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Investing in Property Presented by: Century 21 Aaron Moon Realty 11/581 Ross River Rd, Kirwan QLD 4817.

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1 Investing in Property Presented by: Century 21 Aaron Moon Realty 11/581 Ross River Rd, Kirwan QLD 4817

2 Introduction Principals introduction

3 How to SPOT a potential hot SPOT Presented by: Aaron Moon Near shopping facilities, restaurants, schools, libraries, sporting facilities, parks, uni’s & hospital Transition phase – cafes, lifestyle-type shops Beachside or easy access to beach Range of housing styles Adjoining suburbs – high price increases Does demand exceed supply? (vacancy rates) New developments happening in the area (new railway, arterial road, shopping centre)

4 Purchasing an investment property? Presented by: Aaron Moon SOME HANDY HINTS Read through local papers / internet (ensure that you compare 100 of properties) Would you live in the property? (the quality of a property will reflect the quality of a tenant) What is the property constructed from? (Building maintenance) Is there something unique about the property (on water, close to the beach/transport) Choose properties with lock up garages, ensuite and fenced yards. Is the property assessable? (transport, shops & local amenities) DO YOUR HOMEWORK & TAKE YOUR TIME

5 Asset Management Presented by: Vicki Blackburn Refer to asset management made easy PowerPoint

6 Asset Management made easy Welcome to a company that recognises you need more than just the weekly rent; that service is more than just a smile; and that maximising your income is more important than ever

7 Our promise to you We will skilfully represent you We will strive to maximise the return on your investment We will strive to optimise capital growth We will strive to deliver peace of mind

8 Why choose us? We want to get it right the first time We want to get you the highest possible rent We will have a positive & enthusiastic attitude We will promptly return telephone calls We will provide solutions not excuses We will go the extra mile to make you happy

9 We guarantee our service Our commitment is to strive towards providing you with the highest standard of service possible. Promises are easily made and just as easily forgotten. We believe that we are unique in offering our service guarantee. For a full outline of the services we guarantee refer to our company profile.

10 We guarantee to provide you with a comparative market analysis We don’t like to guess the rent We are constantly monitoring the market to ensure that you receive the best possible rent When appraising a property we will provide you with a detailed report substantiating the weekly rent we quote.

11 Choosing an asset manager An asset manager is a title given to someone who is focused on managing your asset not just the property. When selecting an asset manager you need to choose someone who knows the law and is confident in applying the law. Someone who will pay attention to the finer details and continually strive to maximise the return on your investment.

12 Questions to ask when choosing an asset manager Your property is a valuable asset that requires care and attention from a professional agency. We recommend that you qualify potential managers prior to placing your investment into just anybodies hands. For a detailed overview of questions to ask an agency refer to our company profile.

13 Beware of cheap fees! Are you wanting the cheapest service or the best service? If an agency is offering a discounted fee, you can be sure they will also be offering a discounted service. If they discount on fees, they may easily discount on the rent when negotiating with tenants!

14 Building confidence in our ability to deliver a quality service We understand that property owners often have real concerns when choosing an agent. Following is an overview of how we can overcome some of your concerns.

15 Tenant Selection What if we are concerned about the wrong type of tenant? Hassle free management commences with tenant selection We accompany tenants to the property – we don’t hand out keys We are very hard to please and interview all prospective tenants We want to choose someone who will care for the property We are thorough with our reference checking We have access to tenant default agencies

16 Anti Discrimination What if we don’t want children or single mothers It is important to note that as a professional agency we must work within the state and federal anti-discrimination guidelines. It is often not the status of a tenant that will determine if they are a quality tenant but the references they supply. You can be confident that we want the best tenant for your property!

17 Preparation of paperwork What if we are concerned about paperwork & issuing notices With the complexity of legislation requirements it is important that we get the paperwork right from the beginning. We have quality systems in place to ensure that we mitigate human error to ensure the tenancy is binding and enforceable on your behalf. We have a collection of disclaimer notices to protect your investment.

