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Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota EDS Program Presented By Christopher-Aaron Deanes.

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1 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota EDS Program Presented By Christopher-Aaron Deanes

2 Special Thanks The University of Saint Mary's Diane Steffen, Lyle Abeln, University Advisors Site Mentors and Administrators: Meredith Davis, Vernon Rowe, Althea Fernandez, Jacquelin Williams, Dr. Trudi Taylor, Jerry Pederson, Charlene Vazquez, Lori Holmgren, Elizabeth Bortke, Mary Berrie, Dr. Jeane Mortinson, and Dr. Eleanor Coleman You have challenged, assisted, and directed me in this journey. I look forward to leading our teachers.

3 I believe that ALL children can and should have the same rights to learn. I believe that Educators hold the obligation to share the most of what they know in the most creative and exploratory way possible. Christopher-Aaron Deanes 2012

4 AGENDA Resume Field Experiences Why is being an Educational Leader Important to me? Five Significant Experiences Personal Assessment eFolio Tour

5 The Resume Experience: Instructor, Metropolitan Learning Alliance 1994-1996 Taught Classed in Graphic Design, Product Design and Fashion Design to High School Students Development of Curriculum for the Graphics program Implementation visual perception, Adobe computer programming, critique sessions for students Blackboard systems for grading and classroom facilitation Developed and Directed, Teach and Learn Program 1995-1998 Created programming for students to learn about art and art making Visited schools and community centers throughout the Metro area Managed the program materials, staff, and pay Attained the KARE 11 Award for volunteering Was also Awarded The Jefferson Award for community services

6 The Resume Experience: Science and Art Teacher, Plymouth Christian Youth Center, 2001-2003 Taught science and Art in Junior high school, grades 6-10Communication with Parents regarding children Evaluation and follow-up with students and instructors Student Teacher, Kenwood Elementary, Minneapolis Public Schools, 2003 Worked as a student teacher to Master teacher Jacqueline Williams Observed strategies and best practices Second Grade Teacher, Excel Academy 2004 Taught classroom of 36 second grade students at Charter School Wrote I.E.P’s for the first time with social workers and counselors Taught the Direct Instruction Reading Taught Everyday Math, and used the responsive classroom as an environment for the setting Students learned Core Knowledge Curriculum

7 The Resume Experience: Pre-K Teacher, Green Central 2005 Worked with Pre-K Students Learning: Counting, Listening, Participation and Respect Teacher Aide, Anthony Middle School 2005 Taught Autism youth in Middle school setting Worked as aide to autistic program Teacher, Juvenile Detention Center, Minneapolis Public School, 2005 Taught youth in the Middle through High School ages for the writing and Language Arts classes Provided cross instruction to multiple learners and different students with learning disabilities Managed classroom behavior in difficult settings

8 The Resume Experience: Instructor, Dakota County Technical College 2003-2004 Taught classes for Design Department (Visual Arts and Adobe Graphic Design) Assisted other instructors in our department taught blackboard class Instructor, Minneapolis College of Art & Design 2007 Taught English Course surrounding modern artist: Ellen Gallagher Development of Curriculum equivalent to a College level Composition 2 Course Implementation of English Composition course Successful creation and upkeep of Blackboard systems for grading and classroom projects Facilitated discussions, artist talks, and critiques sessions for students Teacher, Sanford Middle School 2006 - Present Teaching in a variety of classroom settings Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in multiple settings with multiple youth and curriculum development and last minute lesson planning Establishes positive relationships with students and acts as a role model for appropriate social skills and behaviors in all situations Follow written and oral instructions and independently follows through on teacher directed programming/strategies including special education

9 The Resume Education: Education Specialist in Administration, Saint Mary’s University of MinnesotaMinneapolis 2009- Present(Ed.S.) in Administration will be completed in 2012 Masters in Education (Med), The University of St. Thomas Saint Paul, MN 2005 Collaborative Urban Educator Program, K-12 Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Department Bachelors of Fine Art (Design) Minneapolis College of Art and Design Minneapolis 1996 Graphic Design and Illustration

10 Field Experience Pillsbury United Community Essential Early Education Daycare Service Description: Essential early education child care, including pre-kindergarten daycare, pre-school for ages 34 months - 4 years, and Strong Beginnings. Parent education and parent-child activities. Located at Pillsbury House and Green Central School.

