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First in 2009: Meeting the Challenge Presentation to Board of Trustees June 25, 2004.

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1 First in 2009: Meeting the Challenge Presentation to Board of Trustees June 25, 2004

2 Today’s Report Update on progress in meeting the eight goals of the First in 2009 statement Discussion of the special work of the First in 2009 Coordinating Council

3 Goal 1: Students Curricular options for Oxford Scholars Harrison Scholars Professor Stipends for graduate students

4 Goal 2: Faculty 10X Post-Doctoral Program Approval of P & T guidelines Faculty workshops Hesburgh Award

5 Goal 3: Curriculum 26 First-Year Seminars for 2004-05 “Citizens of the World” plans New majors

6 Goal 4: Climate, Standards Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute CAWC opening Undergraduate Research Forum DUOS mentoring program Truman Honor Institution status

7 Goal 5: Diversity Minority recruitment interventions New Diversity Statement 3 position papers and forums New International Education Director

8 Goal 6: Facilities, Systems Plans for new buildings IT Strategic Plan

9 Goal 7: Revenue More than $80 million committed $20 million in scholarships Greater involvement of faculty, deans

10 Goal 8: Improvement Self-study for re-accreditation Benchmarking in program review New assessment efforts

11 Coordinating Council Members Paul Anderson Mary Jane Berman Brad Bundy Jerome Conley Reid Christenberry Yildirim Dilek Bill Doan Anna Dollar Reginald Fennell Bill Forsythe Dave Francko Denny Roberts Dave Rosenthal Lee Sanders Judith Sessions John Skillings Jerry Stonewater Juanita Tate Siobhan Taylor Kim Wagner Holly Wissing Mary Woodworth Jim Haley Carolyn Haynes, Chair Anthony Jones-Scott Connie Kendall Rodrigo Lazo Peter Magolda Susan Mosley-Howard Jim Oris Gil Pacey Marty Petrone Glenn Platt

12 “Academic Excellence Through Inclusion” 2003-2004 Theme of First in 2009 Coordinating Council

13 Major Goals Broaden the definition of diversity so that it includes race/ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disabilities, values and viewpoints Help our community understand inclusion as an educational resource Create a shared vision of academic excellence through inclusion

14 Our Process of Transformation

15 Step 1: STRIVE Acronym S tudents, faculty and staff who are highly qualified, diverse and capable of transformational leadership in a global community T eaching that promotes critical thinking and learning R esources and support for faculty and staff I nclusive community and campus life V alues that promote intercultural understanding and a healthy public, democratic discourse. E valuation and assessment in the form of best practices and benchmarking

16 Step 2: STRIVE Conversations 34 conversations held in various departments and units about the STRIVE acronym Call for proposals to advance STRIVE vision issued 22 proposals received 11 fully funded

17 Step 3: Vision & Planning Sessions 20 sessions held on 3 campuses One-hour sessions Facilitated by 2 Council members Equal numbers of students, faculty, staff from all different divisions and departments participated in each session

18 V & P Session Outcomes Elements of a future Miami that is academically excellent through inclusion 132 commitments by individuals on how they will advance this vision Summaries posted on website ( Aspirational vision statement

19 Future Plans

20 2004-2005 Coordinating Council Creating a National Presence for Miami’s Graduate Education Generating New Faculty Development Models Enhancing International Education and Exchange Creating Greater Synergy Among the Three Domestic Miami Campuses

21 Plans from Partnering Groups Completing Accreditation Self- Study Improving graduation rate of multicultural students Planning for the Bicentennial Launching Capital Campaign

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