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Vocabulary Turnover Fair trade To Strive Friendly Product Reporting Monitoring.

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1 Vocabulary Turnover Fair trade To Strive Friendly Product Reporting Monitoring

2 STARBUCKS AND CSR Constance Martin Charrier ASSAS M1 Géostratégique internationale

3 STARBUCKS’ POLICY : "Instead of creating a fantastic brand Howard Schultz has created " great ” cafes, hired great people and proposed options to its employees."

4 At Starbucks we strive to be the pioneers of the preservation of the environment in all aspects of our business

5 STARBUCKS A SUCCESSFULL COMPANY Created in 1971 A capital of 38.89 Billion in September 2012 A turnover of 11.7 Billion in 2011 which is 1 Billion more than in 2010 Today there are around 18 000 Starbucks coffee houses in 60 countries Starbucks is able to serve 220 customers per hour

6 BUT STARBUCK IS MORE THAN SUCESSFUL STARBUCK IS SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE : -In 2011, 15 Million were devoted to R&D -good ethics, Starbucks doesn’t call its employees, employees but partners = good application of Human Resources -More Starbucks « Partners », especially in the USA can have health insurance if they work more than 20 hours / week

7 And respect the environment By searching solutions…

8 …helps developing countries with fair trade…

9 …Built concept stores which consume less energy


11 I conclude Starbucks is : Sustainable performance, the firm leaves nothing aside, and by serving others’ interests serves it’s own interest : -C-Cost saving -A-A good public image ( by respecting transparence )

12 Links tendances/dossiers/125885/125640W/starbucks-le-petit-noir- passe-au-vert.html tendances/dossiers/125885/125640W/starbucks-le-petit-noir- passe-au-vert.html starbucks-seront-labellises-commerce-equitable-en-europe- d%E2%80%99ici-mars-2010/ starbucks-seront-labellises-commerce-equitable-en-europe- d%E2%80%99ici-mars-2010/ statement statement strategies-potentielles-relance-entreprise strategies-potentielles-relance-entreprise arbucks.pdf arbucks.pdf

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