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I & M Canal National Heritage Corridor Management Plan - Committee Session February 6, 2010.

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1 I & M Canal National Heritage Corridor Management Plan - Committee Session February 6, 2010

2 Agenda Welcome Big day planned Update Management Plan Break out into your committees

3 Plan update 5 Public sessions completed Foundation Documents drafted Web site now available! Blog running for you to comment Our 150 potential partners responding NPS has been updated

4 Foundation Documents Our Draft Vision Our Draft Mission Our Draft Guiding Principles

5 The Corridor Vision The Illinois & Michigan Canal connected the Mississippi waterway to the Great Lakes thereby opening the heartland of America and bringing people and commerce to Northeastern Illinois. The canal and the towns that grew up along it are culturally diverse yet share its history. Respecting, retelling and preserving that legacy for current and future generations offers visitors and residents an understanding of the canal’s importance and enjoyment of its benefits. Through interpretation, preservation and providing educational and recreational experiences, the Heritage Corridor builds linkages and economic opportunities for its communities and people.

6 The Corridor Mission The mission of the I&M Canal National Heritage Corridor is to protect, preserve, interpret, and develop the natural, historical and cultural resources of the Corridor, tell the story of the canal and how it changed the area, and stimulate increased economic opportunity in the Corridor for the benefit of present and future generations.

7 Guiding Principles We will respect the environment and will show appreciation for the area’s history both prior to and after the coming of the canal We will respect history and culture through honest and authentic portrayals of places, people and events. We will educate residents and visitors about the story of the canal and the history of the Corridor. We will respect individual community needs and goals in a way that is consistent with our goal to create and maintain a regional Corridor brand recognition. We will strive to provide communications to our partners and the public in multiple ways to reach as many as possible.

8 Guiding Principles(cont’d) We will encourage and foster economic development opportunities in cooperation with Corridor assets. We will strive for cooperation among all our partners in achieving our goals. We will give weight to sustainability as a criteria in making plans, selecting projects and allocating resources. We will respect property, public and private. We will remember all groups, including future generations, in our plans, goals and actions.

9 Today’s Specifics Starting Phase II of the Management Plan Deadline is April 14 How we can accomplish this with great success

10 Four Phase Plan Complete the Approval Process Core Committees Develop Goals and Project Descriptions Research and Foundation Documents Establish Priorities, Final Plan and Implementation Plan Jan 2010Sept 2010May 2010Dec 2008 Management Plan Roadmap

11 The Core Committees Education/Interpretation Conservation/Natural Resources Heritage Development Recreation Tourism/Economic Development Civic Engagement Boundaries

12 Committee Chairs Michelle Micetich – Education/Interpretation Oly Oldenburg – Conservation/Natural Resources James Brown – Heritage Development Jeanette Virgilio – Recreation Reed Wilson – Tourism/Economic Development Ana Koval – Civic Engagement Andy Connor – Boundaries

13 Here’s your Assignment! Discuss the Foundation documents Review your resource materials Work with your committee chair to generate a plan to meet your deadline Produce Core Activity Goals, SMART Goals and Project Descriptions by April 14

14 SMART Goals Specific - answer the six "W" questions Measurable - Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress Attainable - Create goals that are reachable Realistic - The goal must represent an objective toward which all involved are both willing and able to work Timely - A goal should be grounded within a time frame

15 Project Template Goal Setting State the project name Provide an overall goal Create a SMART goal

16 Project Template Project Details Project Description - What will we do? (a specific, measurable description) Project Steps - What major steps must be completed for the project to succeed? Who will we do it with? (The partner(s)) What are the known resources available for the project? What is the cost range estimate? (How much will it cost?) How will we know we've succeeded? (Simple, reasonable measures)

17 Project Template Example

18 Resources for you Project Description template (paper and electronic) Consider all the ideas from the 5 public sessions that might be a goal or project in your core activity (Check-off sheet ) The Management Plan web site will have all the documents for further reference Ana, Charley and I will be moving between groups and are available through email

19 Schedule and Milestones Steering Committee meetings – February 6 - Noon - feedback – February 24 - V,M,GP final input – March 17 - Committee update call – April 14 - Final Goals/Projects review – May 5 - Finalize Priorities for all Goals/Projects All Participants Meeting (Phase II Milestone) – April 24 - Final comments on Goals/Project priorities

20 Final Notes Generate as many Goals and Projects as you feel appropriate, but remember: – We will all prioritize them on April 24 – We will always be dependent on partner funding and federal appropriation levels – We will have a process to work together to find funding for all the larger projects Ana, Andy, Charley and I are available resources after today if you need us

21 Thank you! Take a break Committees start at 10 am The session will conclude at noon Thank you all for your time and commitment.

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