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ELISE SERNIK MELISSA MACPHERSON Unleashing the power of purpose.

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1 ELISE SERNIK MELISSA MACPHERSON Unleashing the power of purpose

2 Agenda Welcome Business case Tools Live experiment Taking it home Close

3 Guiding question Can an understanding of ‘purpose’ become an effective tool and leverage point to improve boardroom dynamics, communication and results? What does this look like in practice?

4 Why did you choose this session? Turn to the person next to you: 1. Share your name 2. As a board director, what are the personal / interpersonal aspects of this role that you find tricky? 3. If you could get something out of this workshop what would it be?

5 What is purpose? So what is purpose and what generates purpose for people? How can we engage boards / board members to connect to their purpose to create meaningful change?

6 What is purpose? Hurst believes that people gain purpose when they: 1. Grow personally, 2. Establish meaningful relationships, and 3. Are in service to something greater than themselves. Personal Purpose – when we do things we love and self expressing Social Purpose – we often find purpose through social interaction Societal Purpose – most powerful source of purpose ‘when we know we have done something that we believe matters to society’

7 The purpose economy?

8 Soft context Hard context Individual Collective ITS ITI WE Roles Skills Language Behaviours Agendas Reports Strategy Processes Culture Power Politics Influence Beliefs Self-awareness Personal values EQ Relationships Adapted from Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL Model Soft context vs. hard context

9 The power of understanding purpose 1. Explicit and transparent flow of information at board level 2. High quality, efficient and effective decision-making 3. Creativity and innovation 4. High performing relationship between the board and executive team

10 The importance of storytelling and self-reflection Most powerful form of learning and sharing knowledge Not a skill we are taught or encouraged to use beyond school Storytelling is critical to NFPs as a fundraising mechanism and most NFP Board members are fundraisers Starts with the self and is the foundation for values-based leadership (self–reflection, balance, self-confidence, humility)

11 Critical components to great story-telling Why are you on the board? How have your life experiences shaped your ability to add value to the organisation? What skills, expertise, perspective, networks, funds do you bring? Simon Sinek ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’ Why How What

12 Tips Link personal to professional Make motives explicit (altruistic and other) Strive for honesty, generosity Ultimately looking for coherence in the narrative Concise and tight (elevator principles)

13 Try it now yourself SpeakerListener

14 Taking home in your kit bag Case for the soft context Diagnostic tool: Wilber Storytelling principle Activity suggestion with your board Your own story

15 Commit to actions 1.One thing you heard that was useful 2.One thing you will do differently 3.One SMART action you will take

16 Board reviews and recruitment People for Purpose support the search, placement and development of professionals in leadership and board positions who strive to create positive social impact. Leadership development Executive search and placement With a focus on identifying, connecting to, and creating alignment around purpose.

17 Getting a senior job making a difference in the world Doing a really great job of the first 100 days Directors doing the thinking that matters Navigating hard and soft context for leaders Leaders working for a better world

18 Contact Us Melissa Macpherson Executive Director People for Purpose T: 02 8188 8631 E: Elise Sernik CEO Leadership Space T: 0400 405 323 E:

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