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Leadership. What style of Leader am I? What are my strengths/weaknesses? Are my methods effective?

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1 Leadership

2 What style of Leader am I? What are my strengths/weaknesses? Are my methods effective?

3 Leadership Autocratic leadership. Bureaucratic leadership. Charismatic leadership. Democratic leadership or participative leadership. Laissez-faire leadership. People-oriented leadership or relations-oriented leadership. Servant leadership. Task-oriented leadership. Transactional leadership. Transformational leadership. Leadership Types

4 Leadership Please follow the link below and take the leadership quiz. This will help identify your natural leadership style. Leadership Style Quiz

5 Leadership Being an Ethical Leader Displaying Core Values Making the Hard Choices

6 Ethical Leadership






12 Airmans Creed

13 USAF Core Values Integrity first Service before self Excellence in all we do

14 Integrity first Integrity is a character trait. It is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. Integrity is the ability to hold together and properly regulate all of the elements of But integrity also covers several other moral traits indispensable to national service. Courage Honestly Responsibility Accountability Justice Openness Self Respect Humility

15 Service before self

16 Excellence in all we do


18 Followership To succeed, leaders must teach their followers leadership and followership skills. If we fail to have effective followers, we will also have ineffective leaders. Ten Rules of Good Followership

19 Followership Five Essential Qualities of Effective Followership Self Management- This quality refers to the ability to determine one’s own goals within a large context and to decide what role to take at any given time. Committed- to the organization and to a purpose beyond themselves, effective followers strive to excel at everything they do. Competent- build their competence and focus their efforts for maximum impact. They strive to reach higher levels of performance and expand themselves. Integrity- One of the most important characteristics of an effective follower may be the willingness to tell the truth. It is imperative that followers provide truthful information to their leaders. Initiative- Initiative is motivation, determination, perseverance, and risk-taking. Being a good follower requires more than just meeting the standards.

20 Followership Effective Feedback and Advice Good followers speak up even when they disagree with their leaders. Effective leaders want to know what their followers think so they seek feedback and respect their followers for speaking up.

21 Leadership Influence





26 Discipline



29 Summary Today we discussed some aspects of leadership. We covered Ethics, Core Values, Followership, Leadership Influence, and Discipline.

30 Conclusion Wouldn’t it be great if we knew the secret to motivating people? As NCOs, our jobs would be so much easier if we had the ability to motivate people whenever we wanted. We have the responsibility as NCOs to commit to the organization’s goals, but how do we convince our Airmen to embrace those goals even when the goals are not very convenient? We must continue to hone our leadership abilities and strive to learn and adapt new leadership styles and techniques.

31 Resources Leadership Arrow Picture Leadership Styles Leadership Quiz Ethical Leadership Picture Air Force Symbol Follow Picture Gavel Picture Leadership Video Airmans Creed Video 10 Rules Good Followership Courts Martial

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