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July 6, 2006 Strategic Planning for the Combined University of Toledo.

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1 July 6, 2006 Strategic Planning for the Combined University of Toledo

2 Has the world ever been changed by anything save by thought… Mann on Schopenhauer

3 Strategic Planning Committee Chairs: Gutteridge, Gold Membership to include: Faculty Community Representatives Current and former trustees

4 Foundation Documents Strategic Directions for the Next Decade –March 11, 2005 A Tactical Strategic Plan 2004-2006 –March 2004 Post Merger Implementation Plan

5 Merger Principles Continue to strive for Excellence Use Merger for strategic advantage Stay student-centered Support careers of junior faculty Build our organizational structure based on function and situation; it will evolve Strive for stability, mindful of its impact on accreditation and productivity Prioritize the interests of the whole institution ahead of individual or parochial interests

6 Mission Statement The mission of The University of Toledo is to improve the human condition; to advance knowledge through excellence in learning, discovery, engagement; and to serve as a diverse, student-centered public metropolitan research institution.

7 The President’s (cabinet level) Commission on Student-Centeredness

8 Value Statements UT Fundamental Values & Commitments Freedom of Expression Fairness Honesty and Integrity Respect EXCELLENCE Shared Governance Diversity Knowledge Beauty Service Social Justice Civic Engagement CORE VALUES MUO Statement: Our Values Discovery Education Compassion Respect Integrity Diversity EXCELLENCE Health Safety Empowerment Community

9 A statement of “Core Values” for the combination will be processed in a retreat of the two faculty senate executive committees on July 16, 2006.

10 Planning Principles 1.Become narrower, deeper 2.Concentrate resources at the customer interface 3.Leverage the merger by alignment of areas of concentration 4.Build the workforce 5.Connect with the community

11 Strategic Questions In Front of Us Now 1.Selective admission vs. Popular education 2.Size and mix of our student body 3.Areas of research concentration 4.Degree of involvement in downtown 5.University’s role in quality health care for Toledo 6.Geography and commitment to “Science and Technology Corridor” 7.Optimization of relationships with two-year colleges

12 Easy!!

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