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A presentation by Kamaluddin Ali Muhammad Karimabad, Karachi

2 ENLIGHTENMENT Mawlana Hazar Imam’s prayers on enlightenment
Body and Soul. Body temporal, soul eternal. Value of human-being is due to soul Laqad khalaqnal insān…(sura-95) Nafakhtu fihi mir-ruhi…(15:29) Ginan: Bhāio bharame na bhulie

3 MEANING OF GHAFLAT Dhan dhan sāmi rājā tu sirjanhār
We are spiritual being having physical experience and not the other way round. Meaning of term ghaflat (forgetfulness) Innā kunnā ‘an hādhā ghāfilin (7:172) Walā tuti’ man aghfalnā…(18:28)

4 MEANING OF DHIKR Meaning of dhikr/zikr (remembrance)
Fa dhakkir innamā anta Mudhakkir (88:21) Re-member, re-cognition, re-mind, re-minder Wadhkur rabbaka fi nafsika…(7:205) Qiyāmaw wa qu’udaw…(3:191) Rijālun lā tulhihim tijāratun walā bai‘un…(24:37) Fadhkuruni adhkurkum (2:152) explanation

5 SCOPE OF DHIKR Udhkurullāh dhikran kathiran…huwalladhi yusalli…(33:41) explanation… No limit or time bar to dhikr and Tasbih Anytime, anywhere, too much dhikr Make it a way of life Protect the spark from storm of materialism Nourish the spark with dhikr

6 BODY, MIND AND SOUL “Strengthen your body with exercise, enrich your mind with vast study and uplift your soul with prayers and virtues.” Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah (s.a.) “With prayers for the soul, exercise for the body and with goodwill and cooperation in the mind you will always succeed.” Mawlana Hazar Imam, Mumbai,

7 BALANCED LIFE Meaning of balanced life and how it can be achieved:
Knowledge / understanding Commitment Practice Spending quality time Detachment

8 ROLE OF IMAM Imam as spiritual master/guru/murshid
Guidance according to time to the best possible way of success Blessings and grace

9 SPARK This fraternity is absolute and it comprises men of all colors and all races: black, white, yellow, tawny; all are the sons of Adam in the flesh and all carry in them a spark of Divine Light. Everyone should strive his best to see that this spark be not extinguished but rather developed to that full “Companionship-on-High” which was the vision expressed in the last words of the Prophet on his deathbed, the vision of that blessed state which he saw clearly awaiting him.” (Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah, Islam- the religion of my ancestors, p.12)

10 SPIRITUAL PROGRESS However you must never forget that if material conditions change, spiritual conditions are not limited to this life and it is more essential to excel in spiritual progress. Ultimately you will find that it is your work for the next world that will help you in your worldly affairs” (Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah 18th October 1956)

“In this connection also, I must tell you that while the material conditions of life change, the spiritual conditions which are not only limited to this life but go beyond are based on one fundamental principle, namely the search for enlightenment by the right spiritual contact with the light of your holy faith”. (Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah 10th October 1954)

12 Material intelligence and spiritual enlightenment - 1
But, as I have explained in my Memoirs for the whole world to understand there are two worlds - the world of material intelligence and the world of spiritual enlightenment. The world of spiritual enlightenment is fundamentally different from the world of intellectualism and it is the pride of the Ismailis that we firmly believe…(continue)

13 Material intelligence and spiritual enlightenment - 2
…that the world of spiritual enlightenment has come as a truth from the inception of Islam to this day with the Imamat and carries with it as one of its necessary consequences love, tenderness, kindliness, and gentleness towards first, our brother and sister Muslims of all sects and, secondly to those who live in righteousness, conscience and justice towards their fellow men. (continue)

14 Material intelligence and spiritual enlightenment - 3
…These religious principles of Ismailism are well known to you for you have heard them from me and through your fathers and grandfathers and from my father and grandfather until I fear that by long familiarity with these teachings some of you forget the necessity of re-examination of your heart and religious experience”. (Address of Platinum Jubilee Ceremony, Cairo, )

15 IMPORTANCE OF IBADAT “I would like you also to have it clear in your minds what is essential in our practice. It is not only Du`a, it is not only presence in Jamatkhana, it is not only service to Imam and to Jamats, but it is also Ibadat…” (Mawlana Hazar Imam, Ismailia Association audience, Karimabad, Dhaka )

16 DIN AND DUNYA The new millennium will give rise to a number of challenges and opportunities as the frontiers of science and technology are extended. I would like my spiritual children to remember that while our Tariqah enjoins an understanding of these forces and their creative harnessing, it also emphasizes balance between Din and Duniya. Wherever you are in time and place, strive to live always by the ethics of Islam and be regular in the practice of your Faith for it is only the life of the soul which is eternal. (Taliqah Mubarak, 10th July 1997)

17 MATERIALISTIC LIFE - 1 The unadulterated pursuit of material well-being must never be allowed to become the exclusive objective of life. If this does occur, it engenders an evil vacuum of destructive forces. I therefore, particularly urge upon my Jamat a renewed commitment to that balance which I have so often pressed upon you as between the spiritual and the material facets of this life on earth. (Continue…)

18 MATERIALISTIC LIFE - 2 …Build the edifice of your future wisely. Build upon prayer and brotherhood for they are timeless and it is only the life of the soul which is eternal. (Silver Jubilee Message, 10th July 1982

19 Sunless day of despair “The day we no longer know how, nor have the time nor the faith to bow in prayer to Allah because the human soul that He has told us is eternal is no longer of sufficient importance to us to be worthy of an hour of our daily working, profit-seeking time, will be a sunless day of despair.” (Mawlana Hazar Imam, Peshawar University, )

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