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VCNG meeting August 18, 2014 Judy Appleton, Vice Provost.

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1 VCNG meeting August 18, 2014 Judy Appleton, Vice Provost


3 Website Goal: optimize presentation of military- relevant activities and services at Cornell Aim: create a portal that will direct interested students, prospective students, staff and faculty Approach: Stephanie Beery is collaborating with representatives of different groups and with Communications

4 ROTC Appreciation for – Lieutenant Colonel Dan McKeegan, USA – Lieutenant Colonel Bill Sitzabee, USAF Returning leadership: – Captain James Horten, USN – Lieutenant Colonel Craig Wiggers, USMC Welcome new commanders: – Lieutenant Colonel David Schrader, USAF – Major David Barber, USA

5 ROTC Admissions Declining enrollment in previous three years, despite – Yield of 70% for national scholarship recipients – Acceptance rate of 15% Set a goal to increase the number of scholarship recipients matriculating

6 ROTC Admissions 2013-2014 – Improved coordination with Admissions office Shawn Felton and Jason Locke – Acceptance rate improved from 15 to 22% – Yield of 70% – 14 scholarship recipients matriculated, double the average number of the previous two years

7 ROTC Admissions 2014-2015 – Continue best practices – Improve the admissions web presence for ROTC – Increase the pool of applicants

8 The Warrior-Scholar Project Academic boot camp for veterans from enlisted ranks Invented by two Yale students in partnership with an Australian Army, special forces veteran Led by Jesse Reising and Chris Howell

9 Goals and operation of the project Orient veterans for college Emphasis on liberal arts Tailored to enlisted military personnel Provides a support network for participants after they enroll in college Supported by philanthropy

10 The program Academic work emphasizing reading comprehension and writing Topics of study are intended to resonate with military service men and women – democracy, freedom, equality Seminars are led by distinguished faculty Orientation to academic culture Schedule has a ‘military’ structure

11 "It’s the idea of building a bridge between the local, practical, underground knowledge that they [veterans] have and the rarefied realm of the academy, and the gap is not as big as it looks.” -John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A. Lovett Professor of History at Yale University

12 The program WSP brings their program to a campus Currently at Yale, Harvard and Michigan 15-30 students for 1 or 2 weeks In 2015, 5 additional campuses, including Cornell, will host the program

13 Warrior-Scholar at Cornell July 2015 1 week, 15 students Housing at Clare Cook House Cornell provides writing instructors, a student veteran director, distinguished faculty, undergraduate student TAs Volunteer participation welcomed

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