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Keller Williams Realty Tools for Success

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1 Keller Williams Realty Tools for Success

2 Consortium Fee One of the fees you pay as a Keller Williams Family Member is a Consortium Fee. This is a breakdown of everything that $10 provides you.

3 My Listings, My Leads
“My Listings, My Leads” means that all inquiries from concerning KW listings will be routed to the KW listing agent. With this new approach to lead routing, we are honoring the listing agent to the highest extent possible. This is a grand departure from the general use of an Internet Data Exchange system, also called an IDX, in which the website owner would normally receive all leads generated from their website – regardless of who owns the listing data. As an agent-centric company, we feel this way of re-defining IDX is the correct way to support the business of our Keller Williams listing agents who do so much for our company.


5 How To Log In

6 Welcome Page This page offers a brief overview of the items available under each tab.

7 KWU – for the learning based agent
Courses Training events calendar Online store Mastermind events MUCH, MUCH MORE This site can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Welcome Screen. USE THIS SITE! Your business will only get stronger!

8 Link available at bottom of KW Intranet Welcome Page When they say Help, they mean Help. Tutorials, instructions, tech requirements… IT’S ALL HERE!! Link available at bottom of KW Intranet Welcome Page

9 Family Reunion – The Place To Be
Schedules Video Highlights

10 Productivity Warriors
This site can help you with setting your goals. The link is at the bottom of the intranet welcome screen.

11 MC Web Office This is the link to your Market Center Information.
Training calendar, Documents, Polls, Rosters, Links… Link available top right of KW Intranet Welcome page

12 MY INFORMATION The “My Information” tab is one of the most important tabs on this site.

13 4 weeks, 1 month, & 1 year. Goal planning is crucial to your business.
My 411 You will only get there if you know where you are going!! 4 weeks, 1 month, & 1 year. Goal planning is crucial to your business. Get with your Productivity Coach/Team Leader to discuss your goals.

14 Change your username and password to something you can remember.
Profile Your profile information is used for several things, so it is important that everything is correct. Change your username and password to something you can remember. 1. Edit Profile It is important for this information to be correct. You may also change you password here. 2. Change Username 3. Change Password 4. Profit Share This page shows your profit share and vestment status

15 My Web Site Agent Web Site Administration Edit Service Areas
This is the tool you will use to build your website. It is a step by step process. In addition, this is where you sign up for your free blog site as well as your free Wolfnet IDX Solution. Edit Service Areas Add/Delete areas that you are going to service. Only include places you are willing to drive to. This effects the agent search on the main page as well as referral search on the White Pages. Traffic Report This will show your website traffic. Helps with advertising dollars.

16 My My Address: If you do not have a KW address, this is where you get one. My Password: You can Sync your KW intranet password and your password so they are the same. My Forwarding: Forward your KW to an address that you check all the time. Change address: NOT SUGGESTED. If you change your address you will lose everything under the old address. Nothing transfers, if someone s you at your old address you will not receive it. KW Webmail - Check you messages often.

17 My ProManage - Lead Management
So much important information here. Downloads, Customizable Flyers, Buyer Presentation, Pre-listing Packet… Subscribe to the KW version of Top Producer here!

18 MY KWLS Notice the yellow circle? KWLS info is now fully integrated with MLS Mailings. This tool will send out Just Listed and Just Sold cards. Enter ALL your listings here for maximum internet exposure.

19 KWLS Partners When you enter your listing on KWLS it is marketed on all these sites, and there are more to come.

20 My Greensheet Generate your Disbursement Authorization (DA).


22 Documents Roster – Roster for all of KWRI (Keller Williams Realty International) Manuals – Standards & Identity, Policy & Guidelines Technical Requirements – What is minimum requirement for new computer Awards Policy – Current Year KWRI Award Policy Calendar – KWU Courses & Events Family Reunion Materials – Downloads from previous Family Reunion

23 Directories Find anyone or anywhere within Keller Williams with the following directories: KWRI KWRI Photo Regional Director Market Center MC Short Business Center Operating Partners

24 New Agent Getting Started Tools for New Agents

25 KW Growth Profitability Profit Share Sheet GCI Chart
Recruiting Trends – Watch KWRI grow!! Wealth Building Wednesdays Link to WBW Real Estate Training on the run. Download and listen. KW Growth Chart KW Commissions KW Profit Sharing Agent Growth KW Record Months

26 Luxury Homes Keller Williams Newest Division
Click on “Qualifications” to find out if you can be a member of this division. Keller Williams Newest Division

27 KW Websites – Links to:
KWU - classes abound for the learning based agent Millionaire Agent – read and listen to how the Millionaire agents make it. Family Reunion – KW networking & educational event Productivity Warriors – designed to help you set your goals and break them down into “do-able” increments. Agent Mountain – Gary brings MREA to life!

28 Millionaire tips & tricks Guide to all the Millionaire Books. MP3 Downloads for Business By The Book. Millionaire tips & tricks

29 In a nutshell, brings The Millionaire Real Estate Agent to life, with real people bringing real strategies and real tactics to real estate. And it’s where you can join Gary Keller each month for new videos, interviews and downloads.

30 M.O.R.E. Reports Statistics – use these numbers in your listing presentation. Top Associates – find out where you are and where you want to be. Associate Tree Search – remind yourself who to thank for bringing you to Keller Williams

31 Job Opportunities Know someone that is looking for a job. This page displays all KW job openings internationally.

32 Remembrance You may make a request for prayers or you may view requests to add your help. This is what it is all about folks.

33 IALC, Order AVA, Terms of Use
Policy & Guidelines, as well as minutes for the International Agent Leadership Council Order AVA – Part of Recruit Select Terms of Use – Do you remember hitting “I Agree” when you first logged into the kw intranet? You can take your time and read the terms for this website.

34 Marketing/Vendors ProManage Downloads – Pre-listing packet, Buyer’s Guide, 8 x 8 & 12 Direct Campaigns… PR Templates – Training, award, & announcement Marketing Downloads – Customizable marketing tools SI Guide – Standards & Identity Guide. Read BEFORE printing customized signs, banners… EagentC Web Kits FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about marketing items Vendors/Products – KW approved vendors Advertising – KW approved print vendors MSYS Downloads – Millionaire System E-Card Center – Create Drip Campaigns

35 Reports Track your business

36 Take your information from your 411 and put numbers to it here.
Goals Set your goals for the year – production, expenses… Take your information from your 411 and put numbers to it here.

37 EagentC Tools and guides

38 White Pages – Your Guide To Referrals
This tab is very important! My Profile – Please enter all information. If you have attended Camp 4:4:3 or Leads Generation 36:12:3, please enter your start dates. KWRI will be using this information for awards to be given out at Family Reunion. My Referral – This is the information that KW agents across the country will be looking at. Include all specialties & hobbies in “specialties.”

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