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Team Members: Shawn Shadkam Tina Tien Safa Asad Efren Gutierrez Danny Zheng Kate Dahle.

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1 Team Members: Shawn Shadkam Tina Tien Safa Asad Efren Gutierrez Danny Zheng Kate Dahle

2 Wai Tung Business Man Secret that he cannot expose Assimilated in American culture

3 Simon Therapist Wai Tung’s partner/lover. Blends in with Wai’s family instantly

4 Wei A painter, and Wai Tung’s tenant Marries Wai Tung for a green card. Returns favor by having a shaky marriage.

5 Ma & Pa Traditional Taiwanese Parents. Understand their son’s position in different ways. Would do anything to save their family’s face.

6 1. Problems with being different. 2. Conflict between the old and the young generation; the clash.

7 Symbols Movie starts as a light comedy and gradually darkens representing the life of Wai Tung and his family. Marriage of Wai and Wei Wei shows reunion of China and Taiwan. Returning favors.

8 Definition Essence of the cinema Systematic concepts for understanding film's relationship to reality, the arts, individual viewers. Produce emotional and mental effects on the audience. Key Theories Psychoanalytic Film Theory- object of desire Structuralist Film Theory- convey meaning through code Feminist Film Theory- way women are portrayed Queer Film Theory- portrayal of gay community Background The Italian futurist Ricciotto Canudo (1879-1923) considered to be the very first theoretician of cinema Silent Era- Germaine Dulac, Louis Delluc- Considered an art form because it differed from reality 1960’s incorporated concepts from academia Germaine Dulac Efren Gutierrez- Citations- Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica,, Efren Gutierrez

9 Tension Culture Same Sex Relationship Marriage Parents Wei Wei - Pregnant Mr. Gao’s Wisdom Gives Simon the Hongbao Efren Gutierrez- Citations- Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica,,

10 Style of Directing Montage vs. Long takes Montage: editing that uses cuts to place shots in conversation with one another. Long takes, where shots last for a long time and keep the elements of a scene in deep focus, letting the viewer choose his or her points of emphasis Hollywood style it strives to make the reader forget the medium of film altogether and the effect feels natural to experienced viewers of film The Brechtian Influence directors and actors should strive to remind the audience of the artifice and artistry of the performance, calling attention to the processes of acting and production that underlie the film. Danny Zheng

11 Shots close-up/extreme close-up medium close-up medium shot medium long shot long shot extreme long shot shot/reverse-angle shot

12 Cuts jump cuts match cuts montage cuts compilation shots Cutaways cross-cuts

13 Editing chronological editing cross-cutting or parallel editing deep focus montage

14 Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic Sound Diegetic sound - It appears to emanate from the action portrayed on the screen, Non-Diegetic Sound - a soundtrack would presumably not be heard by the characters in the fiction of the portrayed scene

15 Film Text Film text is a general text, in different situations have different meanings, but there are three major implications: a single system to achieve the unique ideographic text; the performance of a system or code of the non-unique text type, such as the movie version, poems, etc.; for a variety of expressive activities and can refer to the original conditions of production activities in the significance of the text.

16 Characteristics of Three Movies > discusses about “Tai Chi”. - metaphor of an old Chinese culture > discusses about “homosexuality” and Chinese marriage customs. > discusses about “cuisine”

17 ActionLightingCamera AngleType of ShotSoundTransitionSymbols Everyone eating around the dining table Indoor MediumEye-LevelMid Shot Silence. Mr.Gao says he will wash the dishes Straight Cut / Mr.Gao Begins to wash the dishes as everyone else watches him Indoor MediumEye-Level Medium Full Shot Sink water running // Wei-Wei looks at others reaction and looks back at Mr. Gao Indoor MediumLow Angle POV (Point of View Shot) Placing dishes on the rack. And Silence Pan Left/ Mr.Gao Breaks drops and breaks a plate. Everyone starts cleaning up. He leaves the kitchen. Indoor MediumEye-Level Medium Long Take Broken Glass, sweeping up glass Chaos Broken Glass Shot Analysis






23 Saving Face EWS 375 Parallel Film Comparison

24 Idiomatic meaning of “Saving Face” Face is a sociological concept meaning “dignity and prestige” “Saving face” thus an act to protect a loss of dignity and prestige. Name itself refers to the pan-East Asian social concept of “face”.

25 Main Characters of Saving Face Michelle Krusiec as “Will Pang” Lynn Chen as “Vivian Shing” Joan Chen as “Ma”


27 Brief Summary 2004 American romantic comedy by Alice Wu Focuses on Will, a surgeon, and her relationship with Vivian, a dancer Struggles to help her mother (Ma) who is pregnant, unwed, and shunned by her father and the Chinese- American community To regain her father’s “face”, she must marry a man whom she doesn’t love but the wedding is halted because Will after she finds out that Ma is in love with someone else

28 Summary (continued) Vivian leaves for Paris because she is angry that Will is not comfortable being open about their relationship After three months, Vivian's and Wil's mothers reunite the two at a party and they end up kissing in front of everyone in the center of the dance floor.

29 Symbols and Themes Reputation vs. Individual desires Cultural identity vs. Individual identity Will’s struggle to be a “good daughter” as she is closed- mouthed about her relationship with Vivian Generational conflict Will’s grandmother, Mother and herself as a depiction of 3 generations of Chinese-Americans living in New York Authority vs. Conformity Both are present in The Wedding Banquet and Saving Face

30 Saving Face vs The Wedding Banquet Similarities Differences Comedy/drama film Cultural clashes and accepting sexual identity Both films show depict the concept of “saving face” Deals with the struggle with meeting cultural and familial obligations while reconciling sexual identity Will and Vivian’s relationship and Simon and Wai-Tang’s are accepted in the end The Wedding Banquet depicts an interracial relationship while Saving Face is of the same race Simon and Wai-Tang try to cover up their relationship while Will eventually confirms with her mom the truth about her identity

31 My Big Fat Greek Wedding Family Lies Guilt Ceremony SecretsTradition Culture FearLove ReputationDuty Kate Dahle

32 My Big Fat Greek Wedding You better get married soon. You're starting to look... old! – Gus Portokalos There are three things that every Greek woman must do in life: marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone. –Tula Portokalos If I didn’t let them lie, I’d never have gotten my grandchild. –Mr. Gao

33 1.What does Wai Tang do for a living? a.Architect b.Business c.Panda Express Manager 2. In the Wise Patriarch Trilogy what was not one of the tensions depicted in the Wedding Banquet? a. Culture b. Same Sex Relationship c. Marriage d. Career 3. What type of camera angle is used to make the viewer feel small and the character look big and powerful? a.Low angle b.High angle c.Obtuse angle

34 4. Where does Vivian go after Will is reluctant to be open about their relationship? a.Tokyo b.Paris c.Kabul d.Los Angeles 5. What are thing(s) Greek women should do in their life? a.Get Married to Greek Boys b.Make Greek Babies c.Feed Everyone d.All of the above 6. Which of the following is not belonging to style of Directing? A. Montage vs. Long takes B. Hollywood style C. Straight style D. The Brechtian Influence

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