11 Field Experience Sanford Middle School Sanford is located at 36th St. and 41st Ave., which is South East in Minneapolis. The students population is around 750 students of which are 65% is free and reduced. Mostly neighborhood kids. Sanford Middle School did not make AYP in 2011. Under No Child Left Behind, a school makes Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) if it achieves the minimum levels of improvement determined by the state of Minnesota in terms of student performance and other accountability measures.

12 Field Experience South High School Fast Track Scholars is a summer program for 8th and 9 th graders invited to summer school and all AVID students. In this program, students will have the opportunity to connect with future high school classmates, counselors, and teachers. Additionally, they have the opportunity to earn up to four quarter high school credits in various courses including algebra, literacy, science, engineering, geography, physical education, health, ceramics, drawing, guitar, and theater. The 9 th graders have the opportunity to make up needed credits from their first year.

13 Field Experience City View Elementary In spite of City Views numbers lowering they have moved to a middle school only model. When I severed at City View there were 450 students in our summer program Title “Mississippi Act III” our third Summer program. City View is a North side school where we served 82% free and reduced students.

14 Field Experience Wayman A.M.E. Wayman A.M.E. Church was organized in 1919 by Presiding Elder Thomas Stoval The current Pastor is Reverend Alphonse Reff Sr. This Church offers Community Programming for High School youth allowing them the broader understanding of College Funding, Scholarships, grants and FAFSA process

15 Why is being an educational leader important to me?

16 5 Significant Experiences Student Management I strive to show that: Fairness is important high expectations for all of your students consistency, respect and engaging adventures in learning when you focus on behaviors that are inline with the rules and expectations of your classroom, other students will catch the fire 1

17 5 Significant Experiences I strive to show that: good teachers work hard to build the best ways to educate the youth they serve Curriculum and Instruction Best Practices Scaffolding Prior Knowledge Strategies Relationship building Building skills and confidence of the students Curriculum and Instruction 2

18 5 Significant Experiences Diversity Leadership 3 I strive to show that: One of my core values is belief in the cultural community of a school is that school Utilizing culture for connections, celebrations, and family The diversity of a school allows students the internal ability to start the process of being global citizens Diversity Leadership stretches understanding of ways and communication among people worldwide

19 5 Significant Experiences 4 OperatingSupportingOptimizingChanging Differentiation I strive to show that: Understanding the diversity in learning styles Helping teachers adjust their lesson plans Building students strong suits first and working from there Developing and Challenging students thoughts and processes all allows room for students to grow exponentially among their peers

20 5 Significant Experiences Social Engagement 5 I strive to show that: Working with urban families today May require more social interaction among the families and the school to help propel students engagement and Successes. Today has a number of social programs that interact with schools from: Attendance Nutrition Housing Tutoring Building Social Skills

21 1-Leadership Developing 2-Organizational Management Proficient 3-Diversity Leadership Expert 4-Policy and Law Beginning 5-Political Influence Beginning 6-Communication Developing 7-Curriculum Planning Proficient 8-Community Relations Proficient 9-Instructional Management Developing 10-Human Resources Developing 11-Values and Ethics Proficient 12-Judgement and Problem Analysis Beginning 13-Safety and Security Proficient 14-Instructional Leadership: Principal Specific Outcome Proficient 15-Monitor Students Learning: Principal Specific Outcome Proficient 16-Leadership: Principal Specific Outcome Developing Personal Assessment


23 Questions and Conclusion The Best Education is one that matters to the student ten years after they have received it. -Christopher-Aaron Deanes

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