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5/5/2015M.Duke 2 Yoga means Union. Union of what?

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3 5/5/2015M.Duke 2 Yoga means Union. Union of what?

4 5/5/2015M.Duke 3 Chapter One Each individual muscle is capable of contracting, Energy flows equally

5 Differences YOGA Stretching ROM 5/5/2015 M.Duke 4 Stretching

6 5/5/2015M.Duke 5 You cannot come to inner balance if your mind wanders. Hold pose as long as your breath is even

7 5/5/2015M.Duke 6 What happens to our body when we stop exercising?

8 Chapter 1 What are the benefits of Yoga

9 Preparing for your Workout 1.Listen to your body 2.Know your limits 3.Take your time 4.Maintain a positive mental attitude 5.Know your range of motion and flexibility

10 YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment

11 Special Considerations 1.Sciatica – 2.Hypertension 3.Glaucoma or other eye problems 4.Sinus or ear infections 5.Knee problems 6.Wrist problems 7.Shoulder Injuries 8.Pregnancy- 9.Seniors

12 The YOGAFIT Essence Breathing Feeling and listening to your body

13 The YOGAFIT Essence Letting go of expectations Letting go of competition

14 The YOGAFIT Essence Letting go of judgment Staying in the present moment

15 YogaFit Breathing Breathing through the nose. Breathing through your nose demands greater concentration. Making the breath barely audible, just loud enough for you alone to hear.

16 YogaFit Breathing Is a technique that uses longer exhalations to move you gently into a deeper stretch. Slow-paced technique to induce a state of deep relaxation. Matching the length and depth of the inhale to the exhale.

17 YogaFit Breathing Thumb in one nostril and ring finger in the other nostril. Inhale to the right Close, exhale in the other Nostril, inhale as Well, close it, Exhale in the Other nostril Close your left nostril by gently pressing your ring finger against your nose, your inhaling only through the right nostril.


19 5/5/2015M.Duke 18 The Sun Salutation is a combination of poses done by moving smoothly from one pose to another pose while coordinating with.

20 5/5/2015M.Duke 19 Feet, knees & Lower Leg Poses What poses stretch your feet? 1.Natural Seat 2.Toe Balance 3.Squat 4.Turtle Pose 5.Reclining Turtle Pose 6.Calf Stretch 7.Any others?

21 5/5/2015M.Duke 20 Do not jerk your neck

22 5/5/2015M.Duke 21 What Poses are beneficial for those with Rounded Shoulders?

23 5/5/2015M.Duke 22 Resting Poses

24 5/5/2015M.Duke 23 Your Definition of Meditation? Concentrating in one thing Relaxation Techniques Mantra Progressive Muscle Relaxation Breathing Techniques Visual Imagery Meditation

25 What Poses should you Know? Raised Slant (Plank ) Cobra I & II Table Top Side Plank Spinal Balance – Cat Balance Sun Pose Warrior (Warrior II) Warrior II Warrior III Camel Pelvic Lift (Bridge) Seated Spinal Twist Extended Child Pose I & II Runner (Kneeling Lunge) Butterfly Knees to chest Triangle Side Warrior (Side Angle) Balance Chair Twisting Chair Half Moon Tree Dancer Mountain (Downward –Facing Dog) Airplane Seated Forward Bend Cat Roll & Cat Lift (Cat & Cow) Standing Spinal Twist Supine Spinal Twist Shoulder stand Fish 5/5/2015M.Duke 24

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