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Huna: Ancient Magic for Modern Living Pete ‘Ike’ Dalton Urban Huna.

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1 Huna: Ancient Magic for Modern Living Pete ‘Ike’ Dalton Urban Huna

2 Huna: Ancient Magic for Modern Living Learn about: 3 selves 7 principles 4 types of reality Manifesting –haipule, expectations, ewop, positive focus Breathing Light of love Eye of kanaloa Success Healing Shamanic Journeying Time The elements Meditation Symbols Relationships Dreaming Having fun...... What next daily practice

3 What is Huna ? Hidden knowledge – not obvious Hu and Na Hawaiian – bit of Hawaiian history Hawaiian state motto –aloha! Adventurer and warrior traditions Correct about Kahuna Kahuna Kupua Kala kupua Trickster – Maui – example tale Healer of relationships –self, others, things Philosophy and way of relating to the world -not a set of techniques Simple yet v deep but not always easy Evolving not dogmatic. ‘If it works it’s Huna!’ Magician – able to hold the paradox Science vs magic – light bulb was magic, alternative universes, space between our atoms All about patterns and relationships

4 My Tradition Kupua shamanism Other Huna - All knowledge is not in one school – body work, chanting etc. Serge Kahili King Kahili Hawaiian family tradition Aloha International Alakai – spiritual leader He kanaka 'imi 'ike 'ana Works for me despite cynicism

5 Urban Huna People congregate in cities Healing of relationships needed most there Hawaii 30+ hours travel! Anyone can benefit from Huna Relevant in all walks of life Modern shaman vs traditional shaman Each chapter with a modern and a hawaain phrase

6 hawaiian World view Time perception 7 elements Power centres on body Colours 3 selves 4 levels of reality 2 forces

7 Shaman state/ mindset Breathing –piko piko, ha Posture – example of warrior and adventurer poses Confidence –in knowledge and in practice of knowledge, hana mana – techniques ruler of the world, 1000 ancestors behind you Peripheral vision Ability to hold paradox and multiple views of reality Flexibility

8 Hu and Na Two forces in the Universe Root of HUNA Hu-male and chaotic Nu –female and stability Need both of no experience About harminising not blalancing

9 Three selves Intro Ku, Lono, Kane (Aumakua) Gods in Hawaii of same names Not separate Convenient categorisation All part of you Three aspects more relevant Not the same as modern triparate psychology categorisations Why understand three selves?

10 Ku Characteristics of Ku Body/mind (subconcious) Memory Motivation is pleasure

11 Ku Insert image of Ku Low headress to earth Exercise for Ku Dealing with emotions

12 Lono Characteristics of Lono Conscious mind Imagination Analysis and reasoning are imagination Motivation is resolution

13 Lono Insert image of Lono High headdress – intellect – not touching earth Exercise for Lono

14 Kane Characteristics of Kane Spirit? Inspiration Motivation is harmony

15 Kane Insert uncarved stone ‘image’ of Kane Mention belief about bigger God, can’t perceive and understand so don’t waste time doing so! Exercise for Kane- focus on beauty

16 Kanaloa Confidence

17 Three Selves and kanaloa Triangle of with kanaloa diagram Different points which might be your true self Of course you are everywhere! Kanaloa exercise and/or way to work with three selves –focus/awareness/gratitude/set expectations for each each day

18 Physical body Often neglected as mental focus taken Kino mana – highly energised though form word roots Breathing Movement- kaluna hula Water Food –energised Don’t forget first level

19 Four levels of reality Hawaiian ‘terms’ Exercise to demonstrate different perceptions of reality Description Exercises for each level How to build this into daily life and reasons to All about communication with self others and things at different levels

20 Seven Principles What they are How to use them Aloha more special to hawaii

21 Ike Inc corollaries and everything wants to be aware This is life jim but not as we know it!

22 Kala

23 Makia You ‘pay’ attention

24 Manawa

25 Aloha Laughter and connection

26 Mana

27 Pono

28 Aka Fields Patterns Lovelight Eye of kanaloa

29 Manifesting Effort needed Manifesting equals change Doubts and energy Hana mana kanaloa total confidence haipule Techniques inc 21 st c ones Nearest equivalent Physical vibrations slower than metnal hence takes time

30 Huna practice Not a series of techniques so no set routine Here are some tips to start though: Relaxation – stress destress cycle – good for manifesting and for health Build ulimate self esteem

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