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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar The future is ours! We must seize the moment!

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1 The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar The future is ours! We must seize the moment!

2 The 66 th Triennium 2012-2015

3 VISION We have a VISION We will strive to make Templary the most prestigious Concordant Body for which one may petition membership

4 Mission We have a Mission To move Templary Forward

5 Theme We have a Theme Chivalry,Christianity,Templary, A Way of Life

6 Goal We have a Goal To expand our beautiful Christian Masonic Order Worldwide

7 We have a Long Range Plan in place that the Officers and you Sir Knights have agreed is the right direction in which to proceed have a We have a Long Range P Long Range Plan

8 Continuity is our key to success In many organizations much progress is lost with change of administrations – – A new program every year “mine” Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater We will not let that happen to us

9 Fraternalism Keep unity in the Family of Freemasonry General Grand and Grand Chapters General Grand and Grand Councils Grand Lodges Other Concordant Bodies

10 What does our plan need to do? Make us more attractive to our existing members – – Programming and activities Make us more attractive to potential new members – – Masonic & Public visibility – – Promoting our Charities

11 Action These Department Conferences are highlighting – – Programming and activities – – Masonic & Public visibility – – Promoting our Charities

12 Back to BASICS Remember, we are a fraternity, a gentle craft Treat each Sir Knight as a Brother Show compassion and true caring Remember, we are a Christian Brotherhood Include our faith in our activities Remember, we are a family oriented fraternity Include our families wherever possible

13 Action Via Department Conferences, KT Magazine, and visits to Grand Commanderies we are encouraging: Treat each Sir Knight as a Brother Show compassion and true caring Include our faith in our activities Include our families wherever possible

14 Specifics Maintain leadership development program Improve ritual portrayal Improve Public and Masonic awareness Develop pride within our Order

15 Leadership We will move our fraternity forward, not with hard and rigid plans, but by Training leaders – –Who will think for themselves – –Develop and implement Long Range Plans – –Deal with problems – –Motivate others – –Develop fluid plans as times change – –Maintain our core values – –Replace themselves

16 Action Continuing our Emerging Leaders program and inviting General Grand Chapter and General Grand Council to be partners Examining ways to test our progress – –Level 3- Mainstream in Conferences – –Level 4- Individual projects for participants

17 Pride Develop pride in our Order – –To encourage and motivate our Sir Knights – –To attract new members to us – –To become a first class organization Not a cheap, bargain basement fraternity – –To provide interesting Conclaves, not routine meetings Develop an Esprit de Corps – –Outstanding ritual teams – –Drill Teams Sets Templary apart excellent public display – –Community Service

18 Action Develop pride in our Order – –Our Sir Knights are proud to be Templars and are showing it in their Commanderies Develop an Esprit de Corps – –Ritual Competition: Texas – –Drill Team Competition: many jurisdictions – –Community Service

19 Ritual To present the most impressive ritual portrayal – –First impressions are lasting – –You only get one chance – make it the best The ritual is the glue that binds us together – –Standardized around the world – –Tells who we are as Christian Freemasons

20 Action The quality of the ritual work continues to improve. Sir Knights are working hard to present the best first impression to our candidates

21 Participation To include more of our leaders in planning and programming Committees Membership Religious Activities Holy Land Pilgrimage Templar Advancement non-officer long range planning

22 Utilize best talent available – – GE Committees – – GE Coordinators – – GE KCT State Deputies – – Department Commanders Appoint the best Redefine responsibilities Accomplished Specifics

23 Visibility To demonstrate that we are an integral part of the Family of Freemasonry To motivate our Sir Knights to participate To motivate Christian Masons to join To motivate non-Masons to join Masonry

24 Action Through the actions of our Sir Knights we are becoming more visible in Masonic and public circles “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven”. – –Matthew 5:16

25 Communication is our Action Maintain efficient communications Key to success of any organization Using Website Knight Templar Magazine Department Conferences Visits to Annual Conclaves York Rite Information System New member packets Available for Chapters and Councils

26 Charities Greater emphasis on our Charities

27 27 Knights Templar Eye Foundation Mission Statement Mission Statement To improve vision through research, education, and supporting access to care Our plan – –We will strive to continue the Knights Templar Eye Foundation as a significant resource in the ophthalmic community

28 28 Eye Foundation Continued research grants Continued support to EyeCare America Senior’s Program Established endowed professorship at Mayo Clinic Established KTEF Pediatric Site on American Academy of Ophthalmology ONEnetwork Site Reached 110 million dollars in permanent funds

29 29 KT Educational Foundation Purpose Provide financial assistance to students who meet the required qualifications, which may vary from state to state. Program needs attention Will have to leave for next triennium

30 30 Holy Land Pilgrimage Mission Statement – –To send Ordained Christian Ministers, who would not have the opportunity to go to the Holy Land otherwise. – –2015 Marks the 33 rd Annual Pilgrimage

31 Easter Added a mid-country service for 2013 – –Kansas City Giving us Templar Easter Services – –East Coast – –Mid-country – –West Coast Maximum number of Templar Families sharing Easter

32 Fiscal Responsibility In 2006 when the delegates approved the assessment increase we promised – –No fundraising bombardment Restricted to KT Eye Foundation – –No assessment increase for 15-20 years On track No withdrawals from Permanent Fund at present

33 Action For the last two Trienniums, and now into the third, no withdrawals from Permanent Fund, allowing it to grow from 3.4 to 8 million dollars Department Conference presentations for Grand Commanderies to practice fiscal responsibility

34 Expansion - Action We are continuing to develop our Subordinate Commanderies in Brazil and El Salvador Investigating new opportunities in Latin America and Europe Working with the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons to restore the Grand Commandery of Mexico Resolved conflicts in the Grand Commandery of Romania

35 Service to Grand Commanderies Increase our level of service to our Grand Commanderies through – – Department Conference Training – – Emerging Leaders Training – – Membership Management York Rite Information System – – Training Seminars – – Corrected errors and expanded services – – Accessibility of office and officers – – Accomplished

36 York Rite Information System Promised to expand and make available to other Masonic Bodies Accomplished Some now in development

37 Continue to improve Department Conferences Keeping them interesting, informative and relevant Continue to improve the Knight Templar Magazine Accomplished under Jeff Nelson, Publisher and John Palmer, Editor General

38 Make the Templar Experience – – Positive – – Inspiring – – Enjoyable – – Outstanding – – Worth belonging to Intent

39 The future is ours! We must seize the moment!

40 The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar The 66 th Triennial Conclave August 8-12, 2015

41 Adam’s Mark Hotel Buffalo, NY

42 Saturday Drill Team Competition Sunday Religious Service, Tours, Reception for GM Monday Public Opening, Business Session, State Dinners Tuesday Business Session, GM Banquet Wednesday Installation of new officers

43 Hospitality Rooms and State Dinners at the Adam’s Mark will be coordinated through the committee Information regarding registration and reservations will be on website shortly Also available in magazine The 66 th Triennial Conclave

44 “Every Christian Mason should be a Knight Templar” ……..SK James Morris Ward, ME Grand Master, 1997-2000

45 The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar The future is ours! We must seize the moment!

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