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2014 Moscow Ripa Center. О ЦЕНТРЕ. ABOUT CENTER «... I believe that this Center will become a place, where people can learn to act from the heart, where.

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1 2014 Moscow Ripa Center


3 «... I believe that this Center will become a place, where people can learn to act from the heart, where people will be able to detect and find their center inside himself, can find their direction and leadership in life.... The concept of the city Center in Moscow is based on the fact that this place is easily accessible and open to people of different occupations and lifestyles engaged and involved in the life of the megapolis. …The purpose of this Center is the first offering of the ancient traditions of living of wisdom and compassion directly into the thick of modern life." Jigme Rinpoche PHILOSOPHY OF THE CENTER

4 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER The aim of social programs is to provide some tools and techniques that will allow people to look at themselves. This is what leads people to themselves. That will give them the value themselves and their own lives. So they really have implemented the purpose for which they came into this life." Jigme Rinpoche.

5 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER Center Buddhist philosophy. Meditation and yoga center Arts center. Bookstore and cafe Siddhartha. Tibetan medicine center

6 1. Buddhist Gompa - practices on moon days, buddhist retreats, Drubcho, Drubchen, Sang Gesar, Guru Rinpoche and Dakini days, Buddha Medicine etc. PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER Center Buddhist philosophy.

7 2. The Program for study Buddhist philosophy is a compressed, but nevertheless, a comprehensive three-year course of two semesters per year (every semester 5-7 weeks). The first two years will be devoted to the study of Sutrayana and last year the study of Tantrayana. Semester will be held under the guidance of guest teachers (Khenpo, Geshes and Lamas). PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER 3. Cultural center for the preservation of ancient spiritual wisdom and dissemination of the basic teachings of the Buddha about kindness and compassion. Saga Dawa - the holiday which is dedicated to three events in the life of Buddha Shakyamuni - Birthday, Enlightenment and Pass away. An offering of flowers, candles and prayers for good in the world. Representation of shadow theatre for children about the life of Siddhartha.

8 1.Shine (Samadhi) meditation. A guided meditation session, based on the methods used in many ancient spiritual traditions. The technique is simple seats and breathing helps to overcome physical and mental anxiety and stress. This causes the mind to be calm. More than 2000 years of Buddhist monks and nuns use SHINE as a Central part of our practice, it is a regular activity in the monasteries of the Himalayas. 2.Leadership program of King Gesar. A series of trainings which comes from the amazing life of Gesar, the enlightened Warrior-King of Tibet. Through these trainings we learn to develop the dignity, identity and confidence in our own fundamental goodness. Learn to open to the world fearlessly and elegant. PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER Meditation and yoga center

9 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER 3. The Program "Development of the heart of warrior". Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche: “The way of the warrior this is not a skill to wage war in the conventional sense of the word. This teaching of our daily lives and how to give full meaning to life, spiritual and material wealth. This teaching about how to develop the courage and find a relationship with oneself". This program is targeted at people who do not choose Buddhism as a spiritual path, but want to develop exploring its genesis and its deep nature. The program was attended by about 1000 people.

10 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER 4. Yo-Med (Yoga+Meditation) for mothers. The unique combination of Tibetan yoga and meditation for mothers and pregnant women. The program helps in overcoming physical and emotional stress, and also in connection with the unborn child. 5. Yo-Med for children. The unique combination of Tibetan yoga and meditation for children, which helps them to overcome anger, aggression and too demanding environment of the modern world. Helps children to connect to the earth and become more physically active. 6. Program for children. Special program for children that will help them grow up with a healthy self-esteem, to appreciate and to love family and other people. This program will become a field of harmony, developing thinking and creative skills of children will help them to fully develop their potential.

11 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER Tibetan traditional medicine is a holistic approach to health of body, mind, and spirit. Doctor Sherab Barma and his students – some of the best professionals of traditional Tibetan medicine, will offer a global therapy, including treatment, diet and lifestyle. There will be available -Receive doctor -Provide medicine - Tibetan massage ku-nye -Acupuncture -Moksoterapiya -Courses Tibetan traditional medicine -Natural or medicinal baths

12 PROGRAMM OF THE CENTER Arts center. Bookstore and cafe Siddhartha. It is a meeting place for like-minded people. The library will offer a great selection of books on various subjects, from spirituality to ecology. Will the spiritual art and various artists ' work. Also will be organized watching documentaries and films that have a profound humanitarian implications. In the cafe will be offered environmentally friendly products, with an emphasis on organic and vegetarian dishes. Will carry out the exhibition and provide assistance to young talents who work in the sphere of social and environmental harmony.


14 PROJECT STAGES o 2011 - start of the project, preparation of the corporate style and legal documents. COMPLETED. o 2012 – fundraising for the building. COMPLETED. o 2013 - purchase of the building Aptekarskiy pereulok, 9. COMPLETED. o 2014 – fundraising for renovation and equipment, reconstruction of the building and preparation for the opening ceremony. DURING THE PROCESS.











25 ABOUT PROJECT In this Dharma project of creation of the Center Ripa is attended by people of different occupations and lifestyles, but all of them are United in the belief that this place will help each person to realize their natural potential and touch the light of their being. The Center already has its own building, but before open it is necessary to complete the repair. You can help with building materials, or to pay the contractor. Participation in the project is priceless, it will benefit not only for the present but for the future generation.

26 HELP FOR PROJECT RIPA центр You can help: - Offering for the Center necessary construction materials – 27 500 $. - Repair works – 20 000 $. -The system of ventilation and conditioning– 37 500 $. You can help us to wish from your heart that all obstacles remove and the Ripa Center open for all sentient beings. You can dedicate merits after your practice for the opening Ripa Center as soon as possible. Collected: 343 000 $. Need collected: 85 000 $

27 Please, if you want to support the project, connect with us.

28 Thank you for attention!

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