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Brand Strategy 2011. Our guiding principles Our passion for being entrepreneurial We are passionate about being new, better, different, first. We constantly.

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1 Brand Strategy 2011

2 Our guiding principles Our passion for being entrepreneurial We are passionate about being new, better, different, first. We constantly seek out innovative solutions to problems and provide you with new ways of buying from our site. We always look to better the experience our customers and partners have with us and are not afraid to take measured risks to try something no-one else has. Our passion for making small businesses bigger We are passionate about supporting and growing the 2,000 UK small businesses that work with us, as well as growing our own company. We want to uncover the creative talent that exists in the UK, and the rest of the world, and bring that to your attention. Our passion for making your shopping experience a delight We are passionate about making your experience with us a pleasure. Whether that is making the site as simple to use as possible, providing ideas and tips to inspire you, our fabulous customer service or simply letting you discover what’s new, it should be a pleasure. Our passion for products We are passionate about finding the perfect products for our own lives and love to pass this knowledge on to you. We are inspired by the products we showcase on our site and are always on the look-out for the ‘next big thing’ so you’re ahead of the game.

3 Our customer promise Finding something different is always hard, whether it’s a gift for the person who has everything, to that certain something which you just can’t find anywhere, but can’t live without. At we make finding the different, easy. We’re an online marketplace that showcases unique collections of inspiring products by the most creative UK small businesses. From a twist on the traditional to something totally original, our collections are all high quality, beautiful and only found here. Whatever you’re looking for, we promise to make your shopping experience with us as simple and enjoyable as possible. And we’re constantly striving to make your experience even better. Finding that perfect something is our pleasure, and yours.

4 Our 500 year mission statement constantly strives to seek out the new and different, to showcase and support small businesses, and to make the customer experience – from discovery to delight – an absolute pleasure. strive = to make a great effort seek = to try to find something by searching; to try to obtain; to try showcase = to provide a setting in which something is displayed to best advantage support = to carry the weight of; to provide the necessities for life; to give practical help to; to take an active interest in discover= to be the first to find out or find out about; to learn about for the first time; to find after search delight = to give great pleasure or joy; to have or take great pleasure (from); to please greatly

5 Our values - we take pleasure in being: Entrepreneurial Innovative Relevant Honest Passionate We don’t settle for the way it’s always been done. We constantly looking to come up with innovative solutions to problems. Everything we do taps into our customers desire to be creative and unique. The products we have on the site are innovative and fresh. We are completely open and transparent with our customers, our partners and each other. We never hide the facts and will never lie or mislead. We want to be new, better, different, first. We push boundaries in technology, in customer service, in partner management and in marketing to create and enhance the experience our customers and partners have on our site. Everything we do is relevant to our customers and their needs. We don’t show a product, place an advert or blog about something which isn’t relevant to their lives or their ‘quest’. We don’t overcomplicate language or try to be clever. We don’t do anything for the sake of it. We are passionate about our products, our partners and the service we provide. We want to share ideas and inspiration with our customers. We are committed to providing a great customer experience and will always go the extra mile to help as well as seek out ways to make the experience even better. We are passionate about uncovering and supporting the best creative talent the UK and the world has to offer, striving to find the next big thing to share with our customers.

6 How we talk Confident. Honest. Celebratory. Fresh. Personal. NEVER: smug, standard, slick, flowery, passive, syrupy, bragging, wordy ALWAYS: passionate, celebratory, fresh, creative, individual, confident, warm LessMoreSo customers feel StandardFreshSpecial TemperedCelebratoryExcited SmugReal Comfortable DirectionalInspirationalSmug Pun-reliantCharmingFlattered OrdinaryPersonalityIncluded

7 What do we sell? A twist on the traditional Through personalisation/ customisation e.g. Fingerprint cufflinks Or Traditional items updated to be original e.g. biscuit dunk mug, the classic white shirt but with ruffled detail Product + Experience The added experience you have when receiving the product e.g. cake slice club; wine and vine Or Taking a personal experience to make something physical e.g. fingerprint wedding print Something different Good quality, timeless statement pieces you won’t find on the high street e.g. Nancy Mac dresses Or Products you can’t find anywhere but with us: exclusive products

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