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Adlai E. Stevenson School 29 “Everyone. Every day. ANY Way!” Presentation to the Rochester City School Board November 18, 2014.

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1 Adlai E. Stevenson School 29 “Everyone. Every day. ANY Way!” Presentation to the Rochester City School Board November 18, 2014

2 Who we are: 398 PK-6 (plus 7 th & 8 th Grade GEM) 37 PK students 28.6% SWD = 112 students K-8 53 are students with multiple disabilities (GEM), Three classes of students with Autism, one class of students with Intellectual Disability, two 12:1+1 classes 3% ELL = 13 students 7 are also students with disabilities, 4 of which are GEM 89.2% economically disadvantage Majority of students from 14611, 14619, and 14608 (53% of students) Home for LTS students and short-term suspension students grades 4-6 Staff of 100+ Mission: At School 29 we are committed to academic excellence by meeting students’ individual needs. Our students will become global contributors, as we foster their critical thinking skills through brain based teaching and higher order thinking.

3 Beginning with the End in Mind: Finish Line Report

4 Attendance Iris & Iseila Current (as of 11/13/14): 91.4% What we monitor: daily attendance, grade level attendance, classroom attendance, “watch list” students, adult attendance How we celebrate: daily shout-outs to classes “in the green”, monthly pizza parties for top three classes, awards at assemblies for students with 95% attendance or better and students with most improved attendance, monthly pizza celebrations and gift card drawings for staff with perfect attendance How we intervene: Home visits, work with parent liaison, truancy blitz, transportation assistance, personal connections with students using Americorps workers, weekly principal meetings with social workers, parent liaison, and attendance clerk

5 Current enrollment = 361 (minus the 37 PK students) Of those 361 students, 53 students are GEM. GEM students often have long illnesses or surgeries during the school year. Looking at our At Risk, Chronic, and Severe students (a total of 163), 36 of these students are GEM students. Two dashboards would allow us to hold our entire school to high and attainable goals. 2014-15 95% We strive for 95!

6 Beginning with the End in Mind: Finish Line Report

7 ISS/OSS/LTS Then: 7 th & 8 th Graders ISS room staffed by TA PBIS implemented in some rooms Trouble-shooting approach Silo feeling in the building Now: K-6 building No ISS room staff PBIS push across entire building School-wide ownership of behavior Partnership with B & G

8 We strive for 95! 2014-15 40 2014-15 2 Using PBIS, proactive practices, parental support, Boys & Girls Club partnership, and Social Workers to problem solve and find support for students in need, and supporting teachers in need Current (as of 11/13/14): What we monitor: SCORE tickets and SCORE store activity, faces, conversations, body- language, referrals How we celebrate: awards at assemblies for citizenship and improved conduct, recognize teachers using PBIS system How we intervene: Home visits, work with parent liaison, behavior plans, social worker support, personal connections with students using Americorps workers, support for teachers in need

9 Beginning with the End in Mind: Finish Line Report

10 Expanded Learning Time Climate Rigorous Curriculum Attendance Student Achievement

11 Additional 1 ½ hours each day for ALL students Big Seven Areas/ Seven Essential Elements 1.Focused School-Wide Priorities 2.High Quality Instruction 3.Targeted Intervention and Acceleration 4.Frequent Data Cycle 5.Teacher Collaboration and PD 6.Engaging Enrichment 7.Enhanced School Culture Strong Partnership with Boys & Girls Club Over 30 enrichment offerings giving students opportunities for positive engagement including Cooking & Nutrition, Dance, Drama, Community Service, STEM 3 Americorps workers adding to our opportunities for support Inclusive of our students with disabilities Increased volunteers at School 29 (Nazareth, U of R, Brockport, Lawyers for Learning) Entire revamp of master schedule and school focus giving us time for teacher collaboration and focus on data

12 Strive for 95% New hours have had an impact on attendance: transportation home, later start time is helping 4-6 th graders start day with enrichment, helping to get them to school on time Stressing that every minute matters and working with transportation and attendance office to find families to get them supports needed Improved attendance leads to improved academics

13 Monthly celebration assemblies: attendance, behavior, data improvement, staff, parents School-wide themes to promote climate with both student and adult components Enrichment classes offer small group connections with peers and adults Inclusion of students with disabilities into enrichment School-wide events (book read, neighborhood clean up, caroling, monthly PTO) Parent events at dismissal has led to highest attendance rates

14 Daily meetings with grade level teams with a focus on data and/or planning Meetings facilitated by Principal and Data Coach Data used to set student goals, reviewed regularly with students and celebrated at least monthly, monitor interventions, differentiate instruction  AIMSWeb  NWEA  Compass  RADD Rubric  Mid and End of Unit Assessments  Behavior  Attendance  Brigance  NYS Assessments

15 99 students receiving Tier 3 intervention services daily All other students receive Tier 2 intervention or enrichment daily 100% implementation of Common Core with consistent feedback, monitoring, and common planning time to add rigor to teacher’s practice Teachers observing teachers each month Drawing on Directors to continue to amplify our craft

16 Facilitated common planning time combined with walk-throughs allows Principal to be instructional leader School-wide focus on constructed response questions School-wide reading of “Rules” by Cynthia Lord Targeted PD based on grade level needs

17 Development- Staff Teach Like a Pirate Book StudyTeaching & Learning Coaches17 Things Book Study6 hour Data TrainingQuality QuestioningNumber TalksDevelopment of School-wide Rubrics

18 Development: Self EdD Finished Doctoral classes at SJFC in Education Leadership, finishing dissertation Behavior Task Force Working with Dr. Otuwa and team on District’s process 90/90/90 Work RtI Cohort 2 Leading RtI process at 29, working with Katie Yarlett and colleagues to develop procedures Self-book study to reflect on best practice Attendance Initiative Attend monthly meetings to gather ideas on improving attendance Special Education Suspension Review Part of team reviewing suspensions of students with disabilities

19 My Goals Student attendance will increase from 89% to 95% by the end of 2014-2015. 100% of teachers will have two or more data walls measuring student growth that are updated at least monthly. 80% of students grades K-6 will meet their NWEA growth projection target in math and ELA by the Spring 2015 administration. Students at benchmark in AIMSWeb for reading will increase from 13% in the Fall 2014 to 40% by June 2015. 80% of students grades K-6 will produce a minimum of three level 3 or 4 writing pieces as measured by the RADD rubric by June 2015. State growth score will increase from 12 to 14 in 2014-2015 as measured by the NYS Testing administered in Spring 2015.

20 2014-15 14

21 "Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be." -Rita Pierson

22 Thank you! Lawyers for Learning Boys & Girls Club PTO Community Roundtable Beverly Burrell-Moore Willa Powell and the Board of Education Dr. Bolgen Vargas

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