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Verder studeren in het buitenland WORKSHOP “HOW TO APPLY”

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1 Verder studeren in het buitenland WORKSHOP “HOW TO APPLY”

2 Content Language Tests Resumé Recommendation Letter Statement of purpose Scholarship and funding

3 Language Test TOEFL: IELTS:

4 Preparing Application Package as a Persuasion Exercise - It’s about selling yourself: present yourself in your best light! - But think carefully about your audience!

5 Be a forward-looking candidate! -Studying is not an end in itself but a MEANS to an end! -What you’re likely to do AFTER your LLM matters as much as what you will be doing DURING your LLM

6 Resumé -No Europass -Chronological ordering: most recent first -Highlight job experience and internships, specify duties (+ reference person if possible) -Do not try to hide significant “gaps”: There is no failure, only feedback!

7 Resumé -Provide detail of grades and ranking (e.g. “top 5% of the class”) -“avoid clutter” (no unnecessary headings) -Pay attention to e-mail adress (permanent; avoid weird, unprofessional nicknames)

8 Resumé -Languages: Don’t be too modest (e.g. may specify that courses in English and French are part of the regular, mandatory curriculum at KU Leuven)

9 Resumé -Hobbies and interests: carefully consider how they reflect on you as a person (running perhaps, chess certainly, piano of course, fishing and heavy metal probably not) -Think about your “social resumé”! (Charity work, student union…)

10 Resumé -layout: clean, well-polished (use same fonts throughout, consistent sectioning and underlining) -1 or 2 pagina’s (better not one and a half, by no means 3) -if more than 1 page use headers -Grammar and spelling: be perfectionist! -Beware: you may be googled…

11 Resumé For writing tips, see: s/agep/advcv.pdf s/agep/advcv.pdf

12 Resumé For those considering applying in 2015, think about beefing up your creds with: -Summer internships -Summer courses -Moot court competitions -“Civic engagement” (e.g. youth movement, NGO, politics, unions…)

13 Recommendation Letters Whom to ask? -Think carefully -You need two or three -May vary from application to application

14 Recommendation Letters Whom should I ask? Criteria: -Professor, internship supervisor, assistant,.. -Someone who knows you and had direct contact with you (the more the better) -If possible someone prominent in the discipline/business/policy area

15 Recommendation Letters Whom should I ask? Criteria: -Alumnus of the institution applied to -Prestige of referee -Relevance to your specific focus and ambition

16 Recommendation Letters How to ask? -Don’t be pushy -Give her/him sufficient time -Provide relevant information -Make her/his work easy

17 Recommendation Letters What you need to send her/him? -“Where do I know her/him from?” -Resumé -If academic referee: detailed grades -Explain why you chose programme/university -State your goal/ambition

18 Recommendation Letters What you need to send her/him? -Indicate deadline!!! -Specify if you need several letters -For academics: offer to provide a draft letter

19 Recommendation Letters What is a good recommendation? -Does not replicate resumé -Focus on personal contact and interaction -Identify skills -Give a sense of the candidate’s potential

20 Statement of purpose -Sometimes called “personal statement” -For some US Law Schools: “autobiographical essay” is also required

21 Statement of purpose - Choose a topic or domain that is relevant to law broadly defined -Demonstrate that you are a driven, ambitious forward-looking candidate -Always have your audience in mind (if applying for scholarship: committee not always jurists)

22 Statement of purpose -Try to link what you have studied and what you want to study (in LLM programme) to your long term goal -Bring out your ambition! -And show you have a strategy to achieve it! -Convey self-confidence but don’t arrogant

23 Statement of purpose -Be concrete -Avoid platitudes (e.g. “I find law exciting”) -Statement should be organised around a unifying theme/common thread -Strive for clarity and elegance!

24 Autobiographical essay -Don’t replicate your resumé -Be concrete and personal -Strive to answer the question “Who is the candidate?”, “What does he stand for?”, “Where is he coming from?”

25 Scholarships and Funding: -BAEF -Fullbright -Rotary ( mas/studiebeurzen) -Stichting Fernand Lazard -Doctoral students: FWO

26 Scholarship & Funding -Sometimes LL.M. programme itself offers scholarship -Alternative: “tuition waiver”

27 Scholarship & Funding -After your LL.M.: some law firms compensate for cost of LL.M. “sign on fee” (cash bonus to cover student debts) -Tax rebate?

28 Last but not least -Seek advice -Speak alumni -Hedge your bet and keep your options open

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