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Develop Mastery over Stress Chapter 5 Part II: The Art of Coping Gracefully.

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1 Develop Mastery over Stress Chapter 5 Part II: The Art of Coping Gracefully

2 Breathing Active relaxation: You are aware of your breathing Passive relaxation such as watching television does not reduce stress Diaphragmatic Breathing-natural antidote to stress, breathing through your diaphragm

3 Diaphragmatic Breathing Place a heavy book on your stomach and practice seeing it move Good for people who suffer from panic attacks

4 Cultivating awareness By becoming aware of your breathing All human beings have the ability to be aware The witnessing Stance – our ability to stand apart from ourselves, to view ourselves from the outside. Self awareness- ability to be aware of oneself

5 Metacognition & Metamood Metacognition Becoming aware of your thought processes Metamood Becoming aware of your emotions

6 Stress Hardiness Attitudes Do scale on page 112 Important attitudes to help you resistant to the negative effects of stress: The Three Cs Control Commitment Challenge

7 Control You are the captain of your ship Internal Locus of Control External Locus of Control Proactivity

8 Challenge Chinese write challenge as: Dangerous and Opportunity

9 Commitment Attitude of Gratitude Positive affirmations

10 The Warrior’s Stance Let’s read page 114 (italicized) Warrior’s stance – Successful warriors are peaceful individuals who whose primary battles are fought internally They display a relaxed and balanced posture This enables them to have exceptional reaction times and full freedom of movement Literally, they flow around obstacles

11 Bruxism Grinding of teeth Usually due to stress We may grit our teeth when angry as well

12 Your Body If you listen to your body when it whispers……You won’t have to listen to your body when it screams

13 Progressive Relaxation Pages 98-99

14 Psychosomatic Illnesses Where a physical disorder is affected for in some cases caused by stress, and/or emotional psychological factors

15 Adopting Healthier Lifestyles Improve diet Quit smoking Get regular physical exercise Eliminate substance abuse Proactive stress management techniques Follow proper medication regimens (especially for hypertension)

16 Steps to Good Nutrition Eat a variety of foods Eat more whole foods Avoid caffeine Avoid alcohol Take vitamin and mineral supplements Eat frequent, calm meals Maintain a healthy weight

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