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Working From Home The Challenge and Winning Tips Freeda Wilson Acusis Training Team.

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1 Working From Home The Challenge and Winning Tips Freeda Wilson Acusis Training Team

2 Objective Tips & Guidance on – How to overcome the challenges of working from home How to be productive and successful

3 Working from Home – Basics Working from home requires self-discipline, self-motivation, and the ability to manage time effectively. It is not easy to find a happy balance between working and managing your day-to-day activities when your professional life and personal life occupy the same space. It takes a bit of creative strategizing! We share a few strategies for you to consider as you strive to balance both personal and professional success.

4 The Balance You Should Strive for

5 Your Work Space The first step towards successful work-life balance is to define and separate your work space from the rest of your family’s living space. Keeping the two separated will give you an “office” kind of atmosphere to work in. Whether your physical work space is large or small, take time to discuss your work space with your family. Get an ergonomic office chair – If your chair is uncomfortable, you will probably find plenty of reasons to get up and walk around. A high-quality chair is one of the best investments you can make for your home office.

6 Work space – An Example One of our top performers is a lady who has been home based for 18 years – Here is her secret to success … She sets rules and boundaries for her family, telling them very clearly that though they could see her at home, she was at “office” and was “at work.” To this day, her teenage children wait at the door if she is wearing a headset or talking on the phone.

7 Organize for Success Make sure your desk is big enough to accommodate your PC/Laptop and other equipment. Keep essential tools within easy reach - This avoids the need to get up repeatedly when you need something and resulting frustration. Tidy your desk - Spend a few minutes at the end of each day clearing off your desk and filing papers. This helps you start afresh the next day. Organize your resources – Ensure you have all reference material readily available while you are working on files. This saves considerable time that can be used productively

8 Plan Your Work - I Tasks will get done on time if you create a schedule and adhere to it. This might take some time, but you will find that following a schedule will help you utilize your time effectively. With a schedule, your productivity will increase. If you have children at home, establishing a set schedule will help them understand when they can seek your attention and time and when it is “do not disturb” time. They in turn will plan their activity around your work and you can enjoy a great work-life balance without compromises.

9 Plan Your Work - II Regular well-planned work timings make your family feel confident that there is time set aside for them just like there is time set aside for work. It is understood that there will be variations to this plan due to circumstances beyond control But sticking to the plan by and large will result in less stress and more productivity.

10 Minimize Distractions - I Frequent interruptions and distractions can be annoying and detrimental to the quality and productivity of your work. But you can control and minimize the chances of them happening in the first place. Hang a “working” or “do not disturb” sign on your door for those who may not know you are working. Eliminate distractions like the television and radio if they interfere with your work.

11 Minimize Distractions - II Beware of the Internet! –If you use the Internet to read news or for social media, do it before you start work. –They will distract you less if you have already read the most interesting content. –If you are still struggling, you can use tools to block internet or social media access for a pre-determined length of time. Set the Alarm –If you tend to spend too much time on the Internet or with other distractions, set an alarm for one hour, so that you can finish it and then start work.

12 Set Your goals Set your goals and work towards them! You can stay motivated working at home by setting daily, weekly, and monthly production and financial goals. Having a goal in mind, and a schedule you can adhere to, creates a great foundation for long-term success. Money is a GREAT motivator!

13 Reinforce Your Conviction Working from home is your choice! Constantly remind yourself of that choice There are multiple reasons why one would want to become an MT and work from home. Find a picture that depicts the reason you became a Medical Transcriptionist and chose to work at home, and then post it where it is visible on a daily basis. It will serve as an anchor when things start to get a little rough.

14 Time management Create a structure for your day – Take regular breaks at scheduled time, as you would do if you were in the office. This helps create a rhythm for your day and a sense of normalcy. Prioritize daily tasks with a to-do list - Knowing that certain items must get done by the end of the day will help you avoid distractions. Make a to-do list of "in between" items - These are tasks that won't take more than 10 minutes to complete. Don’t fill all your working hours with tasks, some will take longer than estimated. Allow time for these extensions.

15 Communication Communication is the key to success when working from home! You are not seen but your presence must be felt! Keep all communication lines like messengers and mail open and respond promptly to queries from office. This will promote trust with your office based team and they will know they can count on you. This in turn will open up new opportunities for you! Let people know how they can reach you when you're working.

16 Be Professional - I Maintain your professional identity. Be responsible and committed to the work that you do. Ensure your files are complete, accurate, and on time. If your employer does not reward your contribution except financially, reward yourself! If you achieve the targets set for the month/fortnight, treat yourself to something you like.

17 Be Professional - II You are a professional… behave like one! Always see and conduct yourself as a professional Call in when sick Communicate your concerns and needs to your employer. Set professional development goals. This will help you feel good about you and your profession.

18 Find Time for You No matter how busy you get, it is important to schedule some time for yourself. When everything takes place under one roof, it is easy to mix up taking care of home and family to taking care of work responsibilities. There is no commute time, lunch out with colleagues, or other personal time to unwind. You will feel much better about yourself and your capabilities as a transcriptionist if you take the time to nurture your wants and needs.

19 Let Your Dream Job Become a Reality It can be a happy reality for those who choose a career as a home- based transcriptionist/quality controller. Take time to carefully consider what it takes to work from home. Check if you are equipped to handle the change mentally and physically and if you have the discipline to work from home! If all the above are in place you will be a success! Working from home is a dream for most people

20 Implement these simple suggestions to: Manage your time effectively Create a stress-free work environment Sustain your motivation Establish a support system. Good luck!

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