14 Regions of the United States Geography History Economics Transportation and Trade Culture and Customs Role of Technology

15 Technology Use it !

16 Communication: Thursday envelope (school wide), email, phone, conference, and interim


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