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ZheJiang Sopray Solar Co., Ltd Create a Better Life…

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1 ZheJiang Sopray Solar Co., Ltd Create a Better Life…

2  Sopray intends to become the biggest and best supplier of Solar Photo Voltaic Cells and Modules in China.  It will achieve this by promoting excellence throughout the length and breadth of its organization. ZheJiang Sopray’s Mission Statement

3  Established in 2005, ZheJiang Sopray Solar Co., Ltd. is an American-Chinese joint venture.  Located in Taizhou in Zhejiang, ZheJiang Sopray has two factories, covering over 13,000 square meters of land, employing over 700 staff.  ZheJiang Sopray is a vertically integrated factory, dedicated in the research and development, production of ingots, wafers, cells and the sales of solar modules.

4 ZheJiang Sopray’s products cover the entire PV industry value chain from the supply of monocrystalline and multicrystalline ingots and wafers, PV cells and modules.

5  ZheJiang Sopray has an annual Panel output of 10MW/month in 2009 and an expected 15-20 MW/month in 2010.  Their products sell as far as Europe, America and worldwide. Their product export totals to 300 million Euros a year. (2009 figure) Sopray’s Production Capacity

6  A new factory is in the pipeline, and was completed in September 2009 where new automated equipment was installed to improve and speed up the production process. Auto Framing Machine

7 Auto Laminating Machine

8 Auto Silicone Gel Filler Machine

9 Auto Soldering Machine

10 Berger Flash Tester

11 Automated Assembly Line

12 Sopray’s commitments Design Materials Quality Control Warranty Service Performance

13  ZheJiang Sopray are passionately committed to delivering innovative energy solutions to our customers through a lasting partnership in order to build a brighter and sustainable future.  We show great pride in our brand and we aggressively promote and protect our reputation.  As we continue to strive to perform amongst our peers worldwide, Sopray has an established track record of delivering consistently high quality solar solutions to our valued customers.

14  Sopray offers high-performance poly and mono crystalline modules with an exceptional features including stability, capacity and power-generating endurance over multiple applications.  We provide modules that range from 5W to 280W by unit power output.

15 We hold international certificates: ISO, CE, IEC61215 IEC61730, VDE, TUV and UL.

16  Highly reliable and efficient solar cells from Sopray that offers great output stability.  Advanced EVA encapsulation system with the Toyo brand back sheet.  High quality and reliable junction box with approved TUV certificates. 1 Tempered glass 2 EVA 3 Cells 4 EVA 5 Back sheet

17 Sopray has long-term strategic corporation and agreement with our partner suppliers to ensure high performance materials for Sopray Modules.

18 Steps in panel production that requires our stringent quality control.  1. Cleaning the surface of velvet  2. High temperature diffusion  3. Sculpturing and cleaning for the 2nd time  4. PECVD aggradations  5. Screen painting  6. High temperature sintering  7. Classification and testing

19 Our attention to quality control throughout the manufacturing process is integral to our business philosophy as we realize the importance of this to our future successes and the development of this high growth global opportunity.

20  Strict quality control ensures Sopray’s modules are of the highest quality and quality control is constantly monitored.  Sopray’s internal quality controllers monitors quality within the factories.  Our quality control staff are highly experienced and have many years experience in the industry.  The factory is a ISO 9001 certified plant.

21  Output power tolerance of +/- 3%  High quality product warranty for 12 years of 90% power output and 25 years of 80% power output.  10 years product warranty on materials and workmanship.



24 VDECE for both Mono and Poly – All Panel Sizes

25 IEC 61215 for Mono IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 for both mono and poly from TUV Rheinland will be available July 2009 & UL for both poly and mono will arrive in September 2009.

26  We give timely responses to enquiries within a maximum of 48 hours.  ZheJiang Sopray works with international logistics companies to ensure shipments arrive to you in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner.  ZheJiang Sopray is a professional, service orientated company.

27  Our products and services will be "best in class" in terms of value received for dollars paid. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change.

28  We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations.  We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.

29  Sopray has already moved from local municipal approval in Taizhou to state approval in Zhejiang. This is the next step on the road to central government approval by Beijing. This gives easier access to credit and financial lines. Sopray is the 3 rd biggest company in Taizhou and one of the largest employers. The Future: Sopray’s Developments and Goals

30  In June 2009 Mr Wu the President and CEO purchased 50 hectares in Jinshan District of Shanghai for development of a new plant.  Within 2 years Sopray Shanghai plans to have a fully automated plant making 400 MWs. Sopray’s Developments and Goals

31  The plant in Taizhou is nearing completion of a new workshop that will have 2 fully automated production lines. It currently has 3 cell lines that will be increased to 5 before the end of 2009. So 100% of the production comes from their own cells and wafers. They plan to have a fully vertical operation also from Polysilicon through ingot and wafer to cells and panels.  Within 2 years they will be in the top 10 producers in China with over 600 MWs of production annually. Sopray’s Developments and Goals

32  In June 2009 we opened an office and warehouse in Bad Soden near Frankfurt to service our European clients. It is our intention to hold up to 1 MW of stock and parts in a 700 Sq Mtr warehouse and have office space of 150 Sq Mtrs. We have local partners and will have a local indigenous sales and engineering team to support our many clients throughout Europe for all their support and requirements within 48 hours of notification. Our highly experienced and dedicated local team will offer advice and support to further enhance our reputation and pro-active service. The Future: Sopray Germany GMBH

33  1.2 MW Park - Alicante, Spain  1.5 MW Park - Spain  1.6 MW Park – Genova, Italy  1 MW Park – Spain  Roof Installations - Germany

34 Photos of our recent projects in 2008/2009

35 ZheJiang Sopray Solar Co., Ltd No. 358 Tailong Street, Luqiao Taizhou, Zhejiang, China Tel: +86-576-82958123, +86-13812093809 Fax: +86-576-82755666 Email: Contact: Leeson Hou Create a Better Life…

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