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«UKRAGROKOM». «Ukragrokom» - one of the largest companies of the Ukrainian agrarian market Products: Crop-Protection Agents Seeds Aqueous Fertilizers.

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2 «Ukragrokom» - one of the largest companies of the Ukrainian agrarian market Products: Crop-Protection Agents Seeds Aqueous Fertilizers Mineral Fertilizers Services: Agronomic Support Agrochemical Analysis of Soils «Ukragrokom»: Experience - 12 years Number of employees – 150 persons 9 representative offices: Kyiv, Kharkov, Cherkassy, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Kherson, Henichesk, Lutsk, Ternopol 12 stores Mineral fertilizers pre-packing base in Cherkassy city Customers – 1,5 ths. of agricultural producers

3 Mission We care about increasing the productivity of agricultural producers, providing agronomic support in conjunction with the supply of mineral fertilizers, crops and seeds protection agents. We strive to maintain a high level of service for our customers and partners due to the professionalism and long term trusting relations building.

4 Values Reputation We make honest business and always carry out our obligations. We hold the high level of business ethics and effective interaction. We base our activities on the understanding that all our efforts have to meet the public interest. Team The employees make our company successful and are a major asset to our business. We work as a team and for the common success. We are interested in the professional development of staff. Professionalism We strive to be the most professional company in the agricultural market of Ukraine. We strive to meet the expectations of customers, meet their needs in agronomic support and agrochemical products supply. We make every effort to make the relations with the new client to grow into the long-term partnership.

5 History 1999 7 th of September. The Company «Ukragrokom» has been set up. The main branch of activity – agricultural production in Poltava region. 2002Development of the “Mineral Fertilizers” line. The 1 st representative office in Lutsk city is opened. 2003Obtaining the status of the general distributor of JSC "Fertilizers" (Russia, Rossosh city) 2004Opening two own storages in Kharkov and Cherkassy cities 2005 Representative offices: Kharkov city, Lutsk, Cherkassy Conquering share of 40% in import of NPK supplies 20065 representative offices: cities of Kharkov, Cherkassy, Lutsk, Poltava, Novaya Kakhovka 2007 Opening the representative offices in cities of Kherson and Henichesk Entrance to the market of seeds and microfertilizers 2008 Opening representative office in Ternopol city Entrance to the market of crop-protection agents 2009 8 representatrive offices Completing the base on fertilizers packaging and fertilizer mixtures production in the city of Cherkassy 2010 Opening another representative office - Dnepropetrovsk Registering own ТМ “Greenfort” in plants protection methods Proposing the crediting system for agricultural producers 2011 Launching own line of TM “Greenfort” crop-protection agents at the market Providing the new service of agronomic support for the customers. Purchase of the agricultural program for integrated farm management Offering the forward contracts for agricultural producers.

6 Crop - Protection Agents BASFBAYER We supply quality products, that is why we cooperate with the world’s leading suppliers Acknowledged leader in the global agrochemical market Seeds and crop- protection agents production of almost any crop New technologies and innovations Reliable partner of global agricultural producers. Agents BASF are guaranteed to improve the quality, volume and profitability of agricultural crops harvested. Holds leading global position in the crop protection industry. The leader in the manufacture of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and drugs for pre- treatment of seeds.

7 - standard of quality and success of Ukragrokom «Greenfort» crop-protection agents «Greenfort Stimulus» aqueous fertilizers «GREENFORT» = QUALITY High-quality active ingredients and components High level of production Appropriate transportation and storage conditions Quality control at every level

8 Aqueous Fertilizers Greenfort Stimulus Nutrivant Plus Foliker Crystalon Speedfaul Bor Kelkats Yara Vita Reksolin АВС Yara Vita TesnoCocktail Nutrivant Drip Yara Fertiker Pekasid Monopotassium Phosphate Calcinit Potassium Sulphate Potassium Nitrate Calcined Kieserite Aminocat 30% Raikat Microkats Razormin Florone Kelik Aqueous mineral fertilizers for foliar spray: Fertilizers for drip irrigation: Fertilizers and growth stimulants containing a mino acids, polysaccharides, phytoh ormones, vitamins, seaweed extract:

9 Мineral Fertilizers We come into line both with local chemical companies, and foreign producers of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and complex fertilizers. Ammonium Nitrate Calcium-ammonium Nitrate Carbamide Ammonium Sulfate Carbamide-Ammonia Mixture (CAM) Ammonia Water Potassium Chloride Ammophos Sulfoammofos Ammonium Nitrate Phosphate Fertilizer (16:16:16, 22:11:11, 24:6:12, 15:15:15 ) Diammofoska Mixtures of Fertilizers ACHIEVEMENTS At the second annual "Yalta Agrochemical Forum» Company "Ukragrokom" has been marked as the largest importer of mineral fertilizers in 2011. In 2010 "Ukragrokom" was top ranked as the “Trade Company of the Year at the Ukrainian Market of Mineral Fertilizers” for high rates of realization.

10 Seeds The basis for sustained high yield – high-quality seeds. About 30 corn hybrids of maturity range (for the production of grain, silage, cereals, starch, spirit, biogas) from FAO 200 to 440 About 20 high- yielding sunflower hybrids, including the technology for growing EkspresSan About 30 corn hybrids (for the production of grain, silage, cereals, starch, spirit, biogas) from FAO 180 to 490 About 20 sunflower hybrids with high oil content and resistance to most common diseases A range of classic and high oleic sunflower hybrids, which also include hybrids for cultivation technology Сlearfield. About 20 high- yielding solid hybrid maize/corn with FAO from 180 to 460

11 Agronomic Support ✓ forming up a plan for production and financial management in crop production industry; ✓ development of individual protection systems and the implementation of modern growing technologies; ✓ making up a flow process chart of agricultural crops growing; ✓ development of mineral nutrition system on the basis of agro-chemical analysis of soil; ✓ running leaf analysis to determine the rate of mineral nutrition with the following recommendations; ✓ application of fertilizers, special aqueous fertilizers, with minor nutrient elements, crop-protection and seed agents.

