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Corporate Capabilities Presentation April 2010 ISO 9001:2008 Registered.

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1 Corporate Capabilities Presentation April 2010 ISO 9001:2008 Registered

2 Corporate Culture  Strive to Perform Beyond Expectations  Maintain “Can Do” Spirit  Focus on What’s Important  Understand the Details  Think and Act Positively  Have a Written Plan  Never Stop Learning; Be Flexible to Change  Be Innovative & Embrace Innovation  Take Action and Motivate Others  Be Persistent, Passionate and Work Hard  Be Honest, Dependable and Accountable  Deal and Communicate with People; Build Teams  Be Courageous 2

3 Our Quality Policy is to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations by continually seeking to:  F orecast and identify our customer’s expectations  U nderstand their mission and current needs  L everage our experience and capabilities to fulfill their evolving requirements  C reate and provide cost effective services and solutions  R efine and upgrade our capabilities  U nite process improvement and innovation with the performance goals of each employee  M easure and evaluate our processes, services and customer satisfaction through our quality management system ISO 9001:2008 Registered 3

4 Company Overview  Federal and Defense Systems Integrator, Professional IT Services, High-End IT Solutions  23 Years + in Business  High concentration of Defense and Intelligence based business  Extensive contract portfolio and past performance  More than 140 People in 23 Offices and Customer Sites from Manassas, Virginia to Manila, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq and Stuttgart, Germany  The Company’s mission critical services fall into five distinct categories: (1) enterprise services, (2) applications development, (3) data management and storage engineering, (4) information assurance and security, and (5) intelligence analysis. 4

5 Summary Statement “The IT company of choice - responsive, trusted, and delivering excellence through innovative solutions”. Provide leading-edge IT services, solutions, and products while adding value to our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our Vision Our Mission 5

6 Fulcrum IT Staff Locations 6 NASA Goddard, Greenbelt, MD ONI, CENSUS – Suitland PACOM SOCPAC Honolulu, HI Norfolk Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, VA SOCSOUTH, SOUTHCOM Miami, Florida MARSOC Camp Lejeune, NC CENTCOM, SOCOM Tampa, Florida MARSOC Camp Pendleton, CA NGIC Charlottesville, VA HHS, AOUSC, DoEd, NRL Pentagon, Washington, DC NAVSEA Norfolk, Virginia INSCOM Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Fulcrum IT Headquarters Manassas, Virginia AFSOC Hurlburt AFB, Florida JSOC Fayetteville, NC International: Philippines Iraq Afghanistan Germany

7 Skilled in High Demand Disciplines and Credentials Skilled in High Demand Disciplines and Credentials 7 Security ClearancesEducation Levels MA/MS 19% Assoc. 18% Adv. Degree 2% Cert/Non- Degree 28% BA/BS 33% Personnel Demographics Professional Service Personnel Growth 38 48 60 85 105 132

8 Fulcrum IT is focusing its proven expertise on the provision of professional services to meet government agency’s IT infrastructure and management objectives. We develop and deliver services in five Practice Areas, including:  Enterprise Services  Web Enablement  Data Mgmt Solutions  Information Assure & Security  Intelligence Analysis and Methodologies Fulcrum IT Professional Services 8

9 9 Incompatible legacy systems, disparate data classifications and networks, vulnerable information, and poorly engineered architectures continue to affect government modernization efforts. Fulcrum enterprise operations solutions services include:  Seat and asset management  Performance monitoring and management  Storage Architectures  Disaster recovery solutions  Performance based managed services  Security  Enterprise Architectures Enterprise Services

10 Fulcrum IT provides Internet services that reduce customer costs, increase efficiency, automate procurement, improve document management, enhance collaboration, and enhance security. Our web enablement services include:  Data Management  Collaborative Tools  Web Enablement  Content Management / Knowledge Management  Data visualization / Ontology’s  Data Base and Software Development  Learning Management, E-Procurement / Commerce Web Enablement - Software Development Services 10

11 Disaster recovery, data mining/information management and continued explosive growth in storage requirements have created a growing demand for solving the challenges of “enterprise” storage and Data architectures and solutions. Fulcrum data storage and management solutions services include:  Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning  Performance monitoring and management  Storage assessment/disaster recovery solutions  Data base design and development  Advanced search and retrieval solutions Data Management Solutions 11

12 Agencies are focused on network-centric processes, services, and tactical assets – proactively adopting defensive measures to protect essential cyber-assets and infrastructures. Our information assurance services include:  Technical and financial analysis  Vulnerability identification  Data, Networks & Applications  Infrastructure security assessments  Network monitoring and management  Solution identification/implementation Information Assurance & Security Services 12

13 Intelligence Analysis and Methodologies Enhance production process efficiencies and support knowledge generation. Redefine intelligence products and the production process to better support the Combatant Commanders’ access to the data and shape understanding of the target environment. Our analysis solutions services include:  Models for Open Source  Providing technical support of analytic tools and database development for knowledge management  All Source (e.g. political, military, economic, etc.) analysis  Subject matter collaboration expanding intelligence networks to academia, medical and other communities of interest  Expanded use of Internet Forums  Interactive information sharing environment, with discussion blogs, forums, Intellipedia wiki of shared knowledge, a directory experts, and multimedia data such as incidence maps, video, and podcasts of interviews and conferences 13


15 Fulcrum’s Civilian Clients AOUSC NIH GSA DoEd Civilian: * Fulcrum Past Performance Include over 100 Departments of the US Government HHS DoLCensus PWC 15 NASA

16 Enterprise Wide IT Solutions Total IT Solutions ISO 9001:2000 Registered 16

17 Questions? 17

18 For More Information Please contact: Steve Kelley 757-450-6019 18

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