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The Aztecs.

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1 The Aztecs

2 The Aztecs Where did Aztecs come from?
Nomadic tribe (Mashika) from N/NW Mexico Aztlan territory Source of Aztec name Wandered over 200 years before settling in the Valley of Mexico

3 The Aztecs Geography Extremely varied
Sea level to 7,500 feet above sea level Surrounded by tropical rain forests High altitude = mild climate

4 The Aztecs Mercenary Nahauatl Soldier/warrior for hire Aztec language
Nahauatl words you know: Acapulco Mexico Avocado Chocolate tomato

5 The Aztecs Developed glyphs Limited in what could be expressed
Represented both ideas and sounds Limited in what could be expressed

6 The Aztecs Tenochtitlan
Aztec city located on an island in Lake Texcoco Lake filled in over time Now Mexico City Capital of Mexico

7 The Aztecs Aztec Empire 1400’s Established city-states
Controlled region Established city-states Own government Distinct culture Three main ones: Tenochtitlan Texcoco Tiacopan 489 cities paid tribute and taxes

8 The Aztecs No attempt to unify
No attempt to change customs of conquered people Military units to maintain control Great noble commanded each army Served as governor of area

9 The Aztecs Government Council of Nobles Most offices were hereditary
Chose emperor from members of royal family Most offices were hereditary Service to emperor was also way to gain high office

10 The Aztecs Montezuma I Greatest emperor Ruled 1440-1468/9
Expanded empire Spelled different ways Moctezuma Motecuhzoma Montezuma II Grandson Became emperor in 1502 Ruled at empires peak

11 The Aztecs Aztec Society Calpulli Large family group
Everyone belonged to one Means “big house” Each calpulli owned plot of land Meet needs of members Government got part of harvest as tribute

12 The Aztecs Social Hierarchy 4 mail social classes Upper-class Nobles
Owned land PLUS land of their calpulli Commoners Farmed the calpulli Made crafts Gave tribute in return for protection Serfs/Peasants Farmed land of nobles slaves Captives in war Criminals Citizens unable to pay debts Were servants or worked fields with serfs

13 The Aztecs 1% 1% 98% 18% warriors

14 The Aztecs Achievements Complex hierarchy Huge trade network
Tribute system Sophisticated agricultural economy Intellectual Religious Chinampa

15 The Aztecs Spanish Invasion Hernando Cortes and army invaded
Searching for gold Many of small city-states helped Resented paying tributes 1521 Aztecs destroyed

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