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 Plan for sophomore year and beyond  Gain an understanding of High School courses  Learn about being a Warrior  See Dates to remember  Ask Questions.

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2  Plan for sophomore year and beyond  Gain an understanding of High School courses  Learn about being a Warrior  See Dates to remember  Ask Questions

3 Important People 9 th Grade Administrator - James Allrich Resource Teachers: Arts – Angela Praisner English – Shelley Jackson ESOL- Laura Bernard-Sanchez Mathematics – Sapna Chaudhry Science – Jill Coutts Social Studies – Christine McKeldin Special Education – Karen Racer World Languages – John Falls

4 Our Counseling Services Team A-Ca Peaches Crenshaw Ce-Fl Nancy Benson Fo-Ja Constance Lee Je-Mak Raenell Rafferty Mal-Paq Erin McKenna Par-Sim Bill Sartori Sin-Sz Lesia Perkins T-Z Jami Avery

5 College/Career Coordinator- Joe Hock Registrar Janette Hernandez Secretaries Georganne Linthicum Gayle Marks Barbara Lee

6 Graduation Requirements English (4 credits) Social Studies (3 credits) Science (3 credits) Math (4 credits must be earned in high school) Technology (1 credit) Fine Arts (1 credit) Physical Education (1 credit) Health (1/2 credit )

7 Program of Studies Foreign Language (2 credits), or Advanced Technology (2 credits), or Career Development Program (4 credits) Student Service Learning Hours (75 hours) High School Assessments Algebra/data analysis – PARCC starting next year Biology English 10- PARCC starting next year National State and Local Government Additional Graduation Requirements

8 Promotion Requirements To be promoted from grade 9 to grade 10, students need a minimum of 5 credits of 7 possible to include: 1 credit Math 1 credit English

9 Course Selections Sophomores have more elective options (Astronomy, Environmental, Horticulture, Wildlife Biology, Global Issues, Psychology There is a double period Biology/Chemistry for students who complete Honors Physics

10 Health is suggested for Sophomore students. It may be taken on-line or in summer school. We recommend completion of required courses (Technology, P.E. Art and Health) in 9 th and 10 th grade.

11 English Social Studies Science Mathematics Other Courses

12 ESOL Language classes satisfy English requirement English 11 Honors English English 9 AP Lang AP Lit English 12 Honors English 10 Honors Electives: Journalism/Newspaper Yearbook Theatre Creative Writing (10 th -12 th ) Film (10 th -12 th ) AP Lang English 10 English 9 Honors

13 Social Studies US History NSL AP NSL Honors US History 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade Electives for Grades 11 and 12 : Global Issues, Psychology, Comparative Religions, Law, Philosophy, Sociology, AP Psychology, AP European History, AP US History AP Comparative Govt., African Am. Experience, Latin Am. History, History of East Asia Honors MW History AP MW History AP NSL AP US History AP US History Honors NSL

14 Mathematics Calculus AP/Applications Geometry - SP or DP or Honors Geom Pre-Calculus or Honors Pre-Cal Algebra 2 or Honors Alg 2 SP - Single Period, DP - Double Period 12 th grade Electives: Quantitative Literacy, Statistics, AP Statistics Bridge to Algebra 2 Algebra 1 SP or DP

15 Science H. Geoscience H Biology Biology H Chemistry Chemistry Electives H Biology DP Sem 1 H Chemistry DP Sem 2 Electives: Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, *Horticultural Science, *Honors Geoscience, *Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, Wildlife Biology *available for 9 th grade H BiologyH Physics 9th Grade 10th Grade H Chemistry Chemistry Elective H Physics Physics Elective 11th Grade

16 AP Spanish (Language and Literature) AP French (Language) World Languages French - Spanish -Italian Level 4 Honors Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers

17 Health Comprehensive Health On-level or Honors (Expected for 10 th grade )

18 Planning for College and Career We want every student to be prepared for the future…

19 Planning for College/Career  Class selections that match careers of interest  Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses  A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better  Mathematics courses beyond Algebra II and Geometry with grade of B or better  3 - 4 credits of Science with grade of B or better

20 Planning for College/Career  2 or more credits in Foreign Language with grade of B or better, both earned in high school OR 2 or more credits in Advanced Technology with grade of B or better  SAT and/or ACT scores that fit the requirements of selected colleges  Internships or work related experiences in a field of interest for some students  NCAA Eligibility if student wants to play college sports

21 Use Family Connections  Website used to help make decisions about colleges and careers.  Provides up to date information specific to Sherwood High School

22 Use Family Connections  Freshmen - receive login and begin building resume and looking at careers  Sophomores – complete personality type and look at careers  Juniors – complete a college search and explore colleges  Seniors – continue college search and log in college applications

23 Resume Keep track of :  School Activities  Community Service  Sports  Leadership Positions  Learning Opportunities

24 Log into Family Connections  Parents and students will receive information about scholarships and events. You may access the site as a guest. The Web address for Family Connection for our school is: Click on “Guest” to access the guest functions., Your students has a login: Username= Email Address Password= Student ID#

25 From the experts…

26 Start planning early Consider colleges Look at what college applications ask for and fill in the gaps. Visit schools Look at college web sites http://www.admissions.umd.edu

27 Be A Warrior !

28 Academic Computer Science Club Debate Forensics History Club Honor Societies: National, Art, French German, Spanish, Mu Alpha Theta It’s Academic Mathletes Mock Trial Science Club Activities Amazing Race Club Anime Asian Pacific Student Union Badminton Black Student Union Book Club Break Dancing Brony Club C.A.S.T./Drama Chemistry Club Creative Writing DESI Dinner Club Doctors of Tomorrow Destination Imagination Engineers Without Borders Fashion Show F.B.L.A. F.C.A. F.E.A. Fencing Filmature Free Fall Gardening Club Home Club Ice Hockey Service Ambassadors Amnesty International Best Buddies Green Team Interact Club Key Club Leo Club Peer Mediators Project Change SADD S.G.A. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior Class Officers Activities ! Be a Warrior!

29 International Club Invisible Child Club Italian Club Jewish Student Union Junior State of America Knitting for Humanity Mathletes Men’s A cappella Men’s Choirs Model U.N. Muslim Student Union Rugby Club Shakespeare Club SHS International United Ski Club Stage Crew Stand Proud Table Top Club Technology Club Video TV Club Warrior Improv Young Democrats Young Republicans

30 Fall: Football ( V & JV ) Cross Country Golf Soccer Spring: Allied Softball Baseball ( V & JV ) Lacrosse Boys Volleyball Gymnastics Softball ( V & JV ) Winter: Allied Bocce Ball Basketball Indoor Track Lacrosse Swimming and Diving Wrestling Year Long: Cheerleading Poms Athletics! Be a Warrior! Girls Volleyball Girls Tennis Field Hockey Handball Track Coed Volleyball Boys Tennis


32 In School Continue Extracurricular involvement Consider plan for the next three years Communicate with your school counselor to review progress and goals Standardized Testing Prepare for PSAT in October Register for AP exams as appropriate Be ready for HSA/PARCC testing as appropriate College Exploration Consider careers and colleges Attend college fairs Meet college representatives in SHS Career Center

33 Sherwood HS College Fair – Tuesday, April 8 th, 6:30pm-8:30pm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Montgomery County College Fair at the Gaithersburg Fair Grounds April 9 th (evening for families) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sherwood High School Course selections sent home 4 th quarter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AP exams May 6 th to 17 th ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Final Exams will be held during the last week of school



36 It was great seeing you tonight.

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