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Driving towards a Clean, Safe and Sustainable Welding Industry June, 2011 Strength Through Cooperation.

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1 Driving towards a Clean, Safe and Sustainable Welding Industry June, 2011 Strength Through Cooperation

2 Who We Are and What We Do?  ESAB is a world leading company in advanced welding and cutting solutions  ESAB has a product and geographical spread that is unrivalled and occupies a leading position in the majority of the worlds markets. ESAB has sales representation covering five continents. ESAB has over 30 manufacturing locations serving the global business  ESAB has four product Divisions, Consumables, Equipment, Automation and Cutting

3 Our Vision & Values Our Vision “To be the global leader, to be our customers’ preferred partner and the global authority in welding and cutting.” Values  Integrity  Experience  Innovation  Partnership “Our brand is at the heart of everything that we do.” Michael Foster, CEO ESAB

4 History & Operation

5 Over a Hundred Years of Experience From the company’s foundation in Sweden in 1904 and the development of the world’s first welding electrode, ESAB has grown into a global leader with sales exceeding $2 billion annually.

6 ESAB’s Parent Company Charter International plc, headquartered in Ireland, owns (through a number of intermediate companies) two international engineering businesses, one focused on welding, cutting and automation (‘ESAB’), and the other on air and gas handling (‘Howden’).

7 Market Profile – Welding & Cutting 2010: About $13 Billion Globally By end user segment Energy Oil, gas & processes 9.5% Power 4.2% Petrochemicals 5.8% Pipelines & pipe mills 6.0% Total energy 25.5% Notes: 1 The global welding and cutting market in which ESAB operates excludes welding robots and automation products.

8 Global Presence

9 Manufacturing Footprint Worldwide Welding consumables factories Cutting systems factories Cutting and welding equipment factory Welding equipment factories Welding equipment & consumables factory Changwon Perstorp Mór Vamberk Katowice St Petersburg Laxå Opole Hanover Ashtabula Traverse City Florence Monterrey Belo Horizonte Chascomus Shanghai (Malu) Khardah, Calcutta Ambattur, Chennai Nagpur Jakarta Karben Zhangjiagang Ithiman Irungattukotai St Luis Taratala Weihai Pompeya Wuxi (Romar) Singapore (Romar) Terni

10 15 Process Centers and 5 Consumable R&D Centers Sweden Brazil Argentina Spain UAE Germany Russia China Singapore France Existing Process Centre USA Poland Czech Rebulic UK India Hanover Belo Horizonte Gothenburg Zhang Jiagang Chennai

11 Global Presence for Local Customers

12 EHS & Sustainability

13 ESAB Strategic Goal  Leader in EHS & Quality  Customer focus, globally  Effective people in a performance culture  Establish global market leadership  Financial stability

14 Sustainable Vision Our sustainability vision for ESAB is a company that:  has an impact on the environment that does not contribute to biosphere deterioration  manages human resources in a way that makes our intellectual capital continuously grow  contributes to local and global economy development  makes flawless products, needed by society and safe to use  delivers financial results that satisfies shareholders over business cycles

15 What is Lean?? The continuous removal of all types of waste from all parts of the business. If you remove waste, you focus on adding value The ESAB Way of Lean

16 Long-term Lean Strategy Lean Manufacturing Lean Enterprise Business Excellence

17 We keep the promises we make and improve what we do the ESAB Way!

18 What is the ESAB Way?  The ESAB Way is Strength through Cooperation supported by the established principles that are the decision making behaviors and actions required to support the ESAB Vision, Brand, and Values.  The “ESAB Way” is the guideline that leads us to the accomplishment of our objectives.  There are 12 principles of the ESAB Way, supporting our Brand and giving us guidance in our daily operation.

19 The ESAB Way Principles – Supporting the ESAB Brand  We strive through our daily activity to continuously improve the safety of our working environment.  We understand our customer needs and make realistic commitments to meet them.  Corporate planning through the Policy Deployment Process will set common goals and communicate our business aims.  We manage with a long term view whilst meeting our short term commitments.  We will invest in, and build the capability of our people and organization to deliver our vision.  We want our people to know what is expected of them. Their performance is reviewed and development is encouraged.  Our processes are aligned against the principles of pull and smoothing, aligned to customer based takt time.  We build quality into our processes to avoid creating or passing on defects.  We use standardization as our foundation for continuous improvements supported by visual management to expose problems and highlight opportunities.  We “Go and See” to learn and to understand our opportunities for improvements.  We share best practice and communicate our ideas to eliminate waste across the value chain.  All our decisions are data driven and guided by our principles. With acknowledgement to Unipart for help developing the ‘how’ of the ESAB way

20 Customer Focus – At the Core of Our Brand  Customer Focus – We must understand the needs of our customer, strive to find innovative solutions for them and be recognized as industry leaders.  Product Innovation – Our product innovation process must be market led and help build our authority brand image.  Operational excellence – We must be flexible and reliable, delivering consistent quality at the right cost – striving for best in class cost in the industry.

21 Technology is Productivity

22 Our History s Rapid growth and expansion. Started journey from multi-national to global company 2000s Significant growth of ESAB India and South-America 2006/08 ESAB China: Zhangjiagang and Weihai factories open

23 Our Innovations Hybrid Laser Arc Welding 2010 New advanced consumables & equipment innovations 2006 Telbo

24 ESAB offers a comprehensive range of Personal Protection Equipment, covering everything from head to foot, for both welding & cutting and general engineering applications. All ESAB products conform to all relevant EU legislations and standards.  Helmets, masks and screens  Filter & spatter lenses  Respiratory equipment  Spectacles, goggles & visors  Welding curtains & blankets  Welding clothing & overalls  Welding gloves  Safety footwear …… Social Responsibility Human Care

25 Social Responsibility – The Environment Copper-free Solid Wire with ASC TM Features MAG Welding at New Performance Levels  Consistent welding performance  Stable arc with low feeding force  Excellent arc ignition  High current applicability  Extremely low overall spatter  Trouble-free feedability, even at high wire feed speeds and lengthy feed distances  Low fume emission

26 Social Responsibility Packaging Solutions  ESAB packaging solutions for consumables combine production efficiency with environmental responsibility.  The Marathon Pac™ wire delivery system can offer truly non-stop production in robot applications, meaning zero downtime for spool changes and zero downtime for drum changes when in the Endless set- up.  VacPac™ No re-baking - no quivers - no holding ovens VacPac™ vacuum packaging eliminates the costly re-baking and handling routines normally associated with the storage of electrodes, by preventing airborne moisture absorption. Simple and convenient to use.

27 Strength Through Cooperation

28 Q & A

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