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Recommended Reads The following are books that many young people have read and recommended to their friends. Have a look and see if there are any that.

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2 Recommended Reads The following are books that many young people have read and recommended to their friends. Have a look and see if there are any that catch your eye. This will give you a clue to the type of book you are interested in. It could be a thriller, romance, crime, fantasy or real-life biography. Once you find a book you enjoy, it will lead you onto others and soon you will be recommending books yourself.

3 Life after Death Current teenage trends reflect an interest in vampires, death, ghosts and magic. Here are a few for you to try. Talking to ghosts is sometimes fun for sixteen-year old Susannah but it can also interfere with normal teenage life – especially when she falls in love with one. Tells of the struggle of an ordiinary boy who is persuaded by the vampire Larten Crepsley into becoming his assistant and a half-vampire. There are twelve books in the series. Not alive. Not dead. Somewhere in between lie the Beautiful Dead. At Ellerton High School in Arizona, teenagers are dying one after the other. But are they really dead?

4 Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective, magician, warrior. Oh yes, and dead. There is a whole series of books about this undead detective made up of only a skeleton held together by magic. Find out more at:

5 STEPHEN KING MASTER OF HORROR Stephen King has written over 50 books, many of them horror. His first successful publication was Carrie, the story of a schoolgirl who uses her telekinetic powers to revenge those who have hurt her. Many of King’s books have been made into films including The Shining, Misery, Carrie, The Running Man and Christine.

6 More horror stories for you to enjoy Coraline by Neil Gaiman This book is about a very 'different' girl called Coraline Jones. During a rainy day she discovers a door which leads Coraline to a world where she has 'another mother' and 'another father'. Initially Coraline thinks her new parents are 'nicer' than her original ones but then things start to get sinister and all is not as it seems. Flesh & Blood by Nick Gifford It all starts when Matt goes to his grandmother's funeral. And what he finds out about his family is truly terrifying. Has he inherited the dark family secret? Is it in his blood - and is it a gift or a curse?"

7 Money, money, money Even though Rebecca Bloomwood is a financial journalist advising others on how to look after their money, she herself just can’t stop spending. You’ll laugh as Becky finds some hilarious ways to ignore her growing debts and credit card bills. The book was later made into a film starring Isla Fisher. The author, Sophie Kinsella, has written lots of books so if you like reading Shopaholic, why not give some of her other books a go.

8 DIVIDED CITY Divided City by Teresa Breslin A young man lies bleeding in the street. Graham doesn't want to get involved, he just wants to play football with his new mate, Joe. But when he witnesses a shocking moment of violence suddenly he and Joe are involved.

9 Teenage Spies and Psychic Babies The Medusa Project – by Sophie McKenzie Years ago four babies were implanted with a gene for psychic abilities. Now they’re teenagers and their psychic powers are about to kick in. Nico thinks his powers will bring him money and the girl he adores. He doesn’t realise just how wrong he is………. Cherub series by Robert Muchamore Children are recruited to a secret service (Cherub) that uses children as spies (because no-one suspects children). The gripping spy plots mingle with everyday teenage problems. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz Within days Alex goes from schoolboy to superspy. He’s forced to take part in gruelling SAS training then armed with a special set of secret gadgets. I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter 15- year- old Ann Morgan attends a school for spies. The curriculum is a bit different however as chemical warfare, martial arts and breaking CIA computer codes is all in a day’s work for these pupils.

10 In Another World Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tells of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. She meets lots of strange creatures and has amazing experiences including eating a cake that makes her grow and drinking from a bottle that make her shrink. Even though it was first published in 1865, this is still a very popular book today and was made into a film starring Johnny Depp.

11 more Fantasy and Magic books A fantastic battle against evil and of worlds glittering with snow and ice. Schoolboy Gwyn is on a quest to discover whether he is a magician like his ancestors. Eragon finds what he thinks is a blue stone in the forest. When ‘the stone’ hatches into a dragon however, Eragon is thrust into a world of magic and power. The author started writing this book when he was only 15 years old.

12 Rib-Ticklers Dogs Don't Tell Jokes by Louis Sacher. Gary is the class clown. He never stops joking, despite the fact that no-one laughs. Read all about Gary's 'wee accident' during the school talent contest. Can he redeem himself? Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney This is the first in the award-winning series of books about Greg and his struggles at school. The laugh-out-loud antics of the characters in this book will make you want to read the rest of the series.

13 SURVIVAL INSTINCT Planes crashing, desert islands, teenagers forced to survive alone, battling against the elements, hunting wild animals …… these are some of the events in the following books with a survival theme.

14 CRIME A dwarf is murdered after leaving a box of Maltesers in the offices of the world’s worst private detective, Tim Diamond. This is the start of a million-pound mystery for Tim and his brother - with hilarious results. Kat's got a deadline - two weeks to pull off the biggest heist in history... This is the first in the series about a team of teenage con artists. Danny is obsessed with two things – football and crime. When is hero, footballer Sam Roberts, is kidnapped, Danny wants an answer. Who would hold England’s star striker to ransom - and why? FOUL PLAY by Tom Palmer THE FALCON’S MALTESER by Anthony Horowitz Heist Society

15 Left, Right, Left, Right Ethan Blake is seventeen and desperate to escape from his dead end life. When he sees someone B.A.S.E. jump from the top of his block of flats, it changes the way he sees the world for ever. Chas McGill finds the remains of a German bomber crashed in the woods – its shiny, black machine-gun still intact. Find out what he does next.

16 Other teenage angst books you might enjoy. Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger Teenage Angst The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton The author started the book at just 15 years old and it was published when she was 18. The book follows two rival gangs – the Greasers and the Socs. Their backgrounds in life provide them with ammunition to fight their battles however when tragedy strikes, they realise that they can change. This book was made into a film in the 80s staring Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze. Life is never easy for teenagers and parents seem to do their best to make it even more difficult! Their embarrassing behaviour and rules are the source of trouble for five teenagers in this book.

17 Non-fiction Blame My Brain by Nicola Morgan Why do you want to do everything that adults tell you not to? The answer is in this book. It is all about your brain and the changes it goes through during those difficult teenage years. It's funny, cool and really interesting. This is a book every teen - and their parents - should read. stress sleep moods taking risks friendship

18 Newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs - they are all interesting reading. Think about your hobbies or what you would like to find out more about. There will definitely be information published in books, magazines or websites on whatever you are interested in.

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