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12/8 Focus: Important Terms: Do Now: Early Japan was:

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1 12/8 Focus: Important Terms: Do Now: Early Japan was:
Strongly influenced by geography Developed a feudal system Experienced stability and strong government during the Tokugawa Shogunate Important Terms: Do Now: What contributed to the rise of nationalist movements in China?

2 Japan Review

3 Impact of Geography Japan is a mountainous _______________
Definition: a group or chain of islands located in the ____________ off the coast of mainland _________ archipelago Pacific Ocean Asia

4 Impact of Geography Islands formed along the ____________ so they experienced strong natural forces such as: ____________ _____________ Ring of Fire Earthquakes Volcanoes Tsunamis

5 Impact of Geography Japanese developed a ________ for forces in nature
___________ is a traditional Japanese religion that worshipped divine forces in nature found in all living and non-living things very similar to __________ which also worships spirits in nature respect Shintoism Animism

6 Impact of Geography The mountainous terrain made it hard to _____ Japan Used ____________ farming in order to grow crops in the mountainous terrain Most of the population lived in __________ or near the ___________ unite terrace river valleys coastline

7 Impact of Geography Japan’s irregular coastline provided many ___________ Japanese learned to use the ________ as a source of food and transportation Seas isolated Japan from other cultures but also provided protection from ________ Natural harbors sea invasion

8 Impact of Geography The geographic characteristics of Japan were similar to the geographic characteristics of _____________ Greece

9 Chinese Influence on Japan
______ was a cultural bridge between China and Japan The Japanese blending of Chinese customs with Japanese traditions is an example of _____________ missionaries brought from ___________ China into Japan Korea cultural diffusion Zen Buddhism

10 Japanese Feudalism Feudalism is a system of government where ____ is exchanged for _____________, loyalty, and protection of people who live on the land. ________________ government in Japan led to the development of feudalism land military service weak central

11 Emperor Shogun Daimyo Samurai Peasants Artisans Merchants

12 Japanese Feudalism Real power in Japan was held by the ______ not the emperor Shogun

13 Japanese Feudalism Samurais had to live by a strict code of behavior or warrior code known as ______________ This was very similar to the warrior code of behavior followed by the knights in feudal Europe known as _____________ bushido chivalry

14 Tokugawa Shogunate Tokugawa Shoguns created a _______________ feudal government in Japan in 1603 Brought 300 year period of _________, ___________ and ___________to Japan Strong central peace stability prosperity

15 Tokugawa Shogunate Cultural Advances _________________
Kabuki theater Haiku poetry Tea Ceremony Zen gardens

16 Tokugawa Shogunate Tokugawa shoguns attempted to __________ Japan from westerners Became _________ towards foreigners ________________Banned western merchants from entering Japan prohibited Japanese from travelling abroad isolate hostile Closed Country Edict

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