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Student Teacher Orientation Harford County Public Schools.

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2 Student Teacher Orientation Harford County Public Schools

3 Welcome! The “Job”……………….Mrs. Jillian Lader »Human Resources Specialist Certification…………….Mrs. Barbara Matthews »Certification Specialist Online Application……..Mrs. Jillian Lader »Human Resources Specialist

4 Our Expectations You will  Practice professional maturity  Conform to and perform within school regulations and policies  Report for all school appointments and duties  Safeguard all personal and confidential information concerning your pupils and use for professional purposes ONLY  Strive for personal and professional growth through continued study and effort

5 Our Expectations You will  Become familiar with legal responsibilities of student teachers as stated in related Maryland School Laws  Become familiar with the Harford County Philosophy of Education  Become familiar with the rules and regulations of the school and the school’s handbook for teachers

6 Straight from our Mentors! Remember, you are dealing with professionals  “…Professional dress.”  “…Although close in age, especially with seniors, (you) are to think and act like ADULTS.”  “Familiarize yourself with school disciplinary policies, especially cell phone and other personal electronic device usage. Cell phones should not be visible!”

7 How to Succeed If you are going to be late/absent, call! Provide your mentor teacher with lesson plans in a timely manner, allowing for time to review and revision. Attend all professional activities: staff development sessions and school in-service days Stay out of the police blotter and be mindful of your chosen career while using online social networks!

8 Be Respectful, Appreciative, and Remember… This is a 24/7 interview for 12 weeks straight!

9 Your Expectations An experienced mentor teacher A screening interview with a representative from HCPS towards the end of your placement The same authority as if you were an employee  In student management or discipline  In handling records

10 Your Expectations Liability insurance and workmen’s compensation  Comprehensive liability insurance coverage under subtitle 4-105 of this article  Workmen’s compensation coverage under Article 101, subtitle 21 of the code, but this coverage is not to exceed the salary of a first year teacher in the county school system (An. Code 1957, subtitles 112B, 116B, 1978, ch. 22, subtitle 2.)

11 Certification Transcripts  HCPS Application may not be complete!  AFTER graduation Follow up with OFFICIAL transcript –Degree Conferred –MD Approved Program (MAP) statement, if applicable

12 Certification Score Reports  Praxis Copy of first page (with identifying personal info.) MSDE Code: R7403  SAT/GRE/ACT Copy  ACTFL Copy

13 Certification Elementary Education Programs  Certificates will read: Elementary Ed. Grades 1-6

14 Online Application



17 Advantages  Simple instructions on each screen  Required fields are indicated.  If you miss something, you will receive an error message.  You do not need to complete the application in one sitting!  Incomplete applications are NOT visible for consideration.  You will receive a confirmation email for each application you submit.  It is quick and easy to apply for additional positions.

18 Make your Application “HR Friendly”! Attachments  Resume  Cover Letter  Transcripts May be unofficial at time of application. HCPS will require an official copy of your transcripts before you are hired. These are not required attachments; however, it will assist HR in the application process to have these items at the time you submit your application. You can attach updated documents at any time.

19 Make your Application “HR Friendly”!  Optional Attachments Additional transcripts Praxis/test scores Certificates, etc. These attachments are optional; however, it will assist HR in the application process to have these items at the time you submit your application.

20 Make your Application “HR Friendly”! References  3 references are REQUIRED. Professional –NOT family members, friends, or personal acquaintances –Recent graduates and student teachers: use your mentor teachers and college supervisors as references. Provide email addresses! –HCPS will send an online reference survey link email. –Inform your references that they will receive this survey. –It may show up in their “junk” mailbox: »From: »Subject: Reference Check from Harford County Public Schools Include phone numbers for each reference, too! Letters of recommendation can be attached, but they will NOT be accepted in lieu of an official HCPS reference.

21 Online Application: Additional Notes Submit Applications  Spring graduates: submit applications by the end of March  Fall graduates: submit applications between the end of October and beginning of November Provide a personal email address in your contact information  School email addresses may expire at graduation or shortly after Include an alternate phone number  There is a place for Telephone and Alternate Telephone

22 Online Application: Additional Notes Applications can be submitted prior to having student teaching evaluations and Praxis scores; add these as you receive them In the Certification Information/Professional Certificate Details section of the online application, specify pending completion of degree or program. Keep your contact information CURRENT!

23 Online Application: Assistance Additional Online Application Information If after reviewing these documents you require additional assistance, contact the Staffing Department at 410-588-5238.

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