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Project Manager Soldier Weapons IUID Program Update – JSA/LWCG

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1 Project Manager Soldier Weapons IUID Program Update – JSA/LWCG
3 June 2009 BG Peter N. Fuller Program Executive Officer Soldier COL Douglas A. Tamilio Project Manager Soldier Weapons

2 Program Executive Office Soldier
As of 1 Oct 2008 Executive Office Manager (PEO) PEO Chief of Staff Executive Officer (PEO) Sergeant Major (PEO) G1: Human Resources Congressional Affairs (PEO) G7: Systems Integration Strategic Communications PAO (PEO) G3: Operations & Plans Executive Assistant (DPEO) G8: Business Management DPEO Department of the Army Systems Coordinator (DASC) (SWAR) / (SEQ) / (SW) / (SW) G6: CIO DPEO Reserve Affairs Contracts Management Liaison Officers (TRADOC) / (USAIC) / (FORSCOM) / (FFID) / (MARCOSYSCOM) Project Manager Soldier Weapons Project Manager Soldier Warrior Project Manager Soldier Equipment Director Rapid Fielding Initiative DPM Soldier Weapons DPM Soldier Warrior DPM Soldier Equipment Dep Dir Rapid Fielding Initiative PM Individual Weapons PM Crew Served Weapons PM Air Warrior PM Ground Soldier PM Mounted Soldier (FY10) PM Clothing & Equipment PM Sensor & Lasers PM Soldier Survivability Operations Logistics Fielding CONUS Iraq Afghanistan 2

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4 PM Soldier Weapons Programs List
Development Weapons XM25, Counter Defilade Target Engagement System XM153 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) Lightweight .50 Cal Machine Gun Soldier Enhancement Programs M26, 12 Gauge Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS) M68 Close Combat Optics XM1116, 12 Gauge Extended Range Non-Lethal Cartridge XM1022, Sniper Ammunition for M107 Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Kit Advanced Sniper Accessory Kit (ASAK) M320, Grenade Launcher Module (GLM) M2E2 Quick Change Barrel Kit Program Block MOD Programs XM150, Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) XM205, Lightweight Tripod Program for M2/MK19 XM240E6, Medium Machine Gun Weight Reduction Program Ammo XM1037, Short Range Training Round For M4, M16 and M249 Lightweight Small Caliber Ammunition Improved Small Caliber Ammunition 40mm Day Night Training Cartridge (FCT) Procurement .50 Caliber M2 Machine Gun (Full and Open Competition) M2 Machine Gun Mods MK19, Grenade Machine Gun MK19 MODS Tactical Engagement Simulator (TES) M107 Semi Automatic Long Range Sniper Rifle M110, 7.62 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) M240B/H/E6, 7.62mm Medium MG M240B MODS M192, Light Weight Ground Mount For MG Improved Bipod M240B Collapsible Buttstock Combat Ammunition Pack M240B Short Barrel Sling Assembly for the M240B M249, 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon M249 SAW 200 Round Soft Pack M249 SAW 100 Round Soft Pack M249 MODS M192, Lightweight Ground Mount For MG M249 Collapsible Buttstock Short Barrel for the M249 Sling Assembly For M249 M16 Rifle Mods M4, 5.56mm Carbine M4 Mods M145 Machine Gun Optics M25 Stabilized Binoculars M24 Mini Binocular TA31 - 4X ACOG (RCO) M24 Small Binoculars Laser Rangefinder (from XM320) M249/M240B Spare Barrel Bag Three Point Sling Improved Spotting Scope With Tripod Improved Cleaning Kit Improved Buttstock For M4 Carbine Forward Grip Bipod M203 Day/Night Sight Back Up Iron Sight Multiple Magazine Holder Forward Rail Bracket (Mini Rail) M249 Ammo Soft Pack (100 and 200 rds) M240B Combat Ammo Pack (50 rds) M192 Lightweight Tripod M249 Short Barrel M249 Collapsible Buttstock Improved M4/M16 Magazine Improved M249 Collapsible Buttstock M68 Close Combat Optic RFI FY08 Items Ammo Production Programs* M903/M962 Cal .50 SLAP/SLAPT M1001, 40mm Canister Round M100, Grenade Rifle Entry Munition (GREM) M mm Short Range Training Ammunition M Gauge Breaching Round M973/M974, 7.62 Short Range Training Ammo M992 IR Illumination Cartridge M281 40mm Target Practice Cartridge XM1041/XM1042/XM Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (M4/M16/M249/M9/M11) Programs Managed By PM Soldier Weapons For PEO Ammunition In Accordance With MOA

5 IUID Program Overview PM SW conducted DOD sponsored IUID Marking Pilot from 2005 – 2006 Phase I – Develop strategy and plan, review current marking techniques Phase II – Small Arms marked at ANAD by RVSI Environmental testing conducted by ARDEC and completed April 2006 PM SW funded two marking carts/software at ANAD Dec 2006 Initial marking for M240B rebuild line Full marking rolled out to all rebuild lines FY 2008 Marking ongoing at ANAD Existing contracts and new contracts modified to contain DFARS clause Ongoing Small Arms IUID IPT PM SW, TACOM-RI, ANAD supported PM J-AIT sponsored Digital Arms Room Demo March 2008, 4th ID Two units – 1 Mech Infantry Co, 1 Armor Co

6 IUID Status Overhaul New Procurement
Over 250,000 items marked as of June 2009 Overhaul Over 10,000 marked via rebuild at ANAD ANAD printing labels for SARET until SARET capability established SARET capability scheduled for 3rd QTR FY09 using MCDS and IUID equipped marking carts at TACOM-RI

7 IUID Status PM SW investigating reports of damaged metal tags on USMC weapons at two locations Approximately 100 metal tags on USMC weapons found damaged QA effort at ANAD found 100 damaged metal tags out of 5,000 No reports from Army units To date 200 damaged metal tags out of 250,000 weapons marked Limited to weapons from one contractor, FN

8 IUID Status PM SW, USMC, FN conducted site visit to USMC location at Quantico FN taking aggressive action to find root cause of metal tags peeling Action consists of the following: Developed tool for applying metal tags Ensuring surface properly cleaned before application Retrained operators that apply IUID metal tags Instituted production line surveillance of IUID marks throughout the production process Testing metal tags, oil dip, and storage in VCI bags over extended period of time to find root cause FN continuing to work the problem

9 PM SW Activities PM SW participation in MCDS OSD Pilot at ANAD
In conjunction with PM J-AIT and TACOM-RI will participate in second evaluation of mark durability of SAUCD units upon return from deployment sometime late FY09 First evaluation after deployment to NTC did not indicate durability problems with TESA labels FN is completing year long IR&D DPM effort Proprietary solution, PM SW working issues PM SW working with PM J-AIT on Automated Arms Room solution enabled by IUID marked weapons SARET key enabler PM SW participation in MCDS OSD Pilot at ANAD

10 POCs PM SW Points of Contact
Mike Friedman, Director Logistics and Integration Phil Gunning, PM SW IUID Action Officer Support Contractor

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