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Be A Mini DXN You Are DXN, DXN Are You You Need To Duplicate DXN Culture

3 DXN CULTURE Vision Statement Dr. Lim Siow Jin To Promote Health,
Wealth and Happiness By The Founder and CEO Dr. Lim Siow Jin

4 Chairman & CEO’s Message
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the size of the global market for herbal products at RM304 billion (USD 80 billion) in 2000 to grow to RM760 billion (USD 200 billion) in 2008 and RM190 trillion (USD 50 trillion) in 2050.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates the size of the global market for herbal products at USD 80 billion in the year 2000 USD 200 billion in the year 2008 USD 50 trillion in the year 2050

6 DXN CULTURE Philosophy of DXN Eka Minda - Single Minded
Eka Naga - One Dragon Eka Pasar - One World One Market

7 DXN CULTURE Always Start Small Have the gut to dream big
Work extremely hard to achieve the dream Power of submission Never buy up the position To become millionaire is just a game of statistics

Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaima), United States of America

9 DXN is also growing steadily in the markets of the following countries:
Norway United Kingdom Germany Russia Netherlands Poland Andorra Austria Spain Italy Syria Ukraine Korea Japan Morocco Sudan Jordan Pakistan Algeria Laos Qatar Egypt Yemen Ethiopia Nigeria Papua New Guinea Kenya Botswana South Africa

10 DXN CULTURE Practice Zero Gearing Don’t spend more than what you earn
Don’t allow people to owe you Don’t owe people Don’t allow negative stock

11 DXN CULTURE The Mission of 3-in-1
3 are Distributor, Stockist and Management 3 are smart-partners working for mutual benefit 3-in-1 moving in the same direction to achieve goal congruence

12 DXN CULTURE Solid Profile High Income No extravagance Waste no money
Waste no time Ensure highest take home bonus

13 DXN CULTURE Be The Best With Positive Thinking
Strive to be the Market Index Strive to be the Market Leader Strive to be No. 1 DXN culture knows no limits DXN treats problems as challenges The challenge is your best self DXN treats challenges as opportunities Accept high challenges and expect high return

14 DXN CULTURE System Is Built For Success
DXN does not give too much promises The only promise you are assured of from DXN is that DXN SYSTEM IS BUILT FOR SUCCESS The System For Success is based on 2 key factors 1) Education Learn up the training modules of DXN 2) Habit Learn up the culture of DXN

15 DXN CULTURE The Mango Theory

16 DXN CULTURE The Mango Theory
Let the flowers stand for the test of storm Waste no time on the dropped flowers Concentrate on the flowers still in the tree Only those flowers that can withstand severe weather will turn into fruits These fruits are the future Star Diamonds

17 DXN CULTURE DXN Is The Goldmine Ganoderma is the gold
The 4 pillars of DXN 1) Company Stability 2) Product Superiority 3) Generous Marketing Plan 4) Global Network

18 DXN CULTURE One World One Market No culture bias No religion bias
No nationality bias No race bias No education bias Every distributor is equal Every distributor enjoy the same right

19 DXN CULTURE Be Single Minded Don’t look left,
don’t look right, be focused Don’t jump boat Successful people learn how to aim toward success by pointing their lives directly at the success target Stick to DXN long enough Treasure what we have now with DXN

20 DXN CULTURE Do DXN Business All The Time Don’t do part time
Don’t do full time Do all the times Do 30 years job in 3 years time Pension young Pension wealthy Pension healthy

21 DXN CULTURE Be A Marathon Runner
Imagine yourself like a Marathon Runner Enjoy all the scene through out the run Don’t let distance, destination bother you Without realizing it, eventually you’ll reach the destination Success is not a destination but rather a journey

22 DXN CULTURE Believe You Can, You Can Never stay in the comfort zone
Learn to give up the good for the best Never set artificial boundaries Don’t spend so much time in what you can’t excel Never stop learning Invest time and money in education Change your bad habit No Money and No Time Syndrome

23 DXN CULTURE Destiny Is In Your Own Hand
Destiny is not a matter of chance, but rather a matter of choice Destiny is not something to wait for, but rather is a matter to achieve Your destiny is in your own hand Change your destiny for yourself, your family and your nation DXN has prepared everything for you to change your destiny

24 DXN CULTURE Do what you can do best and DXN will take care of the rest

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