12 Agrochemical Service Determination of agrochemical and physico-chemical properties of soil: plants tolerable phosphorous compounds (P) exchange potassium (K) fluent - Calcium (Ca) sulphur (S) sodium (Na) iron (Fe) manganese (Mn) copper (Cu) zinc (Zn) borium (B) olybdenum (Mo) acidity of the soil solution (pH) cation exchange capacity.

13 Why do the customers choose “Ukragrokom”? Positive image of the Company Quality of products Punctuality in supply Credit financing of agricultural producers Agronomic support and service Extensive network of representative offices and storages Professionalism

14 Our Customers “Ukragrokom” Company policy is aimed to fulfill obligations concerning terms and high quality of the products supplied and services provided, as well as to build the long-term partnership with agricultural producers. 1 500 agricultural producers Planted Acreage

15 Ukrainian Market Trends Planted acreage of agricultural crops Crop-protection agents Corn and sunflower seeds Aqueous fertilizers Mineral fertilizers «UKRAGROKOM» Company Development Plan

16 Planted Acreage of Winter Crops in Ukraine, on Yield the year 2012 (ths. ha)

17 Planted Acreage of Spring Crops in Ukraine, the year 2011 (ths. hа)

18 Market Trends of Crop-Protection Agents 2009 2010 2011 50 % / 50% Generics / Original The growth of the market share of generics from 10% to 50% 633 generic products are registered in Ukraine Annual prices’ increase The rate of profit drops in the industry by increasing number of the market players 15% of the market - the "black" import Upward credit sales trends (prevailing type of crediting 30/70) 2008 $ 448 mln. US $ 306 mln. US $ 426 mln. US $ 550 mln. US Crop-Protection Agents Import, VAT not included

19 By the year 2014 Ukragrokom plans to achieve 10% market segment of Crop-Protective Agents * VAT not included

20 Herbicides - bulk sales turnover product of Ukragrocom in Crop- Protective Agents

21 Market Trends of Corn and Sunflower Seeds 2009 2010 2011 Sunflower and corn crops increase Excessive demand for imported sunflower and corn seeds The credit part rises in sales Price increase since 2010 for 20- 30% 2008 Sunflower and Corn Seeds Import VAT not included $ 298 mln. US $ 276 mln. US $ 318 mln. US $ 450 mln. US

22 By the year 2014 Ukragrokom plans to achieve 4% market segment of Corn and Sunflower Seeds VAT not included

23 Ukragrokom counts on Corn and Sunflower Seeds Sales

24 Aqueous Fertilizers Market Trends 2009 2010 2011 Market potential of Ukraine – more than 500 mln. $US, VAT not included (based on the acreage of Ukraine) The rate of profit in the industry is stable 50 producers are working at the Ukrainian market, 16 of which occupy 85% of the market The number of importers is growing annually, with 12 companies providing 75% of imports The rise of the fertilizer liquid import from 30% in the year 2008 to 55% in 2011 Upward trend on consumption of fertilizers based on aminoacids. 2008 Aqueous Fertilizers Import, VAT not included $ 33,6 mln. $ 8,2 mln. $ 15,3 mln. $ 30,0 mln.

25 By the year 2014 Ukragrokom plans to achieve 5% market segment of Aqueous Fertilizers

26 More than 50% of Sales of Aqueous Fertilizers would make ТМ «Greenfort Stimulus»

27 Market Trends of Mineral Fertilizers 2009 2010 2011 The years 2009 – 2011 «UKRAGROKOM» 10% of market Market monopolization Control and regulation of wholesale and retail prices Market products volume control Monopolist’s formation of the own distribution channels Significant fall in the industry profit rates MF Consumption Volume 2 118 ths. tonnes 2 052 ths. tonnes 2 400 ths. tonnes

28 By the year 2014 Ukragrokom plans to retain the level of 11% at the market segment of Mineral Fertilizers * VAT not included

29 More than 90% of Sales of Mineral Fertilizers would make Nitrogen and Complex Fertilizers

30 For the period from 2011 to 2014 Ukragrokom plans to increase revenue from the sale for more than 2 times

31 Sale Revenue Structure of Ukragrokom Year 2011GOAL for 2014

32 In 2014 Ukragrokom plans to increase marginal revenue up to 28 mln $US with the margin of 11% Margin, %

33 2011GOAL for 2014 Marginal Revenue Structure by Product Lines

34 Targets in commodities through 2014 CROP-PROTECTION AGENTS MLN $ US 5,115,040,085,0 20112012P2013P2014P AQUEOUS FERTILIZERS tonnes 125330400700 SEEDS Seed units 65100160 MINERAL FERTILIZERS Ths. tonnes 285200250280 * Sales volume, VAT not included

35 “Ukragrokom” Company Positioning Leaders in Service Staff qualification Customer- oriented approach Agronomic support and agrochemical service Punctual products supply

36 Missions of «Ukragrokom» for 2012 – 2014 years High-quality agronomic support Further growth of the representative network with extended infrastructure Expanding the product line of crop-protection products TM "Greenfort" and aqueous fertilizer TM "Greenfort Stimulus" Personnel development Customer-oriented approach of the Company, new loyalty programs Complex support of agricultural producers with agrochemical products and seeds

37 “Ukragrokom” Network of Representative Offices and Storages

38 Holosiyivska str. 7, building 2 Business Center “Rent House”, of.5/1 03039, Ukraine, Kyiv city Tel. +380442514583 +380442514504

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