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JUNIOR PARENTS’ NIGHT A Discussion on UK University Application Process March 17, 2015.

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1 JUNIOR PARENTS’ NIGHT A Discussion on UK University Application Process March 17, 2015

2 INTRODUCTIONS Chuck Krugler, Counselor (last names A-K) Joon Myong, Counselor (last names L-Z)

3 UK University Admission The place to start ALL searches related to university application to institutions in the UK. ALL courses offered by ALL UK universities are listed in UCAS along with specific IB qualifications.

4 UCAS Process Career direction? “Buzzword” provided by counselor in August to connect student UCAS account to SFS. Gauge IB Predicted Scores (out of 45) with help of counselor. Select up to FIVE course choices. (IF 2 courses are chosen from the same university, they count as 2 of 5.) The 5 selections should include target AND “safety” or “insurance” choices.

5 Process continued… Finish application and personal statement and send to “referee” (one of the SFS counselors) Referee attaches reference and IB predicted grades and submits to UCAS by Jan 15. (Exception: Oct 15 for ALL medicine, dentistry, and veterinary courses, plus all courses at Oxford and Cambridge Universities)

6 Process continued… Student receives responses from each institution. “Conditional” offer with specific stated conditions Unsuccessful application Reply to offers by deadline (between early May and June, varies based on when the last offer is received): Firm acceptance Insurance acceptance Decline the rest IF more than two offers received.

7 Process continued… IB Exams – Do WELL!!! … or at least well enough for the Insurance Choice. If conditions are met, you are in! If conditions are NOT met, students become eligible for Clearing in July/August. Look for Clearing choices on UCAS. Contact universities directly to see their interest. Add to track and wait.

8 Requirements 1. Qualifications – usually IB points, with specific course and score requirements for certain courses 2. Personal statement: Why this course? What coursework has prepared you for it? What interest and/or talent have you demonstrated in this area? Any real or work experience in the area? Any relatable skills and/or achievement? 3. Reference by referee

9 JUNIOR PARENTS’ NIGHT A Discussion on US Universities and Colleges March 17, 2015

10 INTRODUCTIONS Chuck Krugler, Counselor (last names A-K) Joon Myong, Counselor (last names L-Z)

11 What do we value? We encourage and support all of our students in their pursuit of academic excellence. With our extensive history working with SFS students and families, we understand and acknowledge the value of aiming high for students’ post secondary education. However, as we are both “college advisors” AND “counselors,” we strive for a healthy balance in our students’ academic endeavors and emotional health to ensure optimum readiness for university and beyond. With this as our “mission,” we strive to help students set appropriate and attainable goals.

12 “No matter what the nationality or gender of the student, no matter what the location of the university, no matter what the student wants to study, college is a match to be made, not a trophy to be won.”

13 WHICH COUNTRIES? 71% of the SFS Class of 2014 graduates went to North American universities 8% are attending European universities 9% stayed in Asia 2% went to Australia/New Zealand 1% went to Africa 9% took a gap year or did military service

14 HOW TO BEGIN TO CHOOSE A COLLEGE Naviance Talking with college reps that visit Internet Campus Visits

15 TYPES OF SCHOOLS Small vs. mid-size vs. large Urban vs. suburban vs. small town vs. rural Religious vs. secular Specialty (business or art) Coed vs. single gender

16 EDUCATIONAL QUALITY Class size Teaching quality  Full professors vs. Teaching assistants  Professor availability  How much of school’s resource is used for undergraduate education Strength of specific majors Graduation rates/Employment statistics/Graduate study admission rates

17 OTHER ISSUES Diversity of student body Campus “culture” Safety Relatives nearby Housing availability

18 DEVELOPING A PRELIMINARY LIST OF COLLEGES Students will be asked to categorize their final choices as:  Reach – most students with a similar profile not admitted  50-50 – half or more of the students with a similar profile are admitted  Likely – most students with a similar profile are admitted

