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2 NHELO – We are: School Administrators Teachers CTE ELO Coordinators Guidance Higher Education Software Developers Marketing Manufacturing Farming Consultants Non-Profits Parents

3 Proposed Stakeholder based NHELO Steering Committee

4 NHELO Vision Empowering all New Hampshire students to make the world their classroom and earn credit for real world learning.

5 NHELO Mission To make near limitless, high quality, real world learning opportunities available to each student by harnessing community resources including organizations, businesses, and talented individuals.

6 NH MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL APPROVAL  (K)(6) Schools shall strive to harness all available community resources including, but not limited to, organizations, businesses, talented individuals….

7 Vision of the NH State Board of Education  “To harness community resources….”

8 The MET SCHOOL (Providence, RI) has 1,000 mentors at any one time* *Ron Wolk, Past Chairman Big Picture Learning Company

9 The TASK Recruit and train 10,000 Mentors in 5 years for New Hampshire schools

10 OBJECTIVES of the PLAN Develop a unifying sense of purpose around education in our communities Become the “EHarmony” of Education by connecting student interests to real world opportunities Prepare students for college, careers, and life Strengthen the New Hampshire economy by linking education and economic development

11 “Meaningful and Appropriate academic experiences include extended learning opportunities (ELO)”

12 WHO ARE THESE MENTORS ? Doctors Lawyers Manufacturers Farmers Piano Instructors Software developers Engineers Environmental Scientists Certified Experts Impassioned and Knowledgeable Enthusiasts And more

13 WHAT will mentors DO? Provide quality learning experiences to achieve and demonstrate mastery of the required competencies identified for the specific ELO Determine artifacts necessary for evidence of mastery Evaluate the student’s proficiency Fan the flames of student interest

14 HOW will WE HELP? Clarify role of the mentor Provide menu of options for mentors Provide framework for mentors to identify competencies of ELO Make clear that mastery of required competencies is mandatory Provide examples of artifacts to demonstrate mastery

15 MENTOR framework ( example )

16 Organize by SAU For Example: Manchester1,000 Monadnock100

17 THE PLAN We will help districts recruit and train mentors. District will: 1. Provide letter of commitment 2. Cooperate in forming local steering committees 3. Assure visibility and accessibility to all students

18 Role of NCCBL / NHELO Help create public will and demand Help organize local steering committees Provide framework for local plans Monitor and assist implementation Provide feedback on process and progress

19 Proposed SAU Plan

20 NEXT STEPS Distribute information packets to districts throughout the state Follow up with superintendents and school boards Secure district buy in! Secure funding Build the team to implement the plan

21 The NATIONAL CENTER for COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING is a 501 (c)(3) based in New Hampshire. Fred Bramante, President 603-231-2708

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