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The Masonic Angel Fund Masons Helping Children in our Community.

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1 The Masonic Angel Fund Masons Helping Children in our Community

2 Introducing the Masonic Angel Fund  Provides modest assistance to children in need who do not fit the criteria of traditional social service programs  Sponsored by local Masonic Lodges  100% of the funds raised in your community stay in your community  Local Masons work exclusively with school staff to help children in need

3 How Does It Work?  A school nurse, counselor or principal calls a local Masonic Angel Fund trustee when they identify a child in need.  The Masons consider the request and respond to the school within a single business day – usually within as little as one hour!

4 MAF Builds Partnerships with Schools  The school staff identifies and qualifies the needs of the child and then the Masons take it from there.  No “paperwork” is required of the schools.  All requests for Masonic Angel Fund assistance are anonymous – the Masons never know who the child is.

5 Why did the Masons start the Masonic Angel Fund?  We love kids and value each one’s inherent right to reach his or her full potential.  Such charitable work furthers our tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth  We feel that such benevolent work brings the community together and will bring like-minded men together in our organization.

6 What Does It Mean to Be a Mason? You’ve just seen it! Masons strive to practice their tenets during every hour of every day of their lives. Whether it is through helping a child in need, offering video child identification programs or providing a scholarship to a promising graduate – Masons are for and about their community! Since 1733 American Freemasons have provided benevolent assistance to their neighbors.

7 To Learn More Please Visit © Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved by Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. Post Office Box 1389 Orleans, Massachusetts 02653-1389 Phone 508-255-8812 The Masonic Angel Fund

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