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TRANSPORTATION (Farm Gate to Processing Facility).

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1 TRANSPORTATION (Farm Gate to Processing Facility)

2 To protect harvested material from potential sources of contamination during transportation To protect harvested material from damage likely to render food unsuitable for consumption. To provide an environment which limits growth of pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms and the production of toxins. OBJECTIVES

3 Poor transportation unit design and construction Inadequate preventive maintenance for transportation units (or storage facilities used during transport), resulting in roof leaks, gaps in doors, and dripping condensation or ice accumulations. RISKS DURING TRANSPORT

4 Improper management of transportation units Improper packing of transportation units – air circulation Risks……

5 Lack of employee training of food safety and/or security Poor employee hygiene Risks……

6 Improper refrigeration or temperature control of transportation unit Risks……

7 Improper loading practices, conditions, or equipment Improper unloading practices Risks……

8 Poor pest control in transportation units (or storage facilities used during transport) Risks……

9 Design and construction Clean and/or disinfect Separate spices from non-food items Maintain temperature Verification of temperature Prevent contamination Pest assessment Requirements

10 -Inspection of vehicle -Program describing effective cleaning and sanitation procedures -Restrain transportation of non-food items -Loading/unloading -Design and construction of vehicles -Monitor pest control devices to ensure that they are in good repair and in working order Verification

11 Vehicle qualification and maintenance log

12 Pest control log- Physical control (traps, glue traps) and Chemical control

13 Trailer/Container Inspection A complete inspection of the trailer or container should be made before loading Be aware of bad smells and visible filth

14 Maintain - Cleaning log

15 SANITATION DURING TRANSPORTATION FROM THE FIELD Workers loading and transporting produce practice good personal hygiene. Harvested produce is loaded and stored in such a way that physical damage is minimized, risk of contamination during transport is reduced, and air is allowed to circulate. Vehicles used to transport spices to the processing facilities are well maintained and cleaned. Vehicles used to transport produce are not used to transport animals or animal products.

16 Sanitation Keep a detailed record of: – Previous loads hauled by the equipment – Cleaning and sanitizing procedures for the equipment Users should check these records before loading.

17 Maintain - Sanitation log

18 Considerations Trailer or Container Should be Dry and properly cleaned If refrigerated, Refrigeration Units Should be Functioning Properly Temperature Monitoring Devices Should be Used

19 Maintain - Temperature log book

20 Temperature Increase in temperature may degrade naturally occurring plant compounds and can greatly affect the quality of the Product May increase bacterial growth

21 Pre-cool the transport vehicle before loading the harvest Maintain the cold chain throughout the transportation time Do not overload the vehicle – allow sufficient air circulation Consideration

22 Use proper loading/unloading practice to protect harvested material from damage

23 Summary Spice products should be stored and transported under conditions that maintain the integrity of the container and the product within it Carriers should be clean, dry, weatherproof, free from any kind of contamination During loading and unloading, protect harvested material from damage likely to render product unsuitable for consumption Maintain appropriate temperature and air circulation of transportation vehicle Vehicles used to transport produce should not be used to transport animals or animal products to avoid cross contamination. Record keeping-Maintain qualification, maintenance, cleaning, sanitation and temperature record of transportation vehicles.

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