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Evaluation of PHO’s KT Project Mel Brockman June 17, 2014.

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1 Evaluation of PHO’s KT Project Mel Brockman June 17, 2014

2 Overview  CIHR supplement grant obtained.  Time period: June 2012 to June 2013.  External evaluation arranged in late 2013.

3 Project Overview  Two target audiences:  Community/general public.  Decision-makers.  Goals:  Promote awareness.  Encourage action.  Integrated knowledge translation (iKT) approach

4 Key Activities

5 Purpose of Evaluation  Assess whether…  awareness was generated;  action was prompted;  and iKT was achieved.  Improvement-focused.

6 Type of Evaluation  Process  Project operations and implementation.  Outcome  Short-term (learning-based).  Intermediate (action-based).

7 Methodology  Records review.  Key informant interviews (N = 17).  Online surveys:  Summit participants (N = 20).  PHO network (N = 7).

8 Key Findings – Positives  Della video a big hit.  Summit was a success despite not arriving at a national agenda.  Public opinion survey a valuable KT research activity.  Partners happy to see the Region getting involved.

9 Key Findings – Areas for Improvement  Planned activities with school community.  Some groups not effectively engaged.  Process-tracing issues.  iKT not really achieved.

10 Recommendations  Create a comprehensive conceptual table at the outset; preferably, prior to submitting the grant application. KT activity RationaleAimTarget audience(s) Target sub- group(s) Goal(s) activity will contribute to

11 Recommendations  Provide potential partners with enough information to make an informed decision about whether they are willing and able, time- and resource-wise, to sign on to the grant.

12 Recommendations  Involve committed partners and other stakeholders in the conceptualization of the project; preferably, prior to submitting the grant application.

13 Recommendations  Collaboratively create a “game plan” and clearly articulate project team members’ roles and responsibilities at the outset.

14 Recommendations  Establish process-tracing procedures at the outset.

15 Recommendations  Continue to strive toward better internal communication and coordination.

16 Recommendations  Be more specific in the identification of target audiences and target sub-groups within them.

17 Recommendations  Focus on the quality of the activities, not the quantity.

18 Recommendations  As a team, develop a project plan that is proportionate to the time and resources that will be available across all team members.

19 Recommendations  Continue to explore creative communication and dissemination strategies to engage the general public in order to go beyond “preaching to the choir.”

20 Recommendations  Give people specific options for actions they can take to make a difference.

21 Recommendations  Invest the most time and resources in activities aimed at increasing health equity locally and provincially.

22 Recommendations  Articulate the desired actions that will be prompted by the KT activities.

23 Recommendations  Identify at the outset what will be measured for evaluation purposes and design measures accordingly.

24 Recommendations  Strive to achieve higher response rates with data collection activities.

25 ActivityLevel of Fit Della videoHigh Computer game for youthHigh School presentations and student forumsHigh Interactive social media tools (e.g., CVC)High Health Equity SummitHigh Mobilize! forumHigh Dissemination of SHS reportMedium Conference presentations, journal publicationsMedium Replication/public opinion surveyLow Follow-up questionnaire with those who received SHS reportLow

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