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Portfolio Assignment Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Date : 2008 N EXT  Insert pistures here.

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2 Portfolio Assignment Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Date : 2008 N EXT  Insert pistures here

3 Table of Contents Mission Statement Post Secondary Education Exit Resume Thank – You Letter Summary of Coop Reflection Academic Skills Section Teamwork Skills Section Personal Management Skills Section NEXT  PREVIOUS

4 Mission Statement A Mission statement is what you stand for as a person. This is where you tell your employer what type of person you are. e.g. “I live each day to the fullest, find success and satisfaction through a meaningful career and improve the lives of those around me through friendship, kindness and dedication.” “ As a worker, I strive to….  PREVIOUSNEXT 

5 Post Secondary Education SchoolProgramLength & costDescription 1. College/Trade School/Work (hyperlink this word to a college, university, trade school or workplace – from the Internet) ‘Ideal’ Type of jobTime in school and costs Ee.g. - 1 year (2 semesters) Total 1 year - $2, 660 Type of Job: e.g. - Effective communication strategies, studying people’s motivation, capabilities and relationships, technical knowledge. Developing writing and editing skills 2. College/Trade School/Work ‘Ideal’ Type of job 3. College/Trade School/Work ‘Ideal’ Type of job  PREVI OIUS NEX T 

6 Hperlink to training facility, trade school or post-secondary institution Click for detailed program informationClick for detailed program information Click for promotional video for the_____ College ______programClick for promotional video for the_____ College ______program  PREVIOIUSNEXT 

7 Exit Resume Jessica MComb Address…… Bowmanville, ON L1C 4C2 Home Phone: 905- Cell: 905- __________________________________________________________________ _________________ WORK EXPERIENCE 2003 – present Job # 1 -periodically providing childcare for several families after school and on weekends Summer 2007 2003 – 2005 Job # 2 - VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Winter 2005 Sept 2006 - present 2005-2007 ACHIEVEMENTS NEXT   PREVIOUS

8 Exit Resume Cont’d EDUCATION - Completed elementary school at Ontario Street Public school, French Immersion Program -Currently enrolled in Grade 12 in the academic and French Emersion program at Clarington Central Secondary School INTERESTS -reading, journalism, swimming, sailing and most boating sports, camping, travelling, photography. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - attend Durham College in September of 2008 for Public Relations - attain honours for Gr. 12 REFERENCES Available upon request NEXT   PREVIOUS

9 Thank You letter Dear, I would like to take the time to thoroughly thank you for the opportunity you provided me with this semester working with you and the ……… staff. This placement has put me in the position of working close and interacting with a wide variety of people and was an perfect opportunity for me to learn how to deal with the public on a personal level. My coop placement has made me feel confident that a job in ………..would be a great match for my skills and interests. It has made be quite ambitious towards achieving success in school and college in order to go places with a career in……….. Having the opportunity to see all of the neat things you do and all the interesting skills you possess makes me want to strive to be a capable business woman like yourself. You have served as an excellent teacher to me and have given me the motivation and guidance to push for a satisfying career in PR. Thank you for your all of you time, dedication and kindness you have provided me with through this placement. I greatly appreciate it! Regards,.Student Name.  PREVIOUS NEXT 

10 Summary of Coop Reflection Upon finishing high school, my goal to attend …… September of 200.. For(job description). Working with the …(Coop job) has helped me to gain experience in my field of interest and has put me in the position of working close to and interacting with a wide variety of people. Through this experience I now know that this is definitely the field I want to be in for my future career. Dealing with people and being up close and personal with them is something that makes me feel good and leaves me satisfied. ….(Type of Job)is perfect for me because it involves all the things that I’m interested in and gives me the chance for to grow and improve. I feel that I benefited through my placement with Kelly as she helped me to gain experience in the real world of work, showed me proper business etiquette, and helped me to make and maintain good relationships as I establish future contacts. NEXT  PREVIOUS

11 Academic Skills…  PREVIOUS NEX T 

12 Type of school work you are proud of: e.g. - This is the cover of my grade eleven final ISU. The portfolio is a collection of the majority of the things we spent leaning how to do In English that year. Inside there are essays, descriptions, poems, dialogues, questions etc. My ISUs for English are generally pieces of work I am proud of and they exemplify the hard work and time I put into putting them together. This piece of work represents the gratification you can obtain through doing something to the best of your ability, which is something you should take with you in life in order to achieve success.  PREVIOUS NEXT  Insert report catrd or good reports you got a good mark in.

13 Extracurricular achievements…….Certificate Explanation of what skills you learned through you experience in doing the club, event, etc…. e.g. – teamwork, fair play, initiative, etc…  PREVIOUS NEXT  …..Certification

14 Teamwork Skills…  PREVIOUSNEXT 

15 Camps, Teams, clubs Picture here… (explain what you learned) Picture here… (explain what you learned)  PREVIOUS NEX T 

16 Outdoor Ed Canoe Trip  PREVIOUSNEXT 

17 Personal Management Skills…  PREVIOUS NEXT 

18 To-Do-Lists Another tactic for keeping track of my time and managing my obligations is making to do lists. I am constantly making to-do- lists so that I am able to clearly see what has to be done. This is something I can see myself doing in the future to help me prioritize and keep balance in my life. Organizational skills are a must in any job, and especially in my field of interest because a lot is expected of you and your job requires you keep on track.  PREVIOUS One of my to-do-lists

19 Personal –Hobbies and Interest Picture here  PREVIOUS Picture here

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