19 Actual number of apps will vary from student to student. The average for SFS seniors this year was 6.7. The counselor will work with each student to help him or her create a balanced list. Maximum of TEN applications

20 FACTORS CONSIDERED BY MOST COLLEGES Grades and courses / Transcript Test scores Are you interesting? Essays Extracurriculars Recommendations Institutional interests

21 HOW TO ESTIMATE CHANCES Naviance  Each student has a personal login.  Students can add parents or you can have your own personal login  Scattergrams show odds of acceptance  Prospective colleges can be added or deleted

22 BOSTON UNIVERSITY Boston University :: Boston, MA :: U.S.



25 Stanford University

26 IMPROVING THE ODDS Complete the application thoroughly Write a great essay Show commitment to an activity Recommendation considerations Show interest Don’t procrastinate Recent Trends – more students, more applications, more competitive

27 TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS Not required by all schools Discuss selection of teachers with your counselor In general, academic core subject teachers from junior or senior year, but always be sure to read instructions to see what the college requests

28 OF THE 3,000 FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES: About 50% admit over 75% of their applicants Less than 100 schools deny more than they admit

29 US APPLICATION TERMINOLOGY Rolling decision Priority Filing Regular decision Early decision Early action - A quick explanation on “earlies”

30 AM I INTERNATIONAL? Citizenship Residency Requirements Financial Certification  Forms  Bank letters or statements Visas

31 DECISION TIME Acceptance (Conditional) Denial Wait-list Defer

32 WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE BETWEEN NOW AND AUGUST? March/April: Junior individual meetings with Mr. Krugler/Mr. Myong June/July: Research (online) and/or visit colleges in person

33 FALL TIMELINES Aug./Sept.: Individual meetings with counselor Sept.: Senior Parents’ Coffee Sept.: Teachers who will write recs have been confirmed and transcripts double checked Sept./Oct.: TOEFL exam if needed

34 FALL TIMELINES, CONTINUED… Oct 5: College list finalized/teacher recommendation survey completed – both on Naviance Oct 26: Early action / early decision applications due (no later than 5:00 p.m.) Dec 7: All applications to U.S. universities due (no later than 5:00 p.m.)

35 TIPS FOR PARENTS The selectivity level of the college your child attends is not a report card on the quality of your parenting. Don’t believe everything you hear from well-meaning friends and/or “consultants” about college admission. Be there to guide and assist but let your child be responsible for the process. If you are unsure, please ask us!

36 POSSIBLE RESOURCES FOR PARENTS “Colleges that Change Lives” by Loren Pope “The Gatekeepers” by Jacques Steinberg

37 FINANCING YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION Need-based financial aid Merit-based financial aid Residency requirements Aid for citizens vs. non-citizens

38 Questions?

39 IMPORTANT DATES FOR SFS CLASS OF 2016 Sat, April 18ACT Test – Several Centers in Korea Sat, May 2SAT and Subject Tests – SFS Sat, June 6SAT and Subject Tests – SFS Fri., June 12Last day of junior year Sat, June 13ACT Test – Several Centers in Korea

40 IMPORTANT DATES FOR SFS CLASS OF 2016 continued… Thurs., Aug. 13FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR Sat. Sept 12ACT Test – Several Centers in Korea Sat., Oct. 3SAT and Subject Tests – SFS Mon., Oct. 5College list finalized and teacher recommendationsurvey completed in Naviance Mon., Oct 26Early Action/Decision Apps Due by 5:00 PM Sat., Oct. 24ACT Test – Several Centers in Korea Sat., Nov. 7SAT and Subject Tests – SFS Sat., Dec. 5SAT and Subject Tests – SFS Mon., Dec. 7ALL COMPLETED APPS DUE TO COUNSELOR’S OFFICE BY 5:00 P.M.! Sat., Dec. 12 ACT Test – Several Centers in Korea

41 Thank you for coming!

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