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1 Professional Indian Horse Racing Association 2013 Presented By:

2 What is PIHRA? The PIHRA is an association of teams, individuals, and sponsors who participate in the sport of Indian relay racing, Indian flat track racing, ladies Indian flat track racing, and Cowboy and Indian flat track racing. The mission of PIHRA is to bring the fun, excitement, passion and heritage of Indian Horse Racing to a broader audience. Through this process, PIHRA will strive to provide a safe and fair environment for the team participants, their horses, and the event spectators. Starting with Indian Relay Racing, PIHRA, as the sanctioning body, will develop a season-long championship series for each kind of racing, will ensure for each individual event promoter involved in the series that a full field of the world’s best riders and teams will participate in their event, that a uniform set of competition and safety rules will be applied, that all participants ascribe to a Uniform Code of Conduct, that all teams will be professionally attired, and that advertised purses will be paid. Further, PIHRA will undertake, at its discretion, activities to grow the affinity and reach of the Professional Indian Relay Racing Series. By way of illustration, these activities might include the negotiation of television rights for the series, the promotion of the overall series and teams within the series, the promotion of rivalries between various teams and competitors, the specific promotion of star players on the teams, overall series sponsorships, and various licensing and promotional activities. PIHRA will strive, through its activities, to establish strong working relationships with individual event promoters. PIHRA envisions that the promoters will lead the effort in terms of promoting each individual event and that PIHRA will lead the effort in promoting the overall series. This method of cooperation is proven to work and we have full confidence that it will work for the series.

3 PIHRA Functions Establishment of the Association and its bylaws and interface with members Assures that a full field of highly qualified competitors are in place for the event Establishes and enforces rules and regulations that ensure that each event is operated in a safe and fair manner Provides all event officials, judges, starters, and announcers Oversees the safety and living conditions for all animals used in competition Works with event promoters to ensure that the events are conducted in an optimum manner. Promotes the overall welfare of its members through its various activities Promotes the overall series to a broad audience of individuals interested in horse racing, equine functions, outdoors activities, rodeo, action and speed entertainment, and Native Americans and their history and lifestyle Gives back to the Indian community in an effort to improve the quality of life on the various reservations.

4 PIHRA Management Operating under the auspices of an Advisory Board consisting of elders and other respected members of the various Indian nations, PIHRA has partnered with two outside organizations to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are optimally achieved: Trademarketing Resources, Inc.(TRI), a large and respected marketing services, events, branding, and licensing agency, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Clarkston, MI and with offices and affiliates across the U.S. and abroad, has been hired as Business Agent for the organization. TRI will initially handle all business affairs for the organization, including sponsorships, promotions, licensing, marketing, and other related activities Since 1993, PoloGear USA the premier supplier of “Real Polo” merchandise to the Polo industry, the inventor of the Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle™ that is revolutionizing the entire saddle industry, the owner of the respected Verhan Saddlery, maker of dressage and jumping saddles, and a leading supplier of apparel and promotional items worldwide, has been retained to work directly with PIHRA’s internal management team, led by veteran Native racer/organizer Kendall Oldhorn, to work on the production of the events themselves and the overall management and direction of the organization. Kendall, as tribal facilitator, consultant and owner of the world champion M&M Express team, and Gary Fellers, Founder and CEO of PoloGear as well as part-year resident of Wyoming and friend and advisor to many in the Indian Nations, are well-suited to make sure that the events are run properly and as promised.

5 PIHRA Advisory Board Lance Tissidimet-Fort Hall, Idaho Soup Ducheneaux-Eagle Butte, South Dakota Verlin Timbanna-Wyoming Kendall Old Horn-Crow Agency, Montana Newton Old Crow-Lodge Grass, Montana Wilmer Mesteth-Pine Ridge, South Dakota Carol Murray-Browning, Montana Otto Braided Hair-Lame Deer, Montana Lynwood His Bad Horse-Busby, Montana Kennard Real Bird-Garry Owen, Montana Don Wheeler-Blackfoot Idaho Veterinary Advisor-Dr. Ted Vlahos, Sheridan Equine, Sheridan, Wyoming Photographic Advisor-Diana Volk

6 What is Indian Relay? The National Sport Of The Tribes Of the Upper Plains Indian Relay is sport done mostly by Indians who live in northwestern United States. Some people say that the sport has been going on for 100 years or more, but the actual origins are unclear. Relay appears to have developed independently in different tribes and then competition between tribes commenced. Indian relay consists of 3 horses and four men. One rider rides all three horses bareback, one mugger stops the incoming horse, two holders, one who sets up the horse to be exchanged, and the back holder who controls the extra horse. The race starts in front of the grandstands. While starts vary from venue to venue, in most cases the rider is mounted on the horse at the start. The rider takes the horse once around the racetrack and comes in for the first of two exchanges. The exchanges happen in front of the grandstands. After the first exchange the rider takes the second horse once around the track and comes in for the last exchange. He then races around the track for the finish line on the final horse. In the course of the race the exchange is one of the most important aspects, because a race can be won or lost in the exchange area. For most race fans the exchange is the most exciting part of the race. During the exchange horses may blowup, flip or get away from the setup man, or the incoming horse may not stop and make the exchange very chaotic. It often becomes a classic case of organized mayhem, but is always one of the most exciting parts of a spectator’s weekend!

7 Sponsorship Benefits PIHRA offers exclusive access to the teams and athletes that today participate in Professional Indian Relay Racing Indian Relay Racing is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, element at Rodeos and similar events across the country Professional Indian Relay Racing offers unparalleled opportunities to grow the affinity for the your brand Sponsorship of PIHRA events is an excellent way to continue to foster positive relations with the Native American community and to help to improve the standard of living on the reservations. PIHRA is offering prospective sponsors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what is projected to be a large and fast growing business going forward. Sponsorships are available to meet virtually any need or marketing budget. PIHRA will work with you to best match the assets we have to your specific marketing goals. Whether your budget is small or large, the payoff will be substantial. And you can feel good knowing that money from PIHRA sanctioned events flows down to the various tribes of the northwestern United States. For more info, contact, or ask for the PIHRA Manager at (248) 625-9868.

8 Feel The Action!

9 Contact PIHRA Today! PIHRA MANAGEMENT Business Agent: Trademarketing Resources, Inc. Bob Horton, President and CEO (248) 625-9868 Event Management Gary Fellers/Jeanette Sassoon PoloGear USA (561) 301-0010 Kendall Old Horn M&M Express Team (406) 855-8492 Professional Indian Horse Racing Association, LLC 5710 Bella Rose Blvd. Suite 100 Clarkston, MI 48348 Phone: 248 625-9868 Fax: 248-922-4580 E-mail:

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