18 Rent Arrears What if we are concerned about the tenants falling into arrears? We understand that the payment of rent is the reason you have the investment. We are tough when it comes to enforcing rental payments and are relentless to the end if a tenant defaults. We believe that our tenancy arrears are minimised by our strict tenant selection.

19 Insurance Cover What if we are concerned about something going wrong? Our office highly recommends insurance cover for: Building insurance Contents insurance Public liability insurance Landlord protection insurance Insurance cover, provides you with that little extra peace of mind in an unexpected event.

20 Marketing & advertising What if we’re concerned that the property will remain vacant? We provide our clients with a detailed and unique marketing plan because we understand that a poorly marketed and/or advertised property can lead to greater vacancy periods, resulting in a loss of income to you. We don’t like to wait for tenants to come to us! We want to go in search of the tenant and have a waiting database of qualified tenants.

21 Marketing Strategies Reaching the local community Advertise in local papers Display a “to let” sign at the property (if applicable) Circulate rental listing sheets to local professional offices Colour photo displayed on our rent listing sheet & internet Property listed on our outside rental board Networking with large organisations (i.e. hospitals, colleges, national corporate firms) Place rental listing sheets on local notice boards

22 Inspections What if we are concerned that the property won’t be cared for? In today’s legal web of litigation claims, we understand the importance of ensuring that the property is presented in a clean & safe state of repair. We regularly carry out inspections and provide you with value added feedback : Renovations & improvements Areas of potential risk & Preventative maintenance You will promptly receive a full written report with colour photo after each inspection.

23 Maintenance Management What if we have maintenance concerns? Our tradespeople are licensed, insured & qualified to protect your investment. We promptly respond to all tenant maintenance issues in accordance with your instructions.

24 Accounts Management What if we don’t have time to pay accounts relating to the property? We understand that many property owners require a total “ worry free package ”. We can pay all accounts relating to the property on your behalf: Body corporate Council rates Insurance premiums Or any others accounts that may arise

25 End of month accounting What if we need our money on a certain date? Our office disburses money via electronic transfer allowing you to receive your money quicker. We provide a financial summary statement at the end of the year to assist you with taxation.

26 Rental Increases What if we want to increase the rent? We are constantly monitoring the market on your behalf. We conduct our own market research and gather information from industry experts to ensure that we are getting the best possible rent for your investment. You can be assure that our primary focus is to implement rent increases to maximise your return.

27 Legal proceedings What if we encounter a difficult tenant? Our first action is always self resolution. If we encounter a difficult tenant that does not want to cooperate we may need to take the matter to the tribunal for a court ruling. You can be assured that we are aware of the legal requirements necessary to protect your investment.

28 Attention to detail What if we are concerned about a company’s attention to finer details? Our office takes asset management seriously and for this reason we have invested a considerable amount of time & money implementing a quality procedural system of checklists, forms & letters to reduce human error. We are happy to showcase our system & how it can protect your investment. (checklist example outlining our attention to detail)

29 What if we get it wrong? Lets be honest … sometimes we can get it wrong. However, we want you to know that our goal each day is to work towards delighting you. We want to be known as an agency that is full of solutions not full of excuses. If we get it wrong let us know immediately!

30 Communication The key to developing a relationship and trust We value your feedback and like to survey our clients to find out what we are doing right and what we can do a little better. We also carry out happy calls throughout the tenancy to give you peace of mind that everything is operating smoothly with your property and tenant.

31 We will do whatever it takes! We want your business We want you to be happy We want to delight you We want to increase your wealth We want you to know that whatever you require… we can arrange it

32 Investment for a professional service & peace of mind We may not be the cheapest but we know that we are the best. We can tailor design a service package to suit your needs.

33 Choose our asset management division today to manage your property To enjoy the wealth created from your investment property and to secure your future Contact our office to receive a FREE investors profile highlighting how you can maximise your income or to receive FREE advice! T: 07 47 236 999 F: 07 47 236 977 E:

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