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“SAVE OUR ACTIVITIES!” Board of Education Presentation April 14, 2010.

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1 “SAVE OUR ACTIVITIES!” Board of Education Presentation April 14, 2010

2 Agenda Introduction – Who are we? – Purpose – Reasons to support our club – Activities we propose to support Community Support – Initial Petition and Pledge Updates Financial Picture – Expenditure Analysis – summary and by activity – Sources of income Participation fees, fundraisers, booster club financial support Proposed Policies and Procedures Next Steps 4/14/2010 BOE presentation2

3 Introduction Who are we? – The Warrior Booster Club is a group of Lemont community leaders and parents working together to enhance the educational experience for Old Quarry Middle School students. We strive to do this by providing opportunities for our students to participate in extra-curricular activities. – Incorporated in March 2010 as nonprofit organization Purpose – The purpose of the Warrior Booster Club is to support extra-curricular activities for students of Old Quarry Middle School in Lemont, IL. This support will primarily be financial and volunteer focused. 4/14/2010 BOE presentation3

4 Introduction (cont) Why Should the BOE support this? – Allows BOE to provide these activities without impacting the school budget – Incentive for Good Behavior at school – Incentive to keep grades up...must stay Eligible to participate – School Pride – Gives kids something to do…Keep kids out of trouble – Increases School Morale – Provides Opportunities for Socialization – Teaches Time Management skills – Teaches Responsibility 4/14/2010 BOE presentation4

5 Introduction (cont) The activities the Warrior Booster Club is hoping to support and fund include: – Basketball - Boys and Girls, Junior Varsity and Varsity – Cheerleading – Chess Club – Choir – Cross Country - Boys and Girls – Dance – Drama – Mathletes – NJHS – Scholastic Bowl – Soccer - Boys and Girls – Softball – Student Council – Track - Boys and Girls – Volleyball - Boys and Girls – Wrestling 4/14/2010 BOE presentation5

6 Community Support Initial feedback has been encouraging – Results to date – with limited community outreach Petitions Signed – over 450 Pledges to date exceed $7,500 and more coming in each day – “Sponsor a Sport” gaining significant interest Rec’d initial interest from one sponsor to cover all wrestling costs Similar inquiries being made to cover costs for other activities – Fundraising will generate significant $ for club Members with significant fundraising experience Lower per participant fee across all activities Addresses financial concerns for those in need 4/14/2010 BOE presentation6

7 Current Expense Detail 4/14/2010 BOE

8 Potential Cost Adjustments Increases to fees – Insurance up to $10+ per participant – Based on comparable club activities in Lemont – Facilities cost Work with school on rental fees and associated costs Decrease to fees – Contributions from Booster Club towards expenses – Review all current expenses for potential savings 4/14/2010 BOE presentation8

9 Fund Raising Impact 4/14/2010 BOE presentation9

10 Policies and Procedures WBC would keep all current Old Quarry E.C. rules, policies, and procedures in place. We would operate as close as possible to the current system. – Eligibility – Keys to Warrior Success – Require Physical – Try outs/Roster Spots Team Parent Liaison: Each activity or sport would be assigned one or more Team Parent Liaison's) that would coordinate with the coach for fee collection, paperwork, forms, etc. WBC could also have: – Fall Activity Coordinator – Winter Activity Coordinator – Spring Activity Coordinator Scholarship/Fee Reduction: WBC would establish a fund to help those students who would like to participate in activities, but may not be able to afford the fee. WBC would like to use the schools current policy for granting such aid for fee reduction. (Qualify for free or reduce lunch, etc…) 4/14/2010 BOE presentation10

11 Next Steps Define the options for and impact of a relationship between booster club and OQMS Document the positive impact of extracurricular activities on student performance Determine the cost to keep the schools open for 1-2 hours more per day, include which buildings will be effected Establish a timeframe for the success of this model Prioritize all work so as to best facilitate our meeting that timeframe Continue to partner for finding a solution that best serves the residents of this District. 4/14/2010 BOE presentation11

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