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Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op Ke-ondaatiziying Conference 2014 “How Will We Sustain Ourselves?”

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1 Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op Ke-ondaatiziying Conference 2014 “How Will We Sustain Ourselves?”

2 The Cloverbelt Local Food Co-operative aims to strengthen food security by encouraging diverse local food production, thereby enhancing overall rural sustainability. We strive to foster a thriving local food community by: - cultivating & facilitating farmer-consumer relationships; - promoting the enjoyment of naturally grown, fairly priced, healthy food; and -providing education & resources regarding environmentally sensitive agriculture

3 CLFC 2014 Strategic Plan Goal #1: Increase visibility & accessibility of local foods available for purchase

4 ONLINE FARMERS MARKET Founded August 2013 Based on 2011 Feasibility Study To build on Locavore Program Further develop area agriculture To increase supply of local food Ideally create opportunities for Food entrepreneurs, and create jobs Over 85 Members before 1 st order cycle December 2, 2103 Consultant suggested 130 members to start

5 Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op 1.Year-round 2.Convenient: access anywhere 3.Access multiple producers 4.Order what you want, when 5.YOU are an owner 6.Order Saturday-Monday 7.Pick up Tuesdays 8.See what is available from home

6 Consumers $25 Lifetime Membership Fee Shop from multiple producers from home, work, or phone One convenient weekly pick up Choose which producers to support Pay 10% fee towards operations (insurance, staff wages) Current payment types are electronic money transfer, cash or cheque. Paypal & Visa/Mastercard in future. PProducers $50 Lifetime Membership Fee Wholesale volume sales at close to retail prices One weekly drop off Set their own product prices Pay 5% of sales towards operation costs Retain ownership of product Choose when and how much to sell

7 Goal #2 To educate our community & surrounding area about the benefits of eating locally Events: Rec Centre Winter Wellness, Dryden Hospital Wellness, Children’s Resource Centre, Highschool Envirodays Newsletters Website Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)

8 Goal #3: To increase the amount Of NWO food purchased Locally Over $130,000 in sales in 9 months

9 Other Immediate Benefits Producers from Emo, Kenora, Tbay 5 producers now using local flour Food Safety Handling Workshop Encouraged volunteering Resulting trained producers Increased consumer confidence 430 members, over 40 producers

10 What’s Next? 1.Greenhouse Project 2.Increased Marketing and Member Engagement Opportunities through a grant from the Co- operators Development Fund 3.Regional Food Mapping & Distribution

11 Community Greenhouse Now: increase supply of local food 1.Educate: school tours & workshops 2.Rent plots to members 3.Central place to share skills 4.Invest in future producers

12 Do you live in a community that could benefit from a service like ours? Are their products being produced or harvested you could market? How might payment work in your community? Any Questions?

13 Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op Ordering Site See Us in Action

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