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Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Introducing our New Organization June 18, 2012.

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1 Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Introducing our New Organization June 18, 2012

2 Why…Background When MEDT was reconsolidated (Small Business, Investment & Trade and Economic Development) in 2009, priority was placed on organizational stability, rather than efficiency and effective and strategic coherence. MEDT recognized this and identified several opportunities for change, but held off until the post-election ministries were announced. The combination of MRI and MEDT increased the opportunities for a full scale integration, with a clear vision / mission, and a refreshed sense of purpose aligned with the new fiscal reality. 2

3 What…Responsibilities Aspiring to be the “Go to” Ministry for Jobs and the Economy Utilize our depth of economic information and intelligence Value our relationship with business and research sectors Emphasis on Innovation Retain the momentum Lead the way Facilitating Growth Create the environment Emphasize “enabling” others Support and deliver programs Measure outcomes Communicate the government’s economic agenda and results

4 4 How…Approach Engage staff to contribute ideas and experiences and reach out to our clients. Establish the transformation team to scope out key areas. Fully integrate functions for greater efficiency and effectiveness– fewer divisions. Align ourselves with Drummond recommendations. Commit to service at the speed of business and measure our success. Address the new fiscal reality.

5 5 How…Vision / Mission / Values VISION To help Ontarians achieve economic prosperity. MISSION We champion Ontario’s economic interests at home and abroad and drive prosperity through innovation and collaboration. VALUES We act with integrity at all times because trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, and take pride in doing our job well. We collaborate because team work produces unparalleled results. We appreciate the camaraderie of our colleagues because it sparks energy, enthusiasm and goodwill. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, understanding and support. We believe in being open to the diversity of people and ideas.

6 Who…New Organizational Structure Office of the Deputy Minister WENDY TILFORD Policy & Strategy JOHN WHITEHEAD Investment & Industry TONY LaMANTIA Research, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship BILL MANTEL (A) Trade and Marketing CAMERON SINCLAIR Open for Business MORAH FENNING Corporate Services DAVID CLIFFORD Jobs & Prosperity Council Secretariat MAURICE BITRAN Communications CLARE BARNETT (A)

7 Policy and Strategy Centralize policy work (strategic & trade), increase capacity, drive a proactive policy agenda Centralize strategic and economic analytics Build in depth sector expertise Be the one window for Cabinet Office interface Establish MEDI’s results office John Whitehead Steve RomanyshynElaine LeungRichard Caine (A)Allison RickabyRyan Lock (A)

8 Investment and Industry Centralize domestic and foreign direct investment Centralize regional economic development (Regional Economic Development & Business Advisory Services) Include Business Immigration as a tool for investment Incorporate sector experts Client lead for small, medium and large enterprises Tony LaMantiaReed BarrettBrian LoveRichard Kikuta Trisha Grant (A)

9 Research, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship Support research to drive commercialization and leadership Centralize regional networks, small business enterprise centres, and regional innovation centres Centralize entrepreneurship, support and tools - such as access to capital and e-business Centralize youth programs Bill Mantel (A) George Cadete (A)Sam Boonstra (A)Allison BarrJohn Marshall (A)

10 Trade and Marketing Grow exports through trade Centralize international outreach (Senior Economic Officers, In-market Business Development reps and In-Market Trade Reps) Centralize all lead generation activities, marketing (former MEDT and MRI) and Direct Marketing and Lead Generation Cameron Sinclair Guy PoirierMarie Larose (A)Dino Rocca (A)Hope Jaglowitz Margaret Steeves (A)

11 Open for Business Stay the course on modern government, modern services, and new relationship with business Assume responsibility for strategy and execution of the OPS Solutions Lab Morah Fenning Sunil Johal (A)

12 Jobs and Prosperity Council Secretariat Support the Council to deliver their mandate of support for business, productivity, and skills Maurice Bitran Angela Faienza (A)

13 Corporate Services Responsible for business planning and finance, strategic human resources, service management and facilities Combine business services from MRI with other corporate services functions Centralize transfer payment delivery and governance Centralize facility management (add Ontario Investment and Trade Centre) David Clifford Rob BurnsDan KeatingIsolina KuzminskiGreg Wootton

14 When…Next Steps Staff Information Package To be issued electronically today WIN / IFIS Changes Effective end of business today Divisional Meetings to Review Changes in Detail To be arranged by each ADM Ministry Event To be organized before the end of June Stakeholder / OPS Communication To be coordinated by Communications

15 A special note… Thank you and congratulations to Mahmood Nanji Thank you and best wishes to Brad Graham Thank you and happy retirement to Keith West

16 In Summary… “The future belongs to those who prepare